Photo Epic: The Eclipse

campus of people watching the eclipse

April 09, 2024 - 10:30 AM

Student looks up wearing solar glassesA solar eclipse like  yesterday will not return to Southern California for two decades and students did not miss their chance to experience it. All over campus, students during and between classes looked up to see one of Earth's most viewed astronomical events.

Astronomy Students and Planetarium staff held an event with solar telescopes and viewing areas for this historic event

Astronomy professor talks eclipseAstronomy professors were on-hand to educate. The Astronomy Department and the Planetarium went all out to give students the best possible eclipse experience.This solar telescope zoomed into the sun to let a group watch the eclipse. Note: the solar spots above the moon's shadow.

Mt. SAC solar goggles were on sale.Mom smiles while son looks into telescope

The Planetarium held educational shows before and during the eclipseperson looking through a telescope while another hold umbrella to shade the view"Fun and learning are not mutually exclusive" - student poses in NASA backdrop






Students photograph the eclipseThe Photography Club was out in force  with advisor and professor Jay P. Morgan making sure students got good shots of the  solar event.  BTW - Jay P. also runs his very popular YouTube channel about photography called The Slanted Lens.


Jay P. Morgan shoots the eclipsestudent photographs the eclipse

Welding Class watched right through their masks

Welding students look upStaff member looks up with solar glassesStudent Services and Financial Aid got in on the fun too.

"Student Services handed out solar viewers at their Treat Yo Self event" - student looks up through viewer"Good Times!" - couple look up at eclipse with glasses