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Explore the options below  to learn more about using Canvas online or in local face-to-face workshops. Use as many options as you'd like! You can learn on your own, through self-paced options, or in structured workshops or multi-session courses. 

Questions about specific training areas or how to get started? Contact your friendly FCLT team with your questions.

question mark Looking for how to troubleshoot a problem you have in Canvas? Try our Need Help in Canvas page.


Invite the FCLT to create a workshop for your department!FCLT logo

Need Canvas training or want to inform your professors about FCLT resources and services they can use? Want  to learn about specific tools or learn how you can use available tools and resources for your discipline? Contact FCLT to set up custom trainings for your unit, group, committee, or department.  Our tools are always evolving so feel free to check in with us to learn more! 

Free Canvas Training with @ONE (plus other great resources)@ONE logo

The Online Network of Educators (@ONE) is a professional development resource created by and for California Community College faculty to help professors and staff learn how to use Canvas and how to implement best practices when teaching online or supporting courses with technology. 

Free Canvas Training with @ONE

The @ONE Project offers additional workshops at free or low cost to California Community College professors, which include topics such as Assessment in Digital Learning, Creating Accessible Content, Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning, and Course Design. @ONE’s training and online resources are high quality and either free or low cost thanks to funding from the California Community College Chancellor's Office Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program).  

Additional Training & Support with @ONE

Teach Yourself Canvas! Self-directed Learning Optionscanvas community

Learn Canvas on your own with these resources.

FCLT Support: Drop-in Office Hours for Faculty

Building 6, Room 262  * WEDNESDAYS 2-4PM * THURSDAYS 2-4PM * or by appointment 

The Faculty Center for Learning Technology (FCLT) has Drop-in Office Hours to assist professors with any questions regarding Canvas, course design, accessibility questions, info about integrated tools, and available campus and CCC system resources to support your use of digital technologies in teaching!  Let us help you find resources and tools, and learn more about designing course materials in Canvas!

You can email us or call (909) 274-5016 ahead of time to let us know what you'd like to learn about so we can research ahead of your visit.

Use Canvas Resources and your sandbox* for hands-on learning!
  • Canvas "Getting Started as an Instructor"guide: curated basics for the instructor. 
  •  Canvas instructor full guide
  • Canvas videos
  • Canvas Community
  • Canvas Live community includes real-time collaboration and sharing.
  • The Commons is a repository of publicly shared content under Creative Commons license. Find content, quizzes, discussions, or entire courses within the Commons that you can modify and reuse in your own teaching. The Commons can be reached through the Community or directly within the the Global Navigation menu when you enter your Mt. SAC Canvas account. Explore and see what you find!
Canvas Training and More in the Vision Resource Center CCC Vision Resource Center logo

Take advantage of the California Community College's Professional Learning Network (PLN) Free resources include and courses that may interest you.  

To Access and Use the Vision Resource Center:
  1. Go to the Vision Resource Center and log in or register to access self-paced professional learning opportunities from Skillsoft or
  2. Once logged in, click"Learning" > Learner Home to search for training options.
  3. To find Canvas training, search for Canvas LMS.
  4. You can also access local POD information, reports on your activities, a transcript of your completed or in-progress activities to return to lessons you started. You can create playlists of trainings you want to bookmark for later. 

  Of special interest are Oliver Schinkten's trainings on Canvas, which are updated each year and available in the Vision Resource Center's offerings. 

*A sandbox is a course with no enrollment and no expiration, where you can try out and build content. You can move content from sandboxes into live courses very easily. If you need a sandbox (or a few),
send in a helpdesk ticket or request in Canvas Help: Report A Problem.

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