Police & Campus Safety Documents


Service to Our Campus Community
We are committed to providing quality service to ALL of our campus community members, which includes meeting the needs of our customers in a sincere, professional, unbiased and focused approach. 

Commitment to Leadership
Each member of our Department needs to be a leader in the public safety and law enforcement professions.  A significant part of our leadership role is to ensure that our values become part of our day to day work life on our campus.  It is imperative that our action engender the highest level of respect from our students, co-workers, professional colleagues and our campus community members.

Respect for People
In order to successfully serve our college community members, it is imperative that we treat all people with dignity and respect, whether they be students, community members, co-workers, visitors to the campus or law violators.  Our demonstration of respect will help gain respect for our Department and its members.

In performing our daily duties, integrity in our actions and words must remain at the top of our value system.

Respect for the Law
Our adherence to the law must always remain unquestioned.  We must always obey and support the spirit and letter of the law.