Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is a Romance language originally from the northern area of Spain. It is the only official language covering the entirety of Spain, most Latin American countries, and one of the official languages of Equatorial Guinea. In total, twenty-five nations and territories use Spanish as their primary language. In addition, it is an important language in twenty other countries. Spanish is the native language to more than 400 million people, making it the most popular Romance language and probably the second most spoken language by number of native speakers. It is estimated that approximately 500 million people speak Spanish worldwide, probably making it the third most spoken language by total number of speakers. Spanish is also the second-most popular language in California, particularly Southern California.

Mt. SAC offers beginning and intermediate, university-transferable Spanish language courses that include both verbal and written learning, taught by native speakers in both English and Spanish.

Course Offerings

Spanish (SPAN)

Full-Time Faculty

Name Phone Office Email
Kurt Kemp 909-274-4583 66-241
Francesca Gambini 909-274-5223 66-239
Aaron Salinger 909-274-4584 66-235
Lízbeth Sanchez 909-274-4817 66-239

Adjunct Faculty

Name Email
Maria Ambriz 
Pablo Paler
Miriam Boada
Leslie Dávila 
Antonio Fuentes
Victor Garcia
Lisa Kogat
Guillermo Labrit
Natalia Lyon
Buenaventura Ugas-Abreus
Esther Vogel
Haydee Zumaeta