Hospitality Alumni

Sam Sanaie

A.S. — Hospitality Management, Mt. San Antonio College
B.S. Hospitality ManagementCal Polytechnic University Pomona

Sam Sanaie 

In 2010, Sam Sanaie graduated from Mt. SAC with an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management.
He received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Hospitality Management after transferring to California State Polytechnic University of Pomona.
Today, Sam is a proud owner of a Subway branch.
His responsibilities include running its day to day operations and overseeing duties such as: hiring, purchasing, inventory management, scheduling, and other managerial duties. Sam believes that his education at Mt. SAC has been an invaluable experience which has played a tremendous role in preparing him for his successful career. 
"Mt. SAC has prepared me more than any educational system I have been a part of in my life; from every aspect, as far as new methods of learning, becoming a better public speaker, and building a lot of my current work relationships."
Sam attributes his accomplishments to the efforts of a professor from Mt. SAC, Dr. Al-Malood.
"Dr. Al-Malood is responsible for 100% of my success, not only in my professional career, but my personal career as well. I am blessed to not only call him my favorite professor, but also a mentor, and more importantly, a friend."
What would be Sam's advice to new students and those interested in the hospitality industry?
He responds with, "Build as many relationships as you can with faculty and students. You never know what kind of opportunities can come from them." 


Andrea Parker

Certificate — Hospitality Management Level I,  Mt. San Antonio College
Certificate — Hospitality Management Level II, Mt. San Antonio College
CertificateRestaurant Management Level I, Mt. San Antonio College
Certificate — Restaurant Management Level II, Mt. San Antonio College
— Hospitality Management, Mt. San Antonio College
B.S.  Hospitality ManagementCal Polytechnic University Pomona

Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker graduated from Mt. SAC in 2011 with an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management.
Along with her degree, Andrea earned several certificates including: Hospitality Management Level 1 & 2 certificates, as well as her Restaurant Management Level 1 & 2 certificates. During her time at Mt. SAC, Andrea was very active. She was a Foods Lab Technician and a lead baker for the Baking Club on campus. Through her involvement in clubs and a part time job, she was able to learn more about the industry. After Mt. SAC, Andrea transferred to Cal Poly Pomona to pursue a Bachelors of Science Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management.  
Today, Andrea is a the Head Baker of her own business Magnifibake.
"In this stage of life I'm currently at home raising my kids and have a side business of baking that I run from out of my home." 
"I loved going to Mt. SAC and learning from professors that had been in the field themselves. All of their real life examples and hands on experience we got helped prepare me for my professional career."
Andrea's greatest impact at Mt. SAC was Dr. Al-Malood.
"Dr. Al-Malood really got to know his students on a one on one basis and help them get to where they wanted to be. He hired me on as a Foods Lab Tech where I got to lead the Baking Club and more. I thoroughly enjoyed this job and learned so much."
What would be Andrea's advice to new students and those interested in the hospitality industry?
She says, "As important and fun as it is to get involved on your school campus and be in clubs I feel that working in the industry (getting that hands on experience) while you attend college is crucial."


Kimberlee Trerise

B.S.  Hospitality ManagementUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas

Kimberlee Trerise 

Kimberlee Trerise transferred from Mt. SAC in 2011.
She attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a major in Hospitality Management with an emphasis in Event Planning
Today, Kimberlee is a Production Assistant for Enliven Production Group.
The company produces large corporate events mostly for large baking institutions. As the Production Assistant, Kimberlee is the CEO's right hand and assists with all basic office responsibilities.
"My classes and Dr. Al-Malood helped me learn about how to be the most professional employee that I can be."
What would be Kimberlee's advice to new students and those interested in the hospitality industry?
Her advice to students is to "Move to a four year, even if you don't finish your associates, if the timing is right."


Bret Hamilton

B.S.  Hospitality ManagementCal Polytechnic University Pomona

Bret Hamilton

Bret Hamilton is a Mt. SAC alumnus, who transferred in 2008.  
He continued his academic journey at Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona in Hospitality Management

Today, Bret is a Partnership Development Manager for DoorDash.
As such, Bret is responsible for managing the relationships between DoorDash and its top restaurant clients. 

"[Mt. SAC] taught me about restaurant management. Dr. Al-Malood's excitement was contagious and he was an industry expert."

Bret continues to be an active contributor to the Mt. SAC community as an Advisory Board member.

What would be Bret's advice to new students and those interested in the hospitality industry?
His advice is "Don't give up". 

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