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Language Partners

Learning a language is one of the most interesting and fun experiences we get during our undergrad. After those GEs are satisfied, however, we move language aside. But you may be surprised to learn that there are elements from French or Japanese class that stay with you throughout your time in school and when you venture into the world.

Language Partners helps students improve conversational skills with a higher-level or same-level language student. This will give the both of you a chance to practice your skills and give you the opportunity for some one-on-one interaction with someone who has studied and already speaks the language. Apply today!

Getting Started

  1. Fill out the application below.
  2. Wait for an email with your partner's contact information and your Pair #. Include your Pair # on all activities.
  3. Schedule a time to meet with your partner in the LLC.
  4. When you come with your partner, choose from over 15 activities. 
    *Note: Activties are not necessarily aligned with course content. This is a chance for you to learn new language outside of class. Choose whatever topic sounds interesting to you!*
  5. Complete the activities with your partner, ending with creating a dialogue and recording a video. Follow the instructions on your activity paper or ask the front desk for help recording and saving your video in the right place!
  6. Turn in your activity paper to the front desk.
  7. Wait for an email letting you know you've earned a stamp. Stamps are awarded several times a week. Videos will be sent to your professor once a week.
  8. Come back and complete more activities to earn stamps and rewards! 
  • Application will open again in March.