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  1. Students feel that Math 5 has improved their overall mathematical understanding and ability in Math 51. (measured by survey)
  2. Math 5 students will be able to solve linear equations having integer, decimal, and rational coefficients.
  3. Math 5 students will be able to perform operations with polynomials and rational expressions.


  1. Use the order of operations to simplify arithmetic problems involving whole numbers,
    integers, and rational numbers.
  2. Find perimeter, area, volume, and angles of geometric figures.
  3. Simplify using basic rules of exponents.
  4. Solve linear, quadratic, rational, and radical equations.
  5. Graph linear equations and linear inequalities in two variables.
  6. Simplify and perform operations on polynomial, rational, and radical expressions.
  7. Solve systems of equations.
  8. Factor polynomials.
  9. Translate word sentences to equations.
  10. Solve applications.
  11. Communicate effectively in mathematical language.