Mt. SAC Budget Committee


Position Represented Name Term
Vice President, Administrative Services (Chair) Mike Gregoryk Ongoing
Chief Compliance and College Budget Officer Rosa Royce Ongoing
Associate Vice President, Fiscal Services Doug Jenson Ongoing
Management, one from Instruction (appointed by the Vice President, Instruction) Gregory Anderson Ongoing
Management, one from Facilities Planning & Management (appointed by the Vice President, Administrative Services) Gary Nellesen Ongoing
Management, one from Student Services (appointed by the Vice President, Student Services) Audrey Yamagata-Noji Ongoing
Faculty (appointed by the Academic Senate) Joan Sholars (Co-Chair) 2016-2019
  Lance Heard 2016-2019
  Vicki Greco 2017-2020
  Tamra Horton 2018-2021
Classified (appointed by CSEA 651) Peter Gonzales 2016-2019
Classified (appointed by CSEA 252) Mark Fernandez 2016-2019
Confidential (appointed by the Confidentials) Lisa Romo 2016-2019
Students (appointed by the Associated Students) Andy Jaeseung Shin 2018-2019
  YiFan Zhang 2018-2019
  • Person responsible to maintain Committee website: Yadira Santiago - - x5504
  • The committee meets the first and third Wednesday of the month, 3pm - 4:30pm, building 4, conference room 2460.
  • The committee does not meet during Summer or Winter Intersessions, unless needed.