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Mt. SAC Emergency Alert

Alert: Mt. SAC has Transitioned to Online Classes and Services (see Learn more about our COVID-19 response at


Student Resources | Coronavirus Information

As Mt. San Antonio College transitions online due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), numerous resources are available to support our students. Students attending classes on campus should familiarize themselves with these Safety Guidelines. The Health Center is open and providing remote services for students.

View Health Alerts    Student Health Check Before Coming to Campus

COVID-19 Related Issues

    • icon of thermometerStudent Temperature Checks and Evaluating for Sickness

      (Updated August 5, 2020) A small number of classes are being held on the Mt. SAC campus. Those students approved to come to campus should follow the steps below. 

      Before coming to campus, students should fill out a Health Check online at will need to confirm they (1) have not traveled outside the United States in the past 14 days, (2) have not had close contact with someone who is known to have COVID-19, and (3) do not have any signs of a sickness, such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headache, new loss of taste/smell, sore throat, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, nausea, diarrhea, and so on. People with even mild symptoms, such as allergies, should stay home.

      Before entering the building, students should check in at Temperature Check Stations located near the building entrance. Staff will confirm the Health Check was completed online and that students do not have a fever. 

      Students must wear a face mask in public areas and if they might be within six feet of others to protect themselves and others. 

    • Heart cardiogram iconReporting a COVID-19 Sickness

      (Updated 7/16/2020)

      STUDENTS REPORT TO STUDENT HEALTH CENTER Students who are sick with COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, are asked to contact the Student Health Center at (909) 274-4400 as soon as possible. 

      EMPLOYEES REPORT TO HUMAN RESOURCES - Employees who are sick with COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, are asked to contact Human Resources by emailing or calling (909) 274-4414 immediately. 

    • cares act with american flagCARES Act Funding and Report


      Mt. San Antonio College has distributed more than $8-million in grants to more than 12,000 students under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act for student emergency relief. 

      For frequently asked questions about the disbursement, visit the Financial Aid website. To help support students in need, visit the Mt. SAC Foundation. For more information on the CARES Act, visit our CARES Act Reporting website.

    • bus iconFoothill Transit Bus Rides (Class Pass)

      Foothill Transit Bus Rides Are Free

      (July 22, 2020) - Mt. SAC has long partnered with Foothill Transit to provide bus rides for students through the Class Pass program. The mass transit organization has adjusted its procedures in response to the coronavirus. The Mt. SAC community is free to use Foothill Transit buses without the requirement of a payment or Class Pass from now through the Fall 2020 semester. Bus routes are following a regular schedule despite lower ridership to support social distancing. Riders are asked to:

      • Wash hands before and after riding the bus
      • Enter through the rear entrance only
      • Support social distancing and keep a 6-foot distance from others whenever possible
      • Wear a mask
      • Follow safety procedures on the bus
    • Icon with WEW / P/NP / Repeatability

      EW — Excused Withdrawal

      The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office permits colleges to allow students to withdraw from classes with an “excused withdrawal” or EW through the end of December, 2020.

       It is agreed that students will have the ability to utilize the EW option in the same manner as Spring 2020:

      • Students can opt to withdraw from a class through the day before the last day of instruction of a short-term class and the final class meeting date of a full-term class.  An “EW” will be assigned for all of these withdrawals.
      • Faculty should still drop students who “no show” – these drops should be processed immediately. If completed immediately after ascertaining the student is a no show, the student will not receive a “W”.  
      • Students who drop classes during the term by the deadline to drop with EW will receive refunds if they paid for their classes (didn’t receive a fee waiver).
      • Holds will be removed to allow students to do this.
      • All drops on/after CENSUS will get full refund and an “EW” grade.  Drops before census (DB,DF and DG) will get full refund and NO GRADE. 
      • Students who do not attend a course and are not dropped or do not withdraw on their own, will be billed and will have a financial obligation (hold) on their records.  Additionally, students who do not attend, are not dropped and do not withdraw will receive an “F” or “NP”. 
      • The EW mark will not be detrimental to the student in computing their Mt. SAC progress status, however, there may be implications for students receiving federal benefits, including Veterans benefits.

      PASS / NO PASS

      The ‘normal process’ requires students to select a grading option of either a standard letter grade or a pass/no pass by a specific date – if the course is eligible to be taken in a pass/no pass grade option (exceptions shown below). Similar to the Spring 2020 semester, it is agreed that we will extend the deadline to allow students to change their grading option for courses that are approved to be taken P/NP.  Additionally, all students (except those in the classes listed below* which require a letter grade) who receive an “F” will have the “F” grade changed to “NP”.
      *Classes that are not able to be taken P/NP:

      Technology and Health Courses Requiring a Letter Grade 
      Nursing: 1A 1B 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
      Respiratory Therapy: 53 59 60 61 
      Mental Health: 40 56 58D 70 72 73T 

      Business Division Courses Requiring a Letter Grade
      Paralegal Courses (PLGL)
      Business Law Courses (BUSL)
      Child Development (CHLD)
      BUSA 58

      For CRNs that allow for a pass/no pass option this has been expanded for the following:

      • For full-term classes:  students will have a 2-day time frame after the grade submission deadline to change their grading option.
      • Students will have the option to change the grading option from a standard grade to a pass/no pass option or change back from a pass/no pass to a standard grade option.  For full-term Fall 2020 classes, the term ends on a Sunday, December 13, 2020.  Thus the deadline for faculty to enter the final grades would be 11:59PM on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.  Students can change their grade mode from 12:00AM Wednesday, December 16, 2020 through 5PM Thursday, December 17, 2020.  
      • For short-term classes: the deadline for faculty to enter grades is 2 days after the end date for the course. Students will then have 2 days to change their grade option.

      Advisory Information 

      • Students seeking to withdraw or take the class as a P/NP should meet with a counselor. 
      • For students transferring to the University of California, students should meet with a counselor or a transfer specialist in the Transfer Center.  Caution should be taken regarding whether to take required courses in the P/NP option for Fall 2020 and beyond. 
      • For students transferring to the California State University, the P/NP grading option is still acceptable at least for the Fall 2020 term. 
      • All students are advised to contact Counseling to review their options.
      • For students transferring to the University of California, caution should be taken regarding whether to take required courses in the P/NP option for Fall 2020 and beyond. 
      • For students transferring to the California State University, P/NP grading option is still acceptable at least for the Fall 2020 term. 
      • For students receiving federal and state Financial Aid, the NP option affects the student’s completion rate for Satisfactory Academic Progress, but doesn’t impact the student’s GPA.
      • For some students receiving Veterans Benefits, the NP may be a better option than the EW as it shows that the student completed the course (the EW appears as a withdrawal from the start of a course and most likely results in a debt for the student).  Given multiple VA benefit types, ALL GI Bill students should be speak with a VRC Counselor for advisement.

      Course Repeatability

      The same process used in Spring 2020 related to substandard grades and repeatability will be followed for Fall 2020:  Students who attempted a course unsuccessfully will earn  a substandard mark that will be coded as DV, FV, or NPV on their academic records.  These were new grading symbols used in lieu of D, F, and NP that were created to reflect the conditions operating during the Spring 2020 semester due to the “V” virus.  Students who receive a substandard grade or NP in Fall 2020, will be able to repeat the course without the unsuccessful attempt counting against the total number of maximum allowable repeats for the particular course.  It is important to note that academic transcript grade notations have been amended only for these specific terms. This does not pertain to courses successfully completed with an A, B, C, or P. 

    • reimburseReimbursement - Parking

      Parking Permits

      All Spring 2020 parking permits will be extended through Fall 2020.  Students can use them through the Summer and Fall terms.

      Spring 2020 students who do not plan to attend this Summer or Fall and would like to petition for a parking reimbursement, you may do so by emailing the following information to no later than June 14, 2020:

      • Student ID Number (A#)
      • First and Last Name
      • Parking Permit #
      • Your contact phone number
      • Current mailing address
      • A picture of your Spring 2020 parking permit cut into 4 pieces. Please ensure the permit number is still visible.

      Once we have verified the information provided, you will receive an email from  The estimated processing time is approximately two weeks from receipt date depending on the volume of requests.

      If you have additional questions, please contact Parking Services at

    • reimburseReimbursement - Enrollment

      Enrollment Fee Reimbursements

      Enrollment fees will be reimbursed to students if they withdraw from the class or the College cancels the class.  Refunds will automatically be processed regardless of the selection of withdrawal codes. Learn more about refunds from the Cashier’s Office website. Refunds are offered in a number of formats, including through a Bank Mobile Vibe account. Students can access the account through over 55,000 fee-free Allpoint® ATMs, so they are not limited to on-campus ATMs. 



Student Support

You can also visit the Student Services website for their answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    • Heart cardiogram iconStudent Health Services

      Contact the Health Center for FREE medical and mental health assistance provided conveniently online or by phone. 

        Health Center


    • financial aidScholarships and Grants

      California College Student Grant

      To support California college students through these unprecedented times, MAF has established the CA College Student Support Fund. Eligible students will receive a $500 grant to help manage their financial needs – whether that's class materials, rent, or personal expenses. Learn more through the Mission Asset Fund.

      Scholarship Program

      Mt. SAC's scholarship program has extended its deadline to April 27, 2020! A variety of scholarships are available to qualified students, based on need, merit, major and/or educational goals. Students must submit a Mt. SAC General Scholarship Application online before the screening deadline. 

      CARES Act Emergency Grant

      The CARES Act has provided limited federal funds for emergency financial aid grants to students for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to COVID-19. To request this emergency grant, you must complete this form and submit it to the Mt. San Antonio College Financial Aid Office at The emergency aid is to be used for an URGENT need related to a currently enrolled student’s expense caused by COVID-19

    • financial aidFinancial Aid

      Students will continue to have access to financial aid resources, including those from student loans.  Spring disbursement will remain on time.  You can continue to check the status of your financial aid and submit any required documents electronically through your Mt. SAC student portal

      If you have general questions or need assistance, please call (909) 274-4450 or email

    • food pantry basic needsFood Pantry and Basic Needs 

      Food Pantry and Basic Needs

      Drive-Thru Mountie Fresh Food Pantry at Student Parking Lot A (behind building 12 by Edinger Way)

      Listed below are helpful links to access food resources.

    • mental healthMental Health

      Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, sad, anxious, or having difficulty coping? We are here for you!

      Students have access to one-on-one personal counseling with our Student Health Center therapists through TeleMentalHealth. All you need is a smartphone OR a laptop/computer. To schedule a private and confidential appointment, call (909) 274-4400, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM, or email

      If you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact:

      • Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255
      • Crisis Text Line – Text COURAGE to 741741
      • Call 911
      • Go to your nearest hospital emergency room

      In addition, Mt. SAC Psychology Faculty have compiled these Resources for Students


Online Transition

View the full resources to getting started online and use student services remotely at Mt. SAC Online


About Coronavirus (COVID-19)


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