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Sign Language/Interpreting Department

The Mt. San Antonio College Interpreter Education Program is designed to give individuals a foundation in their pursuit for careers as Sign Language Interpreters. Interpreters are employed in a variety of settings wherever communication happens between the hearing community and the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community. 

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      • Program Preparation
        Preparation for the program includes fluency in American Sign Language demonstrated by the completion of SIGN 104, (or the equivalent skill) and English fluency demonstrated by the completion of ENGL 1A.
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      • National Certification
        There are many specialties within the field of Sign Language Interpreting, but the focus of this program is on preparing the interpreter generalist. RID, EIPA, and BEI certifications are often pursued by our students several years after graduation.
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      • Career Opportunities
        There are an endless number of settings in which this communication takes place. Interpreters are employed by school districts, companies, government agencies, medical settings, colleges and universities, and more.
Name Title Office Location Email
Sandon Larson Professor of American Sign Language  66-214A
Robert Augustus Professor of American Sign Language 66-214A
Ann Walker Professor of Interpreting 66-214B