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Math 150 SLO and CMO


  1. Without the use of a calculator, students will be able to graph the six trigonometric functions in a precise manner, stating the period, amplitude, phase shift, and translation as appropriate.
  2. The student will be able to accurately solve trigonometric equations over a given interval, including equations that use multiple angles, identities, and quadratic forms.


  1. Evaluate trigonometric functions of angles measured in degrees and radians.
  2. Solve right and oblique triangles.
  3. Apply inverse trigonometric functions.
  4. Graph trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions.
  5. Solve trigonometric equations.
  6. Prove and use trigonometric identities.
  7. Apply DeMoivre’s Theorem to powers and roots of complex numbers.
  8. Apply the principles of trigonometry to problem solving.
  9. Solve problems using vectors and vector operations.