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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

1.               Vice President of Instruction or Designee (Co-Chair) Richard Mahon  Ongoing
2. Director, Research & Institutional Effectiveness (Co-Chair) Barbara McNeice Stallard Ongoing
3. Associate Vice President, Instruction  Joumana McGowan Ongoing
4. Associate Dean, Instructional Services Michelle Sampat Ongoing
5. Faculty Outcomes Coordinator Kim-Leiloni Nguyen Ongoing
6. Academic Secnate President or Designee Chisa Uyeki Ongoing
7. Faculty Accreditation Coordinator Rocio Avila Ongoing
8. Student Services (appointed by Vice President, Student Services) Grace Hanson 2019-2022
9. Instructional Services (appointed by Vice President, Instruction) Meghan Chen 2017-2020
10. Information Technology (appointed by the Vice President, Administrative Services) Kate Morales Ongoing
11. Faculty - Credit (appointed by the Academic Senate) Vacant 2017-2020
12. Faculty - Noncredit (appointed by Academic Senate) L.E. Foisia 2017-2020
13. Faculty - Student Services (appointed by Academic Senate) Vacant 2018-2021 or 2019-2022
14. Classified (appointed by CSEA 262) Annel Media Tagarao 2016-2019
15. Classified (appointed by CSEA 651) Vacant 2016-2019
16. Student (appointed by the Associated Students) Mohamed al-Mouazzen 2019-2020