Why Learn Japanese?

Japanese is spoken by more than 130 million people, mainly in Japan, but also by Japanese emigrant communities around the world. It is distinguished by a complex system of honorifics reflecting the hierarchical nature of Japanese society, with verb forms and particular vocabulary to indicate the relative status of speaker, listener, and the person mentioned in conversation. The earliest record of Japanese is in a Chinese document from 252 A.D. A vast number of words were borrowed from Chinese or created from Chinese models over at least 1,500 years. Since the late 19th century, Japanese has borrowed a considerable number of words from Indo-European languages, primarily English.

Mt. SAC offers beginning and intermediate, university-transferable Japanese language courses that include both verbal and written learning, taught by native speakers in both English and Japanese.

Course Offerings

Japanese (JAPN)


Name Phone Email
Keiko Tsurumi (Program coordinator) 909-274-4581 ktsurumiAT_mtsac.edu
Yuka Brown 909-274-3277 ybrownAT_mtsac.edu
Takeshi Takakura   ttakakuraAT_mtsac.edu
Grigor Ketenchian   gketenchianAT_mtsac.edu
Mihoko Luther 909-274-3708 mlutherAT_mtsac.edu
Yumi Parks 909-274-3709 yparksAT_mtsac.edu
Emi Okubo   eokuboAT_mtsac.edu
Saito Saeko 909-274-3559 ssaitoAT_mtsac.edu
Saori Tauchi 909-274-3440 stauchiAT_mtsac.edu