Math Course Flowchart Description

Flow Chart of Math Courses

Mathematics Course Sequence is a flow chart that shows the course progression a student may follow to advance towards college level or transfer level mathematics and beyond. The lowest level math course offered by the math department is MATH 50: Pre-Algebra. Successful completion of MATH 50 allows a student to take MATH 51: Elementary Algebra. Successful completion of MATH 51 allows a student to take MATH 71: Intermediate Algebra, which can also be taken as a  two-semester course through MATH 71 A and 71 B. Successful completion of MATH 71, either as a single or two-semester course, opens several new course progressions including MATH 100: Survey of College Mathematics, MATH 110: Elementary Statistics, MATH 120: Finite Mathematics, MATH 130: College Algebra, or MATH 150: Trigonometry.  MATH 130: College Algebra leads to MATH 140: Calculus for Business. This course progression is recommended for students who will major in Business, Social Science and other Non-Science programs. For Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) majors, MATH 71 is followed by MATH 150: Trigonometry, then MATH 160: Precalculus Mathematics, then MATH 180, 181, and 280: Calculus and Analytic Geometry, then either MATH 285: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, or MATH 260: Linear Algebra and MATH 290: Differential equations as separate semester courses.  The following corequisite courses are offered for additional support:  MATH 5 (for MATH 51 support), MATH 7 (for MATH 71 support), MATH 11 (for MATH 110 support), MATH 13 (for MATH 130 support), MATH 14 (for MATH 140 support), MATH 15 (for MATH 150 support), MATH 16 (for MATH 160 support), MATH 18A (for MATH 180 support), and MATH 18B (for MATH 181 support).