Student-Athlete Online Progress Check/Feedback

Mt. SAC Student-Athletes are upheld to stringent academic requirements in order to maintain athletic eligibility. 
The classroom performance data provided by professors, helps ensure their academic success by providing valuable data
that will apprise us of student-athlete academic need(s) and/or provide intervention if necessary.

Progress Check/Feedback is due by the 8th week of the Fall/Spring Semester (can be entered as early as the 2nd week).
Short term classes (starting at the beginning of the semester) can be entered anytime after the 2nd week.
Students will receive notification and a copy of the Progress Check/Feedback / This program is similar to the Early Alert System. 

 To complete the Student/Athlete Online Progress Check/Feedback, please log into the
Mt. SAC Portal
then navigate to the Faculty tab and locate Affiliate Program (located on the bottom right column).

THANK YOU for your help and support!



 Need additional help?  Contact:  Ani Escalera (Athletic Eligibility Specialist) at   (909) 274-5113 or at