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PHOTOS: Mt. SAC Has World’s Largest XC Track Meet

Mt. SAC Invitational runner at finish line

October 29, 2019 - 08:48 AM

Mt. SAC Invitational runners

For the past two weekends, Mt. SAC played host to the world’s largest Cross Country Track Meet for the 72nd time. 


Mt. SAC Invitational race starts

And they're off! 

Mt. SAC Invitational runners

The Mt. SAC Invitational  is one of the best known races in the country.

Mt. SAC Invitational runners

More than 100 races were held over the weekends of October 18th and the 25th.  

Mt. SAC Invitational runners

This past weekend, 12,000 high school students from more than 450 high schools across the country traveled to run Mt. SAC’s iconic cross country race course.

Mt. SAC Invitational runners

On the 18th, 111 elementary and middle schools throughout the country, representing 4,000 students, brought their 3rd to 8th grade runners to compete.

Mt. SAC Invitational runners

“The new stadium was built around the existing cross country course,“ said Doug Todd, the Director of Athletics Special Events, explaining how the event has been held during the construction phase.

Mt. SAC Invitational runners

The iconic course has remained unchanged since the 1970’s, according to Todd.

Mt. SAC Invitational finish line

“Wherever you go around the country,” explained Todd, “if you wear a Mt. SAC Invitational shirt, people will know you ran this course.”



Mt. SAc Invitational runners

Spectators could tell the runners were on the way by the dirt cloud kicked up in these dry and dusty conditions.

Mt. SAC Invitational runners

The course is three miles long.

Mt. SAC Invitational climb

And includes a famous climb up to the water tanks.
Mt. SAC Invitational finish line

The temps on Friday were reaching 90 degrees.

Mt. SAC Invitational finish line

It's a tough race, for sure. 

Exhausted runner

And runners were exhausted by the time they crossed the finish line.

runners' feetThat's a wrap for the 72nd Annual Mt. SAC Invitational. Until next year, keep up the pace...