PHOTO EPIC: Animation and Gamefest Shows Off Its Art

Student with VR headset plays game

January 10, 2023 - 10:26 AM

Student wears an Animation & Gamefest t-shirtEvery year, students across the technology-minded Arts programs get together for a student showcase called the Animation & Gamefest. While it began years ago as a showcase of video games and animations that students had created during their various classes, it has morphed into a  way for the Arts Division's technology-minded programs to recruit students and show off the work done in their classes as well.Student shows off animation Attendees at the event

Pofessors Rivas (middle) and Thankamushy (R) talk with attendee to event

Animation and Gaming professors  Hector Rivas and Sunil Thankamushy put Gamefest together, but many more arts programs are part of the event that takes over Building 13 for the day. Drone Photography professor Jason Perez talks with students at event

The Drone Photography program brings out a couple of its rigs and displays drone footage for the attendees. Radio Broadcasting students DJ the event

 The Radio Broadcasting program supplied the DJs for the event...

Attendee asks a student about the Radio program...and highlighted some other aspects of their program as well. 

Info tables at the eventBoth animation and video games require other artistic skills represented at the event, which are encompassed within the broader net of Commercial & Entertainment Arts (CEA).  This includes   Graphic Design, Photography, as well as Film & TelevisionWoman uses a VR setup

On the video game side, Virtual Reality (VR) has become an integral part of the program, to meet the demands of the job market.

Student attendees play a video game on laptopThroughout the event, laptops were availble for attendees to hop on and play games the students have been developing. Attendees playing video games

Attendees playing video gamesMost of these programs offer an introductory course that fulfills General Education requirements. These classes provide a great opportunity to discover what a career in any of these fields would entail.