Navigate app adds another layer of student support

Staff helping student with the new app.
By Greg MacDonald

October 02, 2023 - 03:18 PM

Mt. SAC is one of the largest community colleges in California, and finding your way around can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, there’s now an app that can be your guide.

Both new and returning students can download the free Navigate app, which makes it easier getting around the college, utilizing all of its resources, and organizing your schedule.

“The Navigate student app is a mobile app designed to help students navigate their academic journey and access support services here at Mt. SAC,” said Tannia Robles, Associate Dean, Student Engagement. “The app is easy to navigate and provides the information on the go and at your fingertips.”

The app is geared to keep students on a path to success. Through its interface, students can contact support services, schedule appointment times, discover campus resources, and find their way around campus.Staff helping student with the app.

“Navigate also has a built-in system for faculty to help their students by identifying what they think a student in their class needs to succeed by placing an early alert message,” Robles said. “This is an intervention to alert the student of how they are doing and what the college has in place to support their success.

“The early alert is meant to take place early so that the student has time to be contacted by the support team with the specific resources that are needed and so that the student has time to use the services. Students who have received support through early alerts are more likely to successfully pass their classes and to successfully move forward in their educational path.”

Calendar reminders can be set for important deadlines, and class schedules can be added as well. Students also can create their own to-do lists.

For peer-to-peer academic support, connect with other students by using the Study Buddies feature. For planning your future, explore the different majors and career support paths offered at Mt. SAC.

To learn more about the Navigate app, visit