Classified Senate


On November 20, 1991, the Board of Trustees approved the formation of the Classified Senate as the 34th community college classified senate in California. The Senate provides classified staff the opportunity to actively contribute to the growth and success of the College.

The Senate is comprised of an executive board, senators, and alternates who are elected by the membership. The Executive Board consists of the President, President-elect, Recording Officer, Treasurer, Past-President and three directors elected from the body of the Senate. The president presides at all meetings of the Senate, is the official spokesperson of the unit, and represents the Senate at each meeting of the Board of Trustees.

2020 - 2021 Classified Senate


  • John Lewallen, President
  • Diana E. Dzib, 1st Vice President
  • Yvette Garcia, 2nd Vice President
  • Gloria Munguia, Treasurer
  • Maria Hernandez Figueroa, Secretary

Sixteen senators shall be selected from four functional units. The functional units shall be patterned after the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) categories for classified staff currently in use by the District.


Name Department Phone Email
Sandra Bollier Financial Aid (909) 274-4450
Reyna Casas Vice President Instruction (909) 274-5404
Diana E. Dzib Non Credit/School Continuing Educ Division   (909) 274-4961
Ruben Flores Grounds (909) 274-6862
Yvette C. Garcia Event Services (909) 274-5601
Beverly Heasley Information Technology (909) 274 -4386
Maria Hernandez Figueroa    EOPS/CARE (909) 274-4500 
Renu Katoch Non Credit/School Continuing Educ Division (909) 274 -5155
John M. Lewallen Marketing and Communications (909) 274-4137
Laura Martinez Vice President Instruction (909) 274 -5414
Diondre McBride Grounds (909) 274-4850
Gloria Munguia Vice President Student Services (909) 274 -4505
Caitlin Rodriguez Facilities Planning and Management (909) 274-5176
Sabrina Torres Biological Sciences (909) 274-4425
Stephanie Vukojevic Adult Basic Education (909) 274- 5757