Policies and Procedures

Due to limitations in staffing, only proposals from California four-year host institutions will be accepted and research must be specifically for masters thesis and doctoral dissertation research collection. If you have questions, please direct them to and copy using the following subject line "Mt. SAC IRB Policies and Procedures Question".

The following policies and procedures relate to Mt. SAC's IRB. Please follow them closely in all stages of the IRB review and approval process.  The procedure for the IRB is to save this Mt. SAC IRB Application onto your computer, complete it, and upload it to the IRB protocol link below. Upload the  IRB Protocol Checklist. View the College's Administrative Procedure 3260. View the classroom IRB Guidelines. Before you submit your study, you should also walk through these flowcharts to understand where your study might be categorized in the IRB process. 

IRB Application

Note: You must submit your IRB packet at least two weeks prior to when the committee meets. The committee meets on the first Friday of every month during the Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov) and Spring (March, April, May) semesters.