How We Do It

The IRB uses a team approach to design the procedures needed to review, conduct, and manage human subjects research at Mt. SAC. Research that needs to go through the IRB process is given to the IRB for its review. The lead investigator may be required to attend a meeting to answer questions regarding his/her research project. Only when final approval for beginning the project is given by the IRB may the investigator begin conducting research at the College.

At all times, the investigators are required to follow appropriate conduct of their research per the CITI training. Researchers are required to report immediate issues to the IRB Chair ( and to cease their research projects until the IRB gives its approval to resume. After the project is completed and the report (e.g., dissertation, thesis, research paper) is written the investigator is required to provide the IRB with a copy of it. Under no circumstances should identifying information about the College be included in these documents. 

For more details, including the application form, please refer to the Policies and Procedures section.