Supplemental Instruction, Embedded Tutoring, Study Groups

Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Embedded Tutoring (ET)
Study Groups (SG)

ASAC's SI, ET, and SG are three in-class academic support/group tutoring programs designed for traditionally difficult courses. These programs aim to reduce the numbers of students who drop an assigned course as well as increase success in the course. 



    • faculty supportFaculty Information

      What are SI/ET/SG Tutors?
      They are peer, group-learning facilitators/tutors assigned to specific courses. They lead group sessions outside of class time that provide students a collaborative learning experience where they can improve their understanding of class materials through additional practice in an interactive learning environment.

        Supplemental Instruction Embedded Tutoring Study Group
      Tutor in-class x x  
      Tutor holds sessions x x x
      Tutor attends meetings with faculty x    
      Tutor attends program meeting x x  
      Tutor paid for prep time x    
      Allotted hours 11-14 hours/week 6-8 hours/week 2-4 hours/week

      Request an SI/ET/SG for your Class:

      • Natural Science Division Faculty: to request an in-class tutor to be assigned to your class, please contact your department chair to submit your request. Chairs will forward the approved requests to the ASAC staff.

      • All other faculty: If you would like to request an in-class tutor to be assigned to your class, please complete a request form.



      Recommend or recruit an SI/ET/SG applicant:
      If you would like to help us recruit an in-class tutor for your class, please forward ASAC's application link below. You may send your  letter of recommendation to or complete the attached faculty recommendation sheet in the employment application.  


      Verify Student Tutoring Hours:
      Instructions on how to access faculty lab attendance  

    • si student infoStudent Information

      SI/ET/SG Session Schedule:


      Study Group Request:
      Students may request study groups by completing the attached form.  Interested students may contact Peter Beshay for more information.


    • employment opportunitiesSI/ET/SG Applicants

      Interested applicants may complete an electronic application. The ASAC may schedule an interview with the applicant based on completion of the employment packet and verification that minimum qualifications have been met. The needs of the ASAC are another factor in determining prospective interviews.


    • si-et tutors iconCurrent SI and ET Tutors

      Please visit SI Landia for resources and forms needed as an SI and ET.


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