Special Admit Program

The Special Admit Program is open to high school students who would benefit from taking advanced scholastic or vocational work at Mt. San Antonio College. Through this program, students can complete college level courses during the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. Please read and complete the steps below to get a jumpstart on college courses while still in high school!

    • MobileStep 1
      Apply to Mt.SAC


      Please download these step-by step instructions to apply to the college as a high school student. 

      How to Apply Instructions 

    • Step 2
      Class Schedule

      Begin exploring our class schedule to find what class is right for you. Keep in mind that you can only take college level courses through this program, and there are some course restrictions to Special Admit Students. Please take a look at the list below to make sure the class you want is not on the list. 

        Class Schedule

       Special Admit Course Restrictions

    • MobileStep 3
      Assessment (if applicable)

      If you plan on taking a course with a prerequisite or one that requires a Math/English placement, please call the Assessment center at (909) 274-4265,  or visit their website online to schedule your Math and/or English assessment before the deadline January 19, 2019. Make sure to identify yourself as a Special Admit student when calling and have your Mt.SAC student ID number ready. Assessment Questionnaires (AQs) will not be accepted. No exceptions.


    • MobileStep 4
      Special Admit Packet

      In order to participate in the program, students must complete the Special Admit Packet with their parent/guardian and high school administrator. The Spring 2019 packet will be available starting December 5, 2018. 

      Special Admit Packet Spring 2019

    • MobileStep 5
       Special Admit Approval Session

      Students must schedule their mandatory Special Admit Approval Session with our Counseling Department beginning January 7, 2019 by calling us at (909) 274-4380. Students returning to the Special Admit Program must identify themselves as "returning Special Admit Students" if they've participated in the program before, or "new Special Admit Students" if they haven't so we can schedule you for the correct approval session.

      Please make sure you have the following completed the day of your Special Admit Approval Session:

      • Special Admit Packet
      • HS transcripts (unofficial transcripts are accepted)
      • College transcripts (if applicable)
      • AP test scores (if applicable)
      • Mt. SAC assessment results (if applicable)
      • Photo ID 

      Students with incomplete paperwork or missing items will not be approved to take courses. Special Admit Approval Session spots are limited.

    • MobileStep 6
      Register for courses!

      Students will be given a registration date and time at their approval session. You will go over the steps with a counselor at the approval session, but you can also click on the link below to find step-by-step instructions on how to register for the course

      How to Register Instructions


Important Dates

Date Event
12/5/18 Spring 2019 Special Admit Packet will be available to download and complete
December Spring 2019 class schedule will be available
January- February  Special Admit Approval Sessions (dates TBA) 
February Register for course (date TBA)
02/25/19 First day of Spring semester
6/16/19 Last day of Spring semester
Special Admit Program

8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Building 9B 2nd floor
(909) 274-4380
(909) 274-2413

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Admit Program FAQs