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Captioning Services for Professors at Mt. SAC

Federal law, specifically Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, requires all multimedia be accessible. Videos are required to have accurate captioning on ALL videos, regardless of whether any specific requests have been made.

Our local AP 5142: Students with Disabilities - Accessibility of Multimedia Instructional Material: Captioning translates the requirement for captions at Mt. SAC.

We have made it easy to meet this requirement! Please take advantage of the free captioning services available to professors. Submit your captioning needs and ensure that all of the videos you use for instruction at Mt. SAC are captioned to meet the accessibility requirements.

Have the videos, but just need to get them captioned?
    • Free Captions for Instructor-Created Videos

      Use 3C Media and DECT to Get Free Captioning

      3C Media Solutions is a free service for Mt. SAC faculty, managers, and staff who wish to store and stream video... It is like a for the California Community Colleges, and can be used as a secure place for video storage. It also offers the useful option to request free captions! The free 3C Media subscription and the captioning service are funded by the Chancellors Office of the California Community Colleges. Although accounts are free, you must register for your 3C Media account using your Mt. SAC email address. 3C Media will only sync with Canvas if you use the exact same email address to set up 3C Media as the one that is listed in your Canvas account.

      Your 3C Media video storage area can only be used for video that you have created, and to store links you wish to use. A benefit of using 3C Media is that it is integrated into our learning management system, Canvas. Once you've set up your account and added videos, you can access them directly in 3C Media or directly in Canvas! Another handy feature is the ability to easily save your ConferZoom conferences in 3C Media.

      Captions are also easy to request with the click of a button and can be requested from within Canvas or directly in 3C Media. These are paid by a Distance Education block grant provided through the Community College system, so they are a free service to Mt. SAC! Even though the grant is named Distance Education, you can request any video you plan to share in a digital format for instruction. You provide your name, the title of the video, the length of the video and the course where you will use it, and that's it! Turnaround time is typically under 1 week.

      3C Media Resources

    • Captioning Services for Videos You Didn't Create: Fill Out A Caption Request!

      Do you need captions for videos you didn't create?

      For all other captioning needs, please fill out the form below. Mt. SAC offers free and fast turnaround times with the same vendor that provides the captioning through 3C Media. Please ensure that your courses meet accessibility requirements and submit the videos you use to teach! You can also use this form to request information about captioning your own videos!

      Mt. SAC Closed Caption Request Form

Interested in learning how to caption your own videos?
Looking for fully-captioned videos at Mt. SAC?
    • How to Find Captioned Videos at Mt. SAC

      Looking for fully-captioned videos? The Mt. SAC Library has you covered!

      There's a ton of places where you can find fully-captioned video content, but the Mt. SAC Library Databases is our top recommendation because everything is fully captioned to standard. They have access to thousands of videos on a variety of different subjects and topics.

      Mt. SAC Libguides: Films and Streaming Videos

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