Course Eligibilities & Sequence


Students are placed into all writing classes at Mt. SAC via the Assessment of Written English Placement Test.

Writing Flow Chart

*Assessment of Written English Test — A test of your abilities in Language Usage. It is required for placement in English classes (including LERN, AMLA, and ESL classes), Business English classes, admission to the Health Science Program, and all courses requiring English eligibility.

**Students may enroll in ESL (English as a Second Language) and LERN (for native speakers) without taking the AWE.


Non-native English-speaking students are placed into AMLA 31 (Beginning Reading), AMLA 32 (Intermediate Reading) and AMLA 33 (Advanced Reading) via the Compass/ESL Reading Placement Test.

Note: This test is taken on the computer and should not be confused with the DRP reading test, which is for native English-speaking students and taken with pencil on a scantron form.  Students will not be able to register for an AmLa reading class with a DRP score.

Reading Flow Chart

Speaking and Grammar

There are no assessment tests for enrollment in AMLA speaking and one-unit grammar classes, and any Mt. SAC student who is registered for credit classes may take them. 

However, due to the level of course content, students wishing to enroll in AMLA 24 (Idiomatic English) are advised to be eligible for AMLA 42 (Intermediate Writing), and students wishing to enroll in AMLA 23 (Formal Speaking) are advised to be eligible for AMLA 43 (Advanced Writing).