About Us

TRIO Upward Bound is a federal program that was established by Congress to help students overcome class, social, academic, and cultural barriers to higher education. The program is funded by a grant ($237,438 per year) from the U.S. Department of Education. The Mt. San Antonio College TRIO Upward Bound Program is designed to assist high school students from Ganesha High School and La Puente High School who are low-income and/or first generation (Student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor's degree) to pursue and obtain an education at an institution of higher learning. Upward Bound services place emphasis on the development of personal and academic success through the creation of activities during the high school academic year and the Summer Enrichment Program. Through our services such as Academic Tutoring, Academic Advising, Saturday Success Academy and other programing participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their educational goals and ultimately to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Alumni Testimonials

  • Christina Jacobo
    CHRISTINA JACOBO, LPHS '08 B.A. UC San Diego '12 & M.S. CSUF '16 "The Mt. SAC Upward Bound Program means opportunity, mentorship, and community for me as it provided me with a support system that believed in me and guided me in my pursuit to higher education. It gave me hope and allowed me to thrive."
  • Pedro Alvarez
    PEDRO ALVAREZ, GHS '09 A.A., Mt. SAC '16, B.A., CSUDH '18 & M.S., APU '18 "The Mt. SAC Upward Bound Program provided me with opportunities and support to become knowledgeable about college and helped me find a path to reach my goals. It is one of the best things thats has happened in my life."
  • Adrianna Acosta
    ADRIANNA ACOSTA, LPHS '13 B.A. UC Merced '17 "The Mt. SAC Upward Bound Program means a lifelong family and support to me! All throughout high school, college, and even now I'm surrounded by peers I met through Upward Bound. It's been a life long network for me, and I'm forever grateful!"
  • Armando Alonzo
    ARMANDO ALONZO, LPHS '15 B.A. UC Davis '20 "For the past 9 years, the Mt. SAC Upward Bound Program has always been a second family and home to me. It has not only helped me grow, but it has allowed me to also help others in my community learn and grow."
  • Natalie Durate
    NATALIE DURATE, GHS '18 B.S. UC Riverside '22 "The Mt. SAC Upward Bound Program to me was a home away from home. They made sure I had everything I needed to succeed and be the person I was meant to be. They motivated, pushed, and reminded me to be the best version of myself! It's truly the best program ever."