General Education and Art History

Art History courses fall into the General Education Area of The Arts (Area C). This area has a clearly stated, expected outcome for the students (General Education Outcome or GEO). Listed below the Art history courses that fall under Area C and the GEO for that area.

Area C - The Arts

Course Course Name
Art History 1 Understanding the Visual Arts
Art History 3 History of Women and Gender in Art
Art History 4 and 4H History of Western Art: Pre-historic through Gothic
Art History 5 and 5H History of Western Art: Renaissance through Modern
Art History 6 and 6H History of Modern Art
Art History 8 History of Medieval Art and Architecture
Art History 9 History of Asian Art
Art History 10 A History of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture
Art History 11 History of African, Oceanic, and Native American Art
Art History 12 and 12H History of Precolumbian Art
Art History 14 Rome: The Ancient City
Art History 15 Culture and Art of Pompeii

GEO: Students completing and assignment in Area C (Arts) courses will be able to analyze modes of artistic expression.