Passport Rewards Leaderboards

Winners are announced Weeks 7 and 14 (Fall and Spring) and Week 5 (Winter and Summer).
"Winners" are those with the most stamps in their passports during the appropriate time period. Winners will receive a certificate noting their accomplishment and a $10 gift card.
Former Language Partner Winners

Language Partners

  1. Marysol Hernandez & Terry Acevedo (JP)
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Rosetta Stone World Languages

  1. Guillermo Cardenas (IT)
  2. Issa Kabar (KO)
  3. Meisong Yang (FR) and 
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English Tutoring SDLAs

  1. Yiyi (Kiki) Deng
  2. Annie Shao and Loly Ramirez (TIE)
Former Passport Rewards winner

Rosetta Stone English

  1. Meisong Yang
  2. Jiali Li
  3. Liliana Cadavid