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Employee Benefits - Insurance Committee


Department Member Term
Director, Human Resources
Alexis Carter, Chair
Director, Risk Management Duetta Langevin, Co-Chair Ongoing
Management Jennifer Galbraith 2015-2018
Faculty (appointed by the Academic Senate) Stephen Lancaster 2019-2021
Confidential (appointed by the Confidentials) Brigitte Hebert 2016-2019
Classified (appointed by CSEA 262) Anisurei Escalera 2019-2021
  Zak Gallegos 2017-2020
Classified (appointed by CSEA 651) George Gutierrez 2015-2018
  Lot Peter Gonzales 2017-2020
Benefits Office Melissa Aguirre Ongoing
  Norma Vizcarra Ongoing
Director, Payroll Richard Lee Ongoing
  • Person responsible to maintain Committee website: Irma Tepepa - - x4225
  • The committee meets the second Tuesday of the month, 1:30pm - 3pm, building 4, conference room 2460.
  • The committee does not meet during Summer or Winter Intersessions, unless needed.