Instructional Support

Distance Learning Media Design

Take your course to the next level.

Studio13 is working to provide support services to faculty interested in producing higher quality course content for distance learning courses. We developed strong themes to improve page layouts in Canvas, but also plan to assist faculty in producing multimedia content for their courses in the future.

Our Partnership

Canvas Themes & Templates

In partnership with the Faculty Center for Learning Technology, Studio13 produced a few different Canvas themes and templates to help faculty produce visually improved course content for our students. These themes and templates use the new Cidilabs Design Tools feature.

training Videos

Our institutional Themes

Theme Options Overview

A variety of themes that are available to you in Cidilabs Design Tools, however, we produced custom themes for the campus to use. Themes can help you produce higher quality layouts that can improve the visual quality, organization, and user experience in your Canvas course.

This video will cover:

  • Theme options
  • Layout Goals
  • User Experience
theme options

Design Tools Training

Cidilabs Design Tools are new tools that will help you create stronger visual course content for your students. You can use existing templates, convert existing content, or build entirely new pages relatively quickly and easily.

Basic Features

This video will cover:

  • Access Design Tools
  • Use existing templates
  • Building new pages
  • Converting existing pages
  • Modifying and organizing content

Advanced Features

This video will cover:

  • How to enable advanced features
  • Modifying styles
  • Accordions & Tabs
  • Quick Check blocks
  • Column layouts
  • Block Alerts/Highlights
  • Text Emphasis/Highlights
  • Popup Content