Philosophy is the quest for “The Good, the True, and the Beautiful.” --Plato (Ancient Philosopher)
“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” --Cornel West (Modern Philosopher)
“Philosophy will be the key that unlocks Artificial Intelligence.” --David Deutsch (Quantum Theorist)
“In 10 years, a liberal arts degree in philosophy will be worth more than a traditional programming degree.” --Mark Cuban (Investor)

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  • Great Thinkers | Past and Present
    Artificial Intelligence | Quantum Computing
    Science | Quantum Theory | Evolution
    Politics | Human Relations | Race Relations

  • Brain Studies | Neuroscience | Consciousness
    Ethics | Environment | Animal Welfare
    Religion | Eastern | Western
    Logic | Critical Thinking | Writing


“Philosophy is the best major for acing the tests that are the prerequisites for careers in law, business, medicine, and a wide range of other professions. Why not give yourself the greatest possible advantage in pursuing your career dreams by majoring in Philosophy?” –LMU
Law School | Among the highest LSAT scores and helps getting into Law School
Medical School | Among the highest MCAT scores and helps getting into Medical School
Business School | Among the highest GMAT scores and helps getting into MBA Program
Graduate Studies | Among the highest GRE scores and helps getting into Graduate School
Other Areas: Neuroscience and AI | Tech Industry | Environmental and Social Studies | Public Relations | Human Resources | Project Managers | Marketing | Government | Education | Philosophy or any Humanities Graduate Program


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And Of Course the Best Reason of All:

We offer Super Interesting Philosophy Courses at Mt. SAC

  • Introduction to Philosophy: Great thinkers from the past and present from around the world; modern topics such as virtual simulation and AI research, quantum physics, consciousness and neuroscience, future of humanity.
  • Major World Religions: Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation; Indian Philosophy and yoga; Jainism and non-violence; Religions of the Middle East; Chinese wisdom; etc.
  • Ethics: Case topics such as stem cell research, gene editing, animal rights, the environment, etc.
  • Critical Thinking and Writing: Complete your Eng 1C requirement with this course!!
  • Logic: Develop your critical thinking skills, making yourself more marketable in the business world, and certainly a stronger test taker for the GMAT, LSAT or MCAT
  • And many more fascinating courses!

Come join the “lovers of wisdom” and be proud to call yourself a philosopher!

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