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Teaching Toolkits Defined

Toolkit Basics

Teaching Toolkits contain specific strategies and information that will help faculty teach and work with students. They are a way for faculty to share best practices and to share information and resources. All of them are created by employees of Mt. SAC. Toolkits can be created on a variety of topics including; classroom activities, classroom based assessment, universal design, classroom management, and more! They can be discipline specific or useful across disciplines.

Examples of Toolkits

To see examples of current toolkits, click on the button below:

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Guidelines for Creating Toolkits

  1. The toolkit needs to be useful to someone who is teaching
  2. It can be discipline specific or useful across disciplines
  3. It should include at the very least:
    1. Name of toolkit – Try to pick something both appealing and descriptive
    2. Message from the Author – why do you think this toolkit will be helpful, how did this strategy impact your classroom?
    3. Overview – a description of what the reader will learn from this toolkit.
    4. Steps to Implement – How to use this toolkit or this strategy.
  4. Additional Information that can be included are:
    1. Materials- Examples include: A ppt that explains how to use your toolkit, sample handouts, sample ppt you would use with students. You can submit in a format that is editable or not.
    2. Resources for Future Learning: examples include: web-links to journal articles, books, websites, videos etc. that are relevant to your toolkit.
    3. Impact on students: How will implementing this kit affect students?
    4. Impact on faculty: How will implementing this kit affect the faculty member using it?
  5. The toolkit needs to be easy to understand so someone who read the toolkit can figure out how to implement it on their own.
  6. The web links need to be functional and related.

How to Submit a Toolkit:

Complete the form below to submit a new toolkit. All toolkits are reviewed before being posted. Please allow four weeks. If you not see your toolkit up after three weeks, please contact the toolkit moderators.

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Toolkit Template

Use a template to facilitate your toolkit creation. By using a template first, you can then copy/paste your final answers into the web form.

Download the MS Word Toolkit Template 

Toolkit Rubric

To download a copy of the rubric, click the button below:

Download the Toolkit Rubric