Welcome to Journalism!

JOUR 101: Beginning Writing & Reporting for the Mass Media

Acquire the essentials of writing and reporting for news. Learn how to investigate, interview and report on current events and issues.

JOUR 108: Intro to Public Relations Specialist

Learn to utilize industry-leading techniques to represent a real-life client as a Specialist.

JOUR 114: Student News Media Staff

Create and publish content for the student news site, SAC Media. Develop a portfolio of creative, professional work as a writer, social media expert, photographer, and/or videographer.

JOUR 116: Multimedia Storytelling

Refine your skills in various media such as text, photography, video, graphic design and audio to create packages for publication on SAC Media.

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Mt. SAC Journalism is an award-winning program that prepares students for upper-division coursework and careers in journalism, digital media, communications, and public relations.

Students leverage the knowledge, skills and experience they gain in our program to transfer to top universities across the country and pursue a range of careers in media including traditional and digital news, news production, broadcast journalism, photography, magazine writing, public relations, advertising, and social media within some of the biggest companies in the US.

The curriculum provides students the foundations of journalism including news reporting, media literacy, journalistic ethics, research, and critical thinking. Students apply these principles to create meaningful and relevant content across multiple reporting platforms

Video produced by students in the photography program, with the assistance of Professor JP Morgan and Studio13.

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Why Choose Our Program?

Real-World Experience
Our program provides portfolio building for each student so that they enter their careers with bodies of work showcasing their ability to report on a range of topics from hard-hitting news to in-depth features to compelling opinions. This is coupled with the ability to utilize social media to promote stories and engage with audiences. Students learn and work in the SAC Media newsroom to publish stories and content for our all-digital publications.  

Latest Technology
The SAC Media newsroom is stocked with the latest technology and equipment so students can carry out field reporting and produce multimedia content. From cameras and tripods to recorders and lighting equipment to laptops with the latest Adobe apps, students have access to the tools they need to cover stories from anywhere.  

Experienced Faculty
Our journalism program offers students a dedicated staff of experienced faculty who are committed to nurturing the next generation of journalists. With a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, the program's staff brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the classroom.

Award Winning Reporting
Each semester, students from our journalism program get the opportunity to attend journalism conferences where they attend workshops, network, and compete against other college journalism programs. Our program and students consistently take home top honors in dozens of categories against colleges across the state and country.    




Our Staff

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  • Gary Metzker
  • Jessica Cardenas Fuller

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