Audio Arts

The Audio Arts degree provides students with conceptual, technical, and creative skills necessary for employment in audio-related positions in a variety of industries. These industries include, but are not limited to, music, film, TV, radio, animation, gaming, theater, event management, theme parks, commercial installations, and integrated systems. The program provides training in audio production, engineering, and business for recordings, live events, and multimedia.

Students who successfully complete the programs will be able to:
  1. Collaborate effectively in the development of high-quality audio productions.
  2. Lead and manage complex audio productions.
  3. Develop audio productions for a specified purpose in a variety of settings.
  4. Analyze and critique audio productions in their historical and cultural context.
  5. Analyze emerging technology and industry developments to make strategic decisions.
  6. Operate advanced audio systems in recording, live, and multimedia settings.
  7. Apply technical knowledge and skills to the development of high-quality audio productions.
  8. Apply creative audio techniques to the development of effective audio productions.

While the audio job market is competitive and position placement is in no way guaranteed, successful graduates will gain competitive skills necessary for pursuing entry-level employment as a(n):

  1. Producer or director
  2. Studio, mix, or live sound engineer
  3. Sound designer or arranger
  4. Sound editor
  5. Entertainer or performer
  6. Audio and video equipment technician
  7. Media and communication worker
  8. Communication equipment operator

Contact Nathan Tharp Ed.D., Professor of Music at for more information

Prerequisites map

    • Certificate Level 1 (21 units)
      Classes Description Units Season
      MUSA 100 CID, Lab Introduction to Audio Technology 3 Yr1: Fall
      MUSA 110 Lab Acoustics for Audio Production  3 Yr1: Fall
      MUSA 120 CID, Lab Electronic Music 3 Yr1: Fall
      MUSA 150 CID, Lab Audio Recording 3 Yr1: Winter
      MUSA 130 CID Business of Audio Production 3 Yr1: Spring
      MUSA 160 CID, Lab Live Sound Engineering  3 Yr1: Spring
      MUSA 200 Lab Studio Engineering 3 Yr1: Spring
      Certificate Level 1 required units 21  
    • Certificate Level 2 (add 15-18 units of the following to Certificate Level 1)
      Classes Description Units Season
      MUSA 210 Lab Audio for Multimedia 3 Yr 2: Fall
      MUSA 220 Lab Sound Design for Live Performance 3 Yr 2: Fall
      MUSA 250 Lab Audio Capstone 3 Yr 2: Spring
      Select 6-9 units from the following: 6-9  
      Classes Description Units Season
      MUSA 230 CID Songwriting 3 Yr 2: Spring
      MUSA 299 Work Experience in Audio Arts  1-3 Yr 2: Any
      MUSA 111 & 121 CID Music Theory and Musicianship 4 Yr 1/2: Fall/Spring
      R-TV 01 Introduction to Electronic Media  3 Yr 2: Fall
      T-TV 11A Beginning Radio Production  3 Yr 2: Fall
      ELEC 50 A Electronic Circuits  4 Yr 2: Fall
      ELEC 50B Electronic Circuits  4 Yr 2: Fall
      BUSM 66 Small Business Management  3 Yr 2: Fall
      THTR 14 Stagecraft 3 Yr 2: Fall
      Certificate Level 2 required units 36-38  
    • Degree (add 24 units of GE to Certificate Level 2)
      Classes Units Season
      Mt SAC GE requirements 24 Various
      Degree required Units  60-62  
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