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There are many ways to learn more about Canvas. Please see options below and explore the online or on-campus training opportunities. Use as many options as many times as you'd like to learn about specific tasks in Canvas, or to get an overview of its features and tools.

Canvas Access for All!
Everyone can use Canvas! Faculty have automatic access to Canvas with multiple "sandboxes" to build or try functionality, or migrate Moodlerooms content. In the past, Mt. SAC faculty were required to complete a training to gain access to the LMS, but with Canvas, this process has been retired. All credit courses load into Canvas automatically, but are not visible (or "published" in Canvas language) until the professor sets them to be visible.  To access Canvas: log in to the Mt. SAC portal (inside.mtsac.edu) and go to the eLearning Resources tab. There you will find an entry point to Canvas. See the information on this page to learn more about how to use Canvas for your on-campus, online, or hybrid courses. Note that SPOT training is still required before professors can teach fully online or hybrid courses.
Canvas Training Webinars

Canvas Training Webinars are hosted live online in a hands-on webinar format. Many dates and times are available, but sessions must be attended live and are not recorded. These webinar training opportunities are free to all Mt. SAC faculty and support staff. Attend by logging in to a computer to watch and hear the lessons, and use your Mt. SAC sandbox to participate in the hands-on activities. Take as many of these as you like. Note that currently, only locally hosted on-campus workshops count toward Professional Growth Increment credit (approval pending).

Canvas Training Webinar Topics

There are many training webinar topics. Fundamentals cover the basics, but there is also more extensive coverage of specific topics. Here is a sampling of what is currently offered. Note that there is an entire series devoted to student support professionals as well as professors. 

  • Fundamentals Series on building course content
  • Support Training (to support students in Canvas use)
  • Leveraging Modules
  • Canvas Outcomes and Rubrics
  • Canvas Assignments and Grading
  • Quizzes and Question Banks
  • Canvas Visual Instructional Design
    …more topics available!

Ready to get started?

Canvas Training Webinars 1Step 1: Create an Account
  1. Go to training.canvaslms.com. NOTE: You can also find Canvas Training inside the Help menu in your Canvas courses including the sandbox course. 
  2. Click on the orange REGISTER button to begin setting up your account 
  3. Complete the short form.
    Important: be sure to use your Mt. SAC e-mail address or it will not work!
  4. Click the "Create Account" button, and you're all set!
Step 2: Sign up for a Training Webinar
  1. Once your account is created, you can navigate to Canvas Training from within Canvas by clicking on the "HELP" button, or by going to training.canvaslms.com.
  2. Click on the orange "REGISTER" button on the left of web page (see photo). From this page, click "Sign in to the Canvas Training Portal" in the grey "RETURNING" section below. (You will not see any listings in the Event Portal until you have signed in with the credentials you used to register.)
  3. Browse events by category or calendar. "My Events" will allow you to see events you have attended in the past or signed up for that are coming up. 
  4. Click the details link at the bottom of the listing to learn more about the activity. Check the times, length, and requirements as well as description to find a good match for your needs.
  5. When you find a workshop you would like to attend, click the black "Register Now" button on the right side of the description. Be sure to use your Mt. SAC email address when filling out any forms within Canvas Training.
  6. You will receive a confirmation by email and your item will appear in "My Events."
Having trouble with any of these instructions? Watch this video: Canvas Training Portal

Free Canvas Training in Lynda.com 

Take advantage of Mt. SAC's institutional subscription to Lynda.com. There are many courses thatLynda dot com on the Portal may interest you on Lynda.com and these are free if you log in to Lynda.com through the portal. You can find the log in on the Employee page within the portal. Please note that Lynda.com courses are self-paced and are not evaluated by Mt. SAC. No Professional Growth Increment credit is available for completion of items in Lynda.com, but they may help you learn targeted skills or prepare to take the Challenge!

To Use Lynda.com courses to learn Canvas:

  1. Log in to the portal and go to the Employee tab. Locate the Lynda.com box and click on the link. 
  2. Once in Lynda.com, you can simply search for "Canvas" using the search tool. 
  3. Content on Lynda.com changes, but we noticed a course called "Learn Canvas 2016" by Oliver Schinkten. Courses have activities and sometimes offer files for use in exercises. Feel free to utilize your Mt. SAC sandbox to practice the lessons learned. 
  4. Lynda.com allows you to add courses of interest to your playlist to make them easy to find later. It will also track your progress and let you know how much of the course you have completed. 
  5. Complete just the portions of interest or complete the entire course! It is up to you. 

Attend an on-campus Faculty Center for Learning Technology workshop*

 In-person workshops are scheduled and posted on the POD calendar. These workshops are hosted by the FCLT staff and are expected to be eligible for Professional Growth Increment credit (pending). If you prefer to get personal advice from Mt. SAC staff, feel free to attend one of these workshops. At the outset, workshops will include Introduction to Canvas and Migrating to Canvas, intended to support those who already have LMS access but need help moving courses from Moodlerooms. Courses start in November 2016 and will continue to be posted on POD's calendar through the duration of the transition to Canvas. 

Free! Four-week "Intro to Canvas" online facilitated workshop with @ONE Training

As stated on their website: "The @ONE Project makes it easy for California Community College faculty and staff to learn about technology that will enhance student learning and success.  @ONE’s programs provide training and online resources for free - or at a very low cost - thanks to funding from the California Community College Chancellor's Office Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP)."

Because Mt. SAC is one of the 24 pilot colleges participating in the Online Education Initiative's (OEI) forthcoming Course Exchange, our professors receive the opportunity to take for free the four-week online Intro to Canvas workshop facilitated by  @ONE. These workshops are facilitated by a teacher and include assignments. They are not self-paced and each professor may only redeem the opportunity to take the course for free once, so please review the @ONE course offerings and consider your schedule before signing up to participate in these workshops. If you sign up and drop, you will not be able to sign up for a second time and receive entry for free. Regular cost is $65. The @ONE Project offers additional workshops at free or low cost to California Community College professors. Only the "Intro to Canvas" workshop is offered for free with the OEI pilot college code: OEIfree4UYou must use the code and your Mt. SAC email to attend the course for free!

Teach Yourself Canvas! Self-directed Learning Optionscanvas community

 You are always welcome to simply go to your sandbox or create a free independent Canvas account** and explore the many resources available from Canvas including the Canvas instructor guide, Canvas video guide, and Canvas Community.

The Canvas Community page has groups including one for California Community Colleges, and many that focus on specific subjects or interests. You can search the entire site or look through the Questions area to find a great deal of information about Canvas beyond what is in the guides: community.canvaslms.com/welcome . Check out the other community features including activity ideas, style guides with HTML code you can borrow to add menus, buttons, accordions, and other elements to your Canvas pages. A new Canvas Live community feature includes real-time collaboration and sharing.

The Commons is a repository of publicly shared content under Creative Commons license. Find content, quizzes, discussions, or entire courses within the Commons that you can modify and reuse in your own teaching. The Commons can be reached through the Community or directly within the the Global Navigation menu when you enter your Mt. SAC Canvas account. Explore and see what you find!

*Options with asterisk may be eligible for Professional Growth Increment credit.
**Not supported by Mt. SAC resources, free forever, use the "Build It" option to sign up for your free independent account, if interested. 

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