Culturama returns this month

Woman standing in front of artwork at the 2019 Culturama event.
By Greg MacDonald

October 04, 2023 - 11:08 AM

Looking to get inspired to write poetry? Wanting to learn a new method to research for a writing project? Itching to create the next popular comic book?

Whatever your creative passive is, exercise your creativity, fuel it and find inspiration from even more at Culturama on Oct. 27-28 (online) and Nov. 3-4 (in person).

Dozens of workshops with professional writers and artists will lead attendees through activities and discussions in an effort to create new artwork, offer feedback and advice, and talk about the experiences of being part of a creative community.

“Everyone with the creative spark and spirit is welcome,” said Lloyd Aquino, Culturama Coordinator.

Students molding clay.Whether you consider yourself a fiction or nonfiction writer, a journalist, a scriptwriter, an actor, a graphic artist, or a creative mind thirsty for more knowledge, this free event will allow attendees to learn new skills, get inspired, network and meet other creative and artistic people, and boost career aspirations in many different disciplines.

Registration is now open. When you register, a small $5 donation is being requested that will go to a Mt. SAC student service of your choice to help students on campus. To register and to see a complete schedule for the event now, go to or visit