Purpose & Function


The Police and Campus Safety Advisory Committee is the primary advisory group that promotes effective communication and collaboration between constituent groups and Police and Campus Safety to maintain a positive campus relationship with regard to public safety issues.  The goals of this Committee include:

  • Establishing and supporting guidelines for effective community oriented policing that is reflective of Mt. SAC’s campus culture.
  • Assisting the Police and Campus Safety Department with campus campaigns on emerging issues related to campus community, safety, and security.
  • Making recommendations regarding ongoing training for campus constituents on managing campus safety concerns.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding the Police and Campus Safety policies, procedures, incidents, and training.



  1. Integrate campus policy issues with Police and Campus Safety operations.
  2. Review Police and Campus Safety incidents such as use of force or complaints and identify possible policy and/or procedure changes. 
  3. Review and make recommendations regarding Board Policies and Administrative Procedures related to campus safety and security.
  4. Conduct surveys of the campus climate in regards to Police and Campus Safety.
  5. Review the Facilities Master Plan for safety and security issues and needs. 
  6. Liaise with the Behavior and Wellness team regarding threat assessments.
  7. Advise on the transition to a POST certified police department.