Guided Pathways to Success Cross Council Committee

1.               Kelly Fowler Vice President of Instruction   Ongoing
2. Elmer Rodriguez Anzora GPS Faculty Co-Coordinator (Tri-Chair) 2022-2024
3. Michelle Nava GPS Faculty Counseling  Co-Coordinator (Tri-Chair) 2022-2024
4. Lizbet Sanchez Faculty Professional Development Coordinator For Term
5. Stacie Nakamatsu Guided Pathways Mapping Coordinator 2022-2024
6. Kelly Coreas Faculty Outcomes Co-Coordinator or Designee For Term
7. Tiffany Kuo Faculty Data Coach Coordinator (appointed by the Academic Senate) For Term
8. Roger Willis Academic Senate President For Term
    (5) Faculty-At-Large 3-year terms, appointed by Academic Senate  
9. Vacant Faculty-At-Large 2020-2023
10. Eugene Mahmoud Faculty-At-Large 2021-2024
11. Vacant Faculty-At-Large  TBD
12. Vacant Faculty-At-Large 2021-2023
13. Emily Versace Faculty-At-Large 2023-2025
14. Naomi Avila Noncredit Faculty (appointed by the Academic Senate) 2022-2024
15. Tannia Robles Vice President of Student Services or Designee  Ongoing
16. Diana Lupercio Vice President, School of Continuing Education or Designee Ongoing
17. Sylvia Ruano Associate Vice President of Instruction or Designee (Tri-Chair) Ongoing
18. Tom Mauch Associate Vice President of Student Services or Designee Ongoing
19. Denise Bailey Instructional Manager at-large (appointed by VPI) Ongoing
20. Francisco Dorame Dean of Counseling or Designee Ongoing
21. Romelia Salinas Dean of Library and Learning Resources or Designee Ongoing
23. Patty Quinones Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness Ongoing
24. Uyen "Yen" Mai Director of Marketing Ongoing
25. Michael Carr Director of Academic Technology Ongoing
26. Krupa Patel Instruction Business Analyst Ongoing
27. Marcell Gilmore Educational Research Assessment Analyst, Guided Pathways Ongoing
28. Leah Wu Student Appointee (appointed by Associated Students) 2023-2024
29. Vacant Student Appointee (appointed by Associated Students) 2023-2024