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Special Admit Program

The Special Admit Program is open to high school students who would benefit from taking advanced scholastic or vocational work at Mt. San Antonio College. Through this program, students can complete college level courses during the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. Please read and complete the steps below to get a jump start on college courses while still in high school!

How Get Ahead For Spring 2021 Registration 

Please review Steps 1-6 for information on our application process. Our Spring 2021 packets are now available for download. You can find our packet below (Step 4.). 

Watch our informational Video on how to correctly apply as a Special Admit student at Mt. San Antonio college. Video Link is available above important dates.

Have Questions? Please join us for Open House. When Available, our Zoom link will be posted below to click in and meet with our special admit staff. Open House dates: [December 10th, 4pm-5pm] [December 11th, 4pm-5pm] 

Open House Zoom Link (Offline)

Dates and Deadlines Available!

Check Important Dates on the right side of our page. We will now be reviewing special admit applications. If you have uploaded your application, you will be emailed regarding approval sessions within the next few weeks once approval session dates are reserved.

    • MobileStep 1

      Apply to Mt. SAC

      Apply Now

      New and Returning applicants must apply as Special Admit students to Mt. San Antonio College.

      Please download these step-by step instructions to apply to the college as a high school student. You should receive your student ID and username in an email within 2 weeks.

      If you have not received the email, please contact Admissions and Records at (909) 274-4415.

      How to Apply to Mt. SAC

    • Step 2

      Class Schedule

      Explore our class schedule to find the courses we will be offering this semester. Find the class that works around your schedule and helps you meet your college goals!

      Class Schedule

      Keep in mind that you can only take college level courses through this program, and there are some course restrictions to Special Admit students. Please take a look at the list below to make sure the class you wish to take is not on the list.


      Special Admit Course Restrictions

    • MobileStep 3

      Assessment (if applicable)

      If the course you are planning to take has a prerequisite, please visit your student portal to complete the AQ (Assessment Questionnaire) before attending the Approval session.

      You will need to have your high school transcript readily available during the Assessment Questionnaire.

      High school students grade 10th and under may not get proper English placement. You may get "See Counselor" as a result.

      Be sure to write the placement result in your packet.

      Print your Assessment results out and bring it with you to the Approval session.

      Assessment Questionnaire


      Not sure if your course has a prerequisite or requires an assessment?
      Look for this on the course description.


    • MobileStep 4

      Special Admit Packet

      In order to participate in the program, students must complete the Special Admit Packet with their parent/guardian and high school administrator.

      Our special admit packet will be available in a fillable PDF format. This will allow students to input information onto the PDF, digitally sign documents, and send the documents to high school administrators or designees for required signatures.

      Students must have all fields completed and have three signatures in total in order for the packet to be accepted.

      • Student signature (pg. 7)
      • Parent signature (pg. 8)
      • High School Designee (pg. 9)


      If applicants do not have all required fields, he/she will be emailed and alerted of missing information.

      Click Here for Spring 2021 Special Admit Packet 

      Submit Your Packet Here! 

      With all required signatures and fields completed, applicants will complete our Smart Sheet at the link provided. Upon entering information and completing our Smart Sheet, students must attach these documents below: 

      • Special Admit Packet
      • Photo of picture ID
      • Welcome to Mt. San Antonio College email
      • Transcripts (High school unofficial copy, Mt. SAC and or other colleges attended, AP scores)
      • Assessment Questionnaire placement results

      Applicants will then submit Smart Sheet with attachments for verification.

      Please Submit Your Spring 2021 Documents Here

      Applicants with incomplete application/documents will be notified via. email to make corrections

      Students with incomplete paperwork or missing items will not be approved to take courses and may not part take in the approval session. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    • MobileStep 5

      Special Admit Approval Session

      New Students with complete applications must attend their mandatory special admit approval session.

      Returning students will be scheduled to meet with a Mt. San Antonio College counselor for course approvals. Please email to schedule your appointment 

      New Student Approval Session Zoom Meeting

      Approval sessions will be conducted via. Zoom meeting, where new students will be presented important information on what it means to be a special admit student. Students must be engaged and must attend zoom meeting for course approval. Once the presentation is complete, students will then be selected individually to meet with our counselors for course approval.

      Here are some things to expect during approval sessions

      • Our approval sessions are for students. Students should attend the meeting and ask questions independently. Parents may direct their questions to or call (909)766-0628
      • New student approval sessions are 3 hours long (students must reserve time for approval session)
      • Returning student are not required to attend new student approval sessions. Returning students will be scheduled a 1 on 1 special admit approval counseling meeting where courses will be approved. 
      • If session lags or is disrupted (technical issues) please call our special admit line and inform our administrators.
      • Some courses may not be approved by counselor, please be prepared with alternative courses.

       Special Admit Approval Session spots are limited.

      New Students MUST be on Zoom meeting Roster to attend.

      Approval Sessions will be conducted during the dates below: TBA

    • MobileStep 6

      Register for courses!

      Students will be given their registration date and time at the Special Admit Approval session.

      You will go over the steps with a counselor during the approval session, but you can also click on the link below to find step-by-step instructions on how to register for the course.

      There are no guarantee students can register for class due to class being full or they do not meet minimum qualifications.

      How to Register

Apply to MT. SAC as a Special Admit Student (Video)

Click Here For CCCapply Video

Important Dates

Date Event
1/11/2021 Approval Sessions Begin 
2/3/2021 Spring 2021Special Admit Application Deadline 
December 10th & 11th  Open House (Zoom Check)
Special Admit Program

8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Building 9B 2nd floor
(909) 766-0628

Special Admit Course Restrictions

Associate Degree GE Special Admit Restrictions

CSU GE 2018-2019 Special Admit Restrictions

IGETC GE 2018-2019 Special Admit Restrictions