Imagine, Consult, Create, Iterate

The Mountie MakerSpace is a place where students, staff, and faculty gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, develop skills, and grow - like an on-campus community center with tools!

Our Mission

The MakerSpace drives student success and innovations by creating an environment where everyone can collaborate about the creation of both tangible items and entrepreneurial ideas. We serve as a hub for project-based learning across instructional areas by providing the tools, mentors, and space to complete practical and artistic projects that build and emphasize the skills required for employment. The MakerSpace provides standard and 21st century tools, and guidance in their use, available to all Mt. SAC students.

The underlying culture of MakerSpaces is one of collaboration, sharing, and additive innovation. Sharing one's work with others creates an open community and collaborative culture in which students are excited to assist one another and willingly exchange design knowledge. The diversity of users creates opportunities to work with and learn from others who have unique experiences and skills.

Videos: What We Make

A Day at the MakerSpace

Our faculty Andrew Hernandez took some time to capture the projects ongoing in the 'Space on a busy Friday afternoon!

A MakerSpace-made rocket launches

Our faculty David Lee made a rocket! The fins were cut and engraved on our laser cutter, and the base and nose cone were 3D-printed. Even the stand it was launched from was welded together at the 'Space!

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3:30 - 9:30 PM, Mon-Fri
Building F7
(909) 274-5316
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Our Socials

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Our Staff

Name Title
Zephram Wolf Project Manager
Lexa Loperena-Beattie Project Manager
Ryan Lau Technician
Ben Roslof Technician
Marie Galvan Technician
Brandon Saller Lead Faculty
David Lee Faculty of Record
Tedd Wong Faculty of Record
Jennifer Chen Faculty of Record
Martin Mason Co-Founder, Faculty of Record
Andrew Hernandez Faculty of Record
Mala Arthur Co-Founder, Faculty of Record