Physics Program

A group of students work on a robot

Physics Program

The Department of Physics and Engineering offers transfer courses in Physics and Physical Science for general education and pre-health careers students as well as for scientists and engineers. Virtually all of our Physics and Physical Science courses are offered in an integrated lecture/lab format that emphasizes the interaction between experiment and theory.

We also offer a complete two-year transfer program in Engineering, with courses in Statics, Dynamics, Materials, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Drawing, and Surveying. Typical course sequences are shown below. For more details check out our course descriptions. Consult a Physics or Engineering faculty member with questions about specific courses in our department, and consult a counselor to make sure you are on track for all of the courses needed to transfer.

Typical Course Sequences

Flowchart showing 3 typical PHYS course sequences: 1 semester (PHYS 1 only), 2-semester trigonometry-based (PHYS 2AG followed by PHYS 2BG), or 2 to 3 semester calculus-based (PHYS 2AG, PHYS 4A, PHYS 4B, PHYS 4C)