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  1. Students feel that Math 14 has improved their overall mathematical understanding and ability in Math 140. (measured by survey provided by corequisite committee)
  2. Math 14 students will be able to construct and solve mathematical models that are used in optimization applications involving cost, profit, and revenue.
  3. Math 14 students will be able to analyze functions—including sign testing, intervals of increase and decrease, and zeros—to sketch graphs.


  1. Determine the domain and range of functions.
  2. Solve a variety of polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, and logarithmic equations.
  3. Solve a variety of polynomial, rational, and absolute value inequalities.
  4. Construct, interpret, and analyze graphs.
  5. Apply differentiation rules and the chain rule on a variety of functions.
  6. Use summation notation to evaluate Riemann sums.
  7. Use integration by substitution on a variety of integrals.
  8. Use integration by parts on a variety of appropriate integrals.
  9. Solve applications involving cost, revenue, and profit.
  10. Evaluate double integrals.
  11. Communicate effectively in mathematical language.