Library Staff


Photo Name Title Office Location Email Phone Extension
Pauline Swartz Pauline Swartz Interim Department Chair, Reference/Instruction Librarian 6-229 (909) 274-6600
Chisa Uyeki Chisa Uyeki Reference/Collection Development Librarian 6-231 (909) 274-4257
Emily Woolery Emily Woolery Reference Librarian 6-233 (909) 274-4264
Esteban Aguilar
Esteban Aguilar Electronic Resources Librarian 6-230 (909) 274-4285
Eva Rios-Alvarado
Eva Rios-Alvarado Student Equity & Outreach Librarian 6-224 (909) 274-5694
Hong Guo
Hong Guo Online Learning Librarian 6-236 (909) 274-6490
Jared Burton
Jared Burton Librarian 6-228 (909) 274-4681


Adjunct Faculty

Photo Name Email
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Alicia Guzman
Chuck Varnes Chuck Varnes
Ernest Romero Ernest Romero
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Jamie Weber Castaneda
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Jennifer Bidwell
 Linda Van Sistine-Yost Linda Van Sistine-Yost
Mary Kay Van Sistine Mary Kay Van Sistine
Michael Emery 
Michael Emery
Nora Shea Nora Shea
Sally Romero Sally Romero
Sandra Krause
Sandra Krause
Suzanne Maguire
Suzanne Maguire
Teresa Omidsalar
Teresa Omidsalar
Usha Chhabra
Usha Chhabra


Classified Staff

Photo Name Area Office Location Email Phone Extension
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Abigail Morales Information 6-200 (909) 274-4298
Amber Sprague Amber Sprague Cataloging 6-235 (909) 274-5394
Barbara Soriano Barbara Soriano Acquisitions 6-232 (909) 274-4281
Bieu Le
Bieu Le Acquisitions 6-232 (909) 274-5787
Brandy Cape
Brandy Cape Periodicals 6-232 (909) 274-4879
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Carolina Perez Circulation 6-201 (909) 274-5788
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Cesar Barragan Circulation 6-201 (909) 274-4292
 Christine Walker  Christine Walker Information 6-200 (909) 274-4297
Dennis Ramos
Dennis Ramos Cataloging 6-235 (909) 274-4124
Laura Yin Laura Yin Circulation 6-201 (909) 274-5656
Rose Higuera
Rose Higuera Circulation 6-201 (909) 274-5657
Wendy Shen  Wendy Shen   6-232 (909) 274-4278

Mt. SAC Library strives to make our online resources accessible to everyone. We specifically consider design features that make our web pages accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those using assistive technology for computer access. If you find a library page or database inaccessible to you, please contact Hong Guo at (909) 274-6490 or Mt. SAC Accessibility Resource Centers for Students (ACCESS) at (909) 274-4290. Last Modified: 6/12/19