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Explore the options below  to learn more about using Canvas. There are options to learn online or face-to-face and ways to learn on your own, through self-paced options, or in structured workshops or multi-session courses. Use as many options as you'd like to get an overview of features and tools, learn about specific tasks in Canvas, or refresh what you learned. Questions about specific training areas or how to get started? Contact your friendly FCLT team with your questions.

question mark Looking for how to troubleshoot a problem you have in Canvas? Try our Need Help in Canvas page.

Canvas Training and More in the Vision Resource Center

Take advantage of the California Community College's Professional Learning Network (PLN) Free resources include Lynda.com and Skillsoft.com courses that may interest you.CCC Vision Resource Center on the Employees tab in the portal 

To Access and Use the Vision Resource Center:
  1. Log in to the portal and go to the Employee tab. Locate the CCC Vision Resource Center box.
  2. If it is your first visit to the site, choose "Start Here: Create a Vision Resource Center Account".
  3. Click on "Log In" in the upper right corner then fill out the "Register" form to create your account. If you've already created an account, you can simply log in with your credentials here.
  4. Go the the "Learn" tab on the home page and select "Learner Home" or "Browse for Training" from the pull-down menu
  5. Use the search window in the upper right corner to find Canvas or other trainings of interest to you. Of special interest are Oliver Sshinkten's trainings on Canvas.

Learn Canvas through local FCLT workshops and resources* FCLT logo

Canvas workshops are facilitated by FCLT staff and are scheduled throughout the year. You can find and sign up to attend current offerings by going to the POD calendar and searching for Canvas workshops. Most workshops are eligible for Professional Growth Increment credit (pending). Before every spring and fall semester a full-day Canvas Pre-Semester Intensive offers a way to learn more about Canvas and get your courses polished up for the semester ahead. Offerings during the semester include an introductory workshop (Introduction to Canvas) and workshops on main features of Canvas including how to design courses, use communication tools, set up the main assignment types, and use the grading tools and gradebook. 

Invite the FCLT to present Canvas information to your departmental meeting or faculty orientation and we will customize to your needs and available time. Want a training covering specific tools or specific suggestions for your discipline? Contact FCLT to set up custom trainings for your unit or department.  Our course offerings continue to evolve. Feel free to message us with the training you would like to see, or fill out our annual Faculty Technology Survey to help us plan more trainings you want. 

The FCLT holds regular office hours every week. Professors can see times and sign up for available slots on the Mt. SAC Canvas Faculty Center to get priority for a time slot, or drop in to ask questions. The Mt. SAC Faculty Center offers additional local information, guides, and resources, and keeps faculty up to date on Canvas and teaching with technology information for the Mt. SAC Campus. Please enroll to use these resources! 

@ONE Training offers FREE "Intro to Canvas" workshop plus many other training resources @ONE logo

The @ONE Project is a resource that was created for California Community College faculty and staff to learn about Canvas and best practices with other technology that can enhance student learning and success. 

@ONE’s training and online resources are high quality and either free or low cost (thanks to funding from the California Community College Chancellor's Office Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program). See the pricing and click on Course Catalog to see current offerings here. 

@ONE offers an always-free, self-paced introduction to teaching with Canvas that professors can enroll in and complete at any time. Because Mt. SAC is a pilot college  in the Online Education Initiative's (OEI)  Course Exchange, our professors can also  take for free the four-week online Intro to Canvas workshop facilitated by  @ONE. The facilitate workshop is not self-paced. It has a teacher and schedule, and includes assignments you must complete for credit. Each professor may only redeem the opportunity to take the course for free once, so please review the @ONE course offerings and consider your schedule before signing up to participate in a facilitated workshop. If you sign up and drop, you will not be able to sign up for a second time and receive entry for free. Regular cost is $65. Only the "Intro to Canvas" workshop is offered for free with the OEI pilot college code: OEIfree4U. You must use the code and your Mt. SAC email to attend the course for free!

The @ONE Project offers additional workshops at free or low cost to California Community College professors, which include topics such as Assessment in Digital Learning, Creating Accessible Content, Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning, and Course Design. The @ONE CANVAS SUPPORT PORTAL offers additional Canvas resources, and the OEI Course Design Academy is an excellent, comprehensive resource available for free to any full-time or part-time faculty who are teaching at an OEI college (which Mt. SAC is). In this program, you can get excellent feedback on specific courses to ensure they meet design standards and, if the course qualifies, may be able to be offered through the course exchange. Learn more by visiting their page. Finally there are some amazing mini-lessons on best practices in the @ONE Showcase.

Teach Yourself Canvas! Self-directed Learning Optionscanvas community

 You are always welcome to learn on your own!

Go to your sandbox and explore the many resources available from Canvas including the Canvas instructor guide, Canvas video guide, and Canvas Community.

The Canvas Community page has groups including one for California Community Colleges, and many that focus on specific subjects or interests. You can search the entire site or look through the Questions area to find a great deal of information about Canvas beyond what is in the guides. Check out the other community features including activity ideas, style guides with HTML code you can borrow to add menus, buttons, accordions, and other elements to your Canvas pages.

A new Canvas Live community feature includes real-time collaboration and sharing.

The Commons is a repository of publicly shared content under Creative Commons license. Find content, quizzes, discussions, or entire courses within the Commons that you can modify and reuse in your own teaching. The Commons can be reached through the Community or directly within the the Global Navigation menu when you enter your Mt. SAC Canvas account. Explore and see what you find!

*Options with asterisk may be eligible for Professional Growth Increment credit.
**Not supported by Mt. SAC resources, free forever, use the "Build It" option to sign up for your free independent account, if interested. 

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