Mathematics Course Overview

  • Transfer-Level Math

    Math courses numbered 100 and above transfer to 4-year colleges and universities.  Which transfer-level math courses should you take?  This primarily depends on your major.  It is important to meet with a counselor for math course selection.

    Math Corequisite Support Courses

    Math corequisites courses offer extra support for most of our math courses.  For example, Math 13 is a corequisite that offers extra support for its target course, Math 130 (College Algebra).

    All math corequisites are 2 units, pass/no pass, taught by the same instructor as the target course.  Corequisite courses provide:
    • More classroom time with the instructor
    • More in-class help with challenging topics
    • More peer interaction
    • More tools to prepare for quizzes/exams

    Statistics has two options for support:
    1. Math 110 + Math 11 (corequisite support model)
    2. Math 110S (active learning support model)
  • Flow Chart of Transfer-Level Math Courses

    Note: See long description associated with this image.

  • Pre-Transfer-Level Math Courses

    Math courses with numbers below 100 are pre-transfer-level math courses.  These are a consideration if you feel that you need more time developing your algebra skills before taking a transfer-level math course.  Additionally, arithmetic skills are covered in LERN 48 and LERN 49.

  • Flow Chart of Developmental Math Courses.

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