Dr. Robert Nelson

Dr. Robert Nelson

January 22, 2021 - 11:38 AM

(2010) Dr. Robert Nelson - Eye on Titan: Saturn’s Moons and the Recipe for Life

Dr. Nelson is Senior Scientist with the Planetary Science Institute. His extensive accomplishments while with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory include that of Lead Scientist for the New Millennium Program and that of Project Scientist for the Deep Space One Mission. Dr. Nelson also worked on the Cassini Project, the Mercury Orbiter Definition, Neptune Data Analysis, and the Voyager Project. Among his many awards and recognitions, he received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, eight Group Achievement Awards, and the JPL NOVA Award. Mt. San Antonio College thanks Dr. Nelson for his inspirational support of the Kepler Distinguished Lecture Series and for his many invaluable contributions to the Mt. SAC community, especially its students.

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