Student Equity Committee


Name Title Term Appointed By
Eric Lara Manager / Co-Chair Ongoing Administration
Eloise Reyes Counselor/Co-Chair 2016-2019 Academic Senate
Michelle Stewart-Thomas Faculty 2017-2020 Academic Senate
Deana Hight Faculty 2016-2019 Academic Senate
Parisa Mahjoor Faculty 2017-2020 Academic Senate
Vanessa Garcia Faculty 2016-2019  Academic Senate
Michelle Sampat Manager / Credit 2015-2018 VP of Instruction
Liza Becker Manager / Non-Credit 2017-2020 VP of Instruction
Venus Soriano Classified 2018-2020 VP of Instruction
Marcell Gilmore Classified 2018-2020 VP of Instruction
Elmer Rodriguez Classified 2016-2018 VP of Student Services
Eva Rios-Alvarado Faculty 2017-2020 Academic Senate
Emily Hellmold Student 2017-2018 Associated Students