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Standard & large format printing is available.

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 Design Lab
The Design Lab - Instructions Fall 2020


  • Print

    Printing Services

    Students can print their projects in our lab at a low cost at sizes up to 42" wide.

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  • Tools & Resources

    Tools & Resources

    From drawing tablets to digital cameras, the Design Lab is equipped with all the tools you'll need.

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  • Experienced Staff

    Experienced Staff

    The Design Lab is staffed by experienced lab technicians with a wide range of skills.

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Tutoring Services

One-on-one tutoring is now available to students in Commercial and Entertainment Arts courses! Tutors can provide you with one-on-one assistance and give you full attention if you need extra help with any assignments. Take advantage of tutors if you struggle mastering any of the tools, or if you missed a class and need to catch up with the course material you missed. Our free tutoring services are run through the Design Lab. You can ask for additional information or ask any questions to any of our technicians.

Schedule an appointment with a tutor today!

Below you can find information about our tutors and their availability to see what fits with your schedule. Find the tutor that can fit your needs and send them an email to schedule your session. Tutoring sessions are available during Design Lab hours and do not have a time limit. Some of our tutors know software in other disciplines, so if you can't make an appointment with any of the tutors in your area, please check the other sections to see if there is a tutor proficient in the software you need help with.

    • Animation Tutors
      Tutoring information will be available Fall 2019. Please contact your Department Head for work opportunities.
    • Graphic Design Tutors
      Tutoring information will be available Fall 2019. Please contact your Department Head for work opportunities.
    • Photography Tutors
      Tutoring information will be available Fall 2019. Please contact your Department Head for work opportunities.
    • Film & Television Tutors
      Tutoring information will be available Fall 2019. Please contact your Department Head for work opportunities.

Printing Services

Students in Commercial & Entertainment Arts courses can print projects in the Design Lab. You must have a CEA or Design Lab Card to use printing services in the lab. You can purchase print cards at the Cashier's Office in the lower level of Building 4.

Printing Costs

  • Inkjet Printing

    • 8.5" x 11"
      •  $1.25 each
    • 11" x 17"
        • $2.25 each
    • 13" x 19"
        • $3.00 each
    • Large Format (Up to 42" wide)
        • $2.50/sq ft.
  • Laser Printing

    • 8.5" x 11"
        • Black & White: 5 free per day ($0.25 ea. after 5 prints)
        • Color: $1.00 ea
    • 11" x 17"
        • Black & White: $1.00
        • Color: $2.00


    • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite: 
        • After Effects
        • Audition
        • Bridge
        • Dreamweaver
        • Fireworks
        • Flash
        • Illustrator
        • InDesign
        • Photoshop
        • Premiere Pro
    • Microsoft Office:
        • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Game Salad/ Game Maker
    • Toon Boom Storyboard Pro
    • Toon Boom Harmony
    • Toon Boom Stage
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Autodesk 3ds Max
    • Autodesk Mudbox
    • Unity
    • ZBrush


    • Macs
    • PCs
    • Wacom Cintiq Tablets
    • Wacom Bamboo Tablets
    • Large Scanners
    • Standard Scanners
    • Film Scanners
    • Rotary Cutter
    • Headphones
    • Light Tables
    • Drafting Tables


You must have your Mt. SAC Photo ID. The lab is open to students taking one or more classes in the following programs: Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Gaming, Photography, Radio, Television & Film, Architecture, and Interior Design classes.

Staff Members

Our lab technicians are available to assist you with any of your coursework. Our employees are experienced with the software listed below and can provide you with instruction if you need extra help outside the classroom. If you have any questions about the lab, feel free to email a technician.

Corinne Hartmann

Lab Technician / Professor


Corinne Hartmann is a professor of graphic design at Mt. SAC. She received her bachelor’s in fine arts from California State University, Long Beach before entering the graphic design field with a position at one of the largest beer distributors in California, Harbor Distributing LLC. After 11 years at this fast-paced company, she left to pursue the marketing/design business at Ambient Solutions in Pasadena, California. With a growing family, she then accepted a position with Mt. SAC as a professor of desktop publishing. She moved from the Business Division to Graphics/Photographic Division and now currently to the Arts/Graphic Design & Illustration Division. 

David Ritter

Lab Technician


David Ritter is a graduate from University of La Verne.  His degree is in Communications with a concentration in Multimedia. David has also earned a Certificate in Animation – Digital 3-D – here at Mt. Sac. David utilizes programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, QuarkXPress, and Premiere Pro to edit pictures and films. He uses Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, TextEdit, and WordPress to build websites and Maya to create art and animation. David’s knowledge in animation and voice over has allowed him to make various films that have been published on YouTube.

Mauricio Fuentes

Lab Technician


Mauricio Fuentes attended Wesleyan University as an East Asian Studies major, minoring in Economics and Political Science, and managed the Instructional Media Services’ Audio/Visual Department. He was a Student Assistant for four years at Mt. San Antonio College’s Animation & Gaming Department, focused on 2D & 3D Animation.