Culturama Donation Page

Mt. SAC's mission, as a California Community College, is to give the opportunity of higher education to anyone willing to pursue it. As such, your support through a small donation would help us in our pursuit of that goal.

In addition, Culturama encourages you to directly donate to student service orginizations, letting you decide how your donation will help students at Mt. SAC. Thank you for considering to donate, and we are looking forward to seeing you at Culturama!

To Donate:

  1. Please watch the video guide below on how to donate.
    • Before Starting the Video, it's recomended that you turn on the closed captioning.
  2. Visit the Student Services page to decide which program you would like to give your donation to.
  3. Go to the Student Services donation page to submit your donation 
    • Please mark the donation as a tribute gift in honor to Culturama. This helps us communicate Culturama's impact to the rest of the school.