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COVID-19 NOTICE: To take classes ON CAMPUS this upcoming Winter 2022 term, vaccinations will be required. Fully online students are exempt from this requirement. Learn about the December 10 deadline for the first dose, exemptions and more in your Mt. SAC email or

Mt. SAC Campus Directory
Victoria AbatayNursing
Amy AbateNursing
James AbbottMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1318(909) 274-3528
Mark AbbruzzeseAnthropology
Ahmad Abdel-RahmanAccounting
Daniel AbeytaFacilities Planning and Mgt48
Paul AbukhalilChemistry
Steven AccianiAdult Basic Education
Ignacio AceroAdult Basic Education
Gustavo AceroDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Maridelle AceroVice President Student Services9B(909) 274-7500
Miguel AcevesAdult Basic Education
Jason AcevesAdult Basic Education
Katherine AdameAdult Basic Education
Tamika AddisonChild Development Center9E(909) 274-4920
David AdeleMusic
Richard AfdahlLearning Assistance - Division6-101(909) 274-4300
Javid AfrasiabiPhysics, Engineering
Vee AgarsPsychology66-225(909) 274-4570
Sam AgdasiTech and Health Division28A 101(909) 274-4526
Jonathan AguilarAdult Basic Education
Esteban AguilarLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-(909) 274-4285
Jairo AguilarMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Hugo AguileraLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-262A(909) 274-5300
Glenda AguirreHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5419
Esha AhmedBusiness Administration18(909) 274-6428
Roohe AhmedNutrition
Danny AkersAnimal Sciences-Production61-2505(909) 274-4425
Dr. Fawaz Al-MaloodBusiness Division(909) 274-4600
Mohsen AlamVice President Student Services18C-1105(626) 923-0774
Jason AlbaughAdult Basic Education
Toni AlbertsonJournalism26D-3220(909) 274-6130
Heidi AlcalaAdult Basic Education66-174(909) 274-5236
Sergio AlcalaCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Eldon AlexanderSociology, Philosophy
Carolyn AlexanderFine Arts1A-6A(909) 274-4317
Victor AlexandrescuInformation Technology23(909) 274-4357
Solene AlghannamForeign Languages66 237(909) 274-3443
Haneen Alghita-AguilarStudent Services Division9B(909) 274-4290
Abe AliHuman Resources
Dr. Minu M AliBiological Sciences
Marina AlkasasInformation Technology23A-128(909) 274-4357
Kristina AllendeEnglish and Literature1100 North Grand Avenue(909) 274-4127
Anisa AlonsoCalWORKS9B-196(909) 274-5199
Cecilio AlonsoAdult Basic Education
Jane AltenauAdult Basic Education
Matthew AltmireMusic
Gilbert AlvaradoCounseling and Guidance
Blanca Juarez AlvaradoHigh School Outreach9-B(909) 274-4558
Kristina AlvaradoLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-101(909) 274-5669
Noel AlvaradoLearning Assistance - Division
Samaris AlvaradoHealth Services9E 2300(909) 274-4400
H AlvarezEnglish and Literature
Beronica AlvarezAdult Basic Education
Raelyn AlvarezInternational Student Program9B(909) 274-4849
Maya Alvarez-GalvanEnglish and Literature26D-1240A(909) 274-4524
David AlversonMusic13-2460(909) 816-8166
Jieeun Amanat-LeeNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Ruben AmancioAdult Basic Education
Margaret AmaroPrinting Services4-1802(909) 274-5542
Trenton AmaroPublic Safety Programs28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Lisa AmosConsumer Science and Design Tech78-2190C(909) 274-6335
Tania AndersEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Eric AndersonAdult Basic Education
Julie AndersonInformation Technology23A-115(909) 274-4464
Anthony AndradeAdult Basic Education
Erendira AndradeAdult Basic Education
Melissa AndrewinDesign and Construction47(909) 274-5736
Kristal AndrewsAdult Basic Education
Barry AndrewsComputer Information Systems79-2200C(909) 274-4943
Antonio AnfiteatroAircraft Maintenance
Marie AnglinForeign Languages
Gene AnoPsychology26B-2551E(909) 274-6306
JenMay AnolPayroll4-1370(909) 274-5767
Daniela AparicioAdult Basic Education
Erika AparicioHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-4225
Brandon AponteInformation Technology23-6145(909) 274-4888
Keiko AppelForeign Languages
Lloyd AquinoEnglish and Literature26D-1280F(909) 274-3105
Yolanda AquinoAdult Basic Education
Gabriel AragonFacilities Planning and Mgt
Jesse ArandaAdult Basic Education
Madelyn ArballoNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4845
Yemina ArellanesAdult Basic Education
Danny Arenas-JuarezEOPS
Vianey Arenas JuarezHumanities/Social Sciences Division66-225(909) 274-5102
Valerie Arenas ReyDesign and Construction46A-1200D(909) 274-5494
Johnny ArmendarizDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
James ArroyoCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Mala ArthurAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-5316
Irma ArvizuHorticultural SciencesF2A(909) 274-6440
Rosa AsencioCareer Center9B-230(909) 274-5941
Pat AshEngineering
Bill AsherDesign and Construction47-1165(909) 274-4850
Patricia AsuegaAANAPISI16B(909) 274-6620
Dominick AtanasioMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1622(909) 274-4651
Sam AthertonAccounting
Scott AtkinsonPublic Safety Programs28B-09(909) 274-5834
Robert AugustusSign Language, Interpreting66-214A(866) 954-4049
Eaint AungAdult Basic Education
Johnny AvalosDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Robert AvilaAudio Visual Services6-170(909) 274-4273
Naomi AvilaCounseling and Guidance
Suzanne AvilaShort Term Vocational STV-SEAP40-101(909) 274-4220
Rocio AvilaEnglish and Literature26D-1471H(909) 274-3546
Ruben AvilaGrounds47-102(909) 274-6864
Julio AvilaMusic2(909) 274-4426
Herbert AxelrodBiological Sciences
Malerie AyalaChemistry
Shazia AzizNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Ousmane BaMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Maria Baaz MedinaCounseling and Guidance
Michael BabajideChemistry61-2505(909) 274-4425
Eera BabtiwaleDesign and Construction
Jose BacaBoard of Trustees
Alana BachorCounseling and Guidance
Stacy BacigalupiPsychology26B-2551C(909) 274-6307
Albert BadreMental Health
Mariano BaezEconomics
Veronica BaezaSTEM Teacher Preparation Prog26A 1610(909) 274-5250
David BaezaAdult Basic Education
Mirriece BainesPromise Plus
Marissa BakerAdult Basic Education
Raffaela BakerCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Donna Balducci-LopezStudent Life9C 1B(909) 274-5951
Pablo BalerForeign Languages
Heather BallInterior Design
Ruma BanerjeeBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Kari BangAdult Basic Education66 263D(909) 274-5241
Glenda BangleAdult Basic Education
Antonio BangloyInformation Technology23 1151(909) 274-4312
Steven BanksCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Clarence BanksStudent Services Division16E-(909) 274-5661
Rosalind BarbaAdult Basic Education
Mercedes BarbaJournalism
Salim BarbariAdult Basic Education
Justin BarberFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-5880
Omar BarberenaAdult Basic Education
John BarkmanResearch and Instit Effectiveness4-2435(909) 274-5408
Amanda BarnesAnthropology
Naomi BarnesRVT Program SWP80-2301C(909) 274-4544
Richard BarnesArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg28A-101E(909) 274-5214
Samuel BaroneAdult Basic Education
Ralph BarraganAccess Resource Center for Students9B-120(909) 274-4290
Cesar BarraganLibrary
Annette BarrantesFoundationF10-1010(909) 274-5708
Joe BarreraMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Norma BarretoHistory and Art History
Mauricio Barrett JrKinesiology Division
Mary Beth BarriosCounseling and Guidance
Nidia BarronAdult Basic Education
Angela BarryAdult Basic Education66 183(909) 274-5235
Delland BartlettChemistry
Virginia BartzConsumer Science and Design Tech
Tammy BasileConsumer Science and Design Tech(000) 000-0000
Suzy BasmadjianKinesiology Division45-1240(909) 274-4352
LaToya BassHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-4493
Bobby BatesAccounting79-3200(909) 274-6791
Chablis BatesAdult Basic Education
Alicia BaughHorticultural Sciences6321 Bright Ave Apt A
Stephen BautistaCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Debra BautistaArts Division1B/C-15(909) 274-4565
Jose BavaBiological Sciences
Wesley BaxterPhysics, Engineering
M. Dolores BayleGeography
Kimberly BealNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Kristin BealsPsychology
Ron BeanInformation Technology(909) 274-5126
Alexandra BeckerAdult Basic Education
Teresa BeckerConsumer Science and Design Tech
Liza BeckerNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-109C(909) 274-5233
Richard BeckmanPublic Safety Programs
Kenneth BednarAcademic Technology6-125(909) 274-4246
Jason BeersCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Donna BeightolAdult Basic Education
Eric BeilsteinArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Bobby BellamyAdult Basic Education
Christina BellancaAmerican Language66-225(909) 274-4570
Sergio BellosoCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Jo Anne BeltranNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Andy BencosmeReal Estate
Ana BenitezAdult Basic Education
Desiree BenitezGeneral Supplies
Cherie Benner DavisFine Arts
Michael BennettHorticultural Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Christopher BenoeCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-1479(909) 274-4441
Steven BensonTech and Health Division
Edward BerbiarPsychology26B-2551A(909) 594-5611
Kari BerchNursing
Gabriela Berkovich OroyeAdult Basic Education
Jo Anne BermejoHealth Services9E-2300(909) 274-4400
Steven BernardChemistry7-2108B(909) 274-6869
Kurt BernardinCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Theresa BerryComputer Information Systems
John BeshayLearning Assistance - Division
Peter BeshayTutorial Services6 104(909) 274-4366
Dominique BetancourtAdult Basic Education
David BeydlerMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1608(909) 274-4669
Vimi BharadwajInformation Technology23-4117(909) 274-4372
Nivedita BhowmickComputer Information Systems
Matt BidartInformation Technology23-3100(909) 274-6224
Valerie BillerAudio Visual Services6 183(909) 274-4272
Alina BircaMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1658(909) 274-5364
Jenna BirdKinesiology-General
Laura BishopAdult Basic Education66-125(909) 274-3474
Brian BishopMaintenanceGarage(909) 274-4861
Ernest BlackAdult Basic Education
Destinee BlackmonCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Shiloh BlacksherPsychology
Clovis BlackwellFine Arts
Eric BladhBusiness Administration18-19C(909) 274-5189
Kim BlandFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5773
Nicole BleanHumanities/Social Sciences Division26B-1563A(909) 274-5616
Robert BledsoeMarketing and Communications4-2425(909) 274-5334
Danielle BloomAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Kerry BlotzerNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Elda BlountProfessional and Organizational Dev6-142(909) 274-5886
John BlyzkaComputer Information Systems78 2130B(909) 274-4942
Miriam BoadaForeign Languages
Maya Boehner-StaylorEnglish and Literature26D-1280D(909) 274-4697
Ken BohanDesign and Construction47-1105(909) 274-4356
Ryan BohannonAircraft Maintenance28A-102(909) 274-4698
Zelda BoldenCareer Center9B-230(909) 274-5638
Victoria BoldenCounseling and Guidance
Stephanie BolechowskiPublic Safety23(909) 274-5537
Sandra BollierFinancial Aid9B-229(909) 274-4450
John BoltonKinesiology-General
Darius BonePublic Safety Programs
Anthony BonnerAdult Basic Education
Lorina BoonAdult Basic Education66-174B(909) 274-4815
Sophie BoquirenNursing67A-254(909) 274-5359
Frances BorellaBiological Sciences60-2107(909) 274-4541
Lana BorissovaMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Daniel BortisMathematics
Rebekah BorupBiological Sciences
Mark BorytaEarth Sciences, Astronomy60-1102(909) 274-5266
Charles BosankoAdult Basic Education
Susan BoulangerTheater
Amber BoundLibrary
Robert BowenMusicMusic-116(909) 274-4320
Melinda BowenPride Center26A-1630(909) 274-5308
Erika BowersAccounting
Kate BowersAeronautics, Transportation
Brandin BowmanEvent Services6-170(909) 274-5780
Patricia BowmanAdult Basic Education
Michelle BoyerNursing67A -141(909) 274-5169
Julie BradleyAccess Resource Center for Students9B-134(909) 274-5645
Cynthia BradleyAdult Basic Education
George BradshawAdmissions and Records9B-159(909) 274-5570
Stacy BradshawCommunication
Frank BrambilaEmergency Medical Technology
Alexander BrambilaEOPS9B -(909) 274-4500
Marcielle BrandlerEnglish and Literature
Laurie BrandlerAdult Basic Education
John BrantinghamEnglish and Literature26D-1280G(909) 274-4860
Julie Bray-AliEarth Sciences, Astronomy60-1104(909) 274-4148
Adam BrescianiNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-109(909) 274-4220
Jose BricenoDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Donna BrightConsumer Science and Design Tech
Faithe BrileyTAP - Contract Education40-101(909) 274-5396
Janna Brink DiazAdult Basic Education66-117(909) 274-7500
Josh BrionesHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5126
Rachael BrownTech and Health Division(909) 274-5675
Yuka Goto BrownForeign Languages
Christy BrownRespiratory Technology
Janeth BrownCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4038
DeJohn BrownAdult Basic Education
Benjamin BrownNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Michael BrownAccounting
Laron Brown-CockrellKinesiology-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
Tsekani BrowneHistory
Allison BruinsAmerican Language
Christina BryantAdult Basic Education
David BuckAdult Basic Education
Elaine BucknorAdult Basic Education
Michelle BuellAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Ivan BuichKinesiology Division
Teresa BundsEvent Services6-170(909) 274-5619
Steven BurgoonCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-2454(909) 274-5332
Matthew BurgosTheater2-T126(909) 274-4337
Catherine BurkhartAdult Basic Education
Ema BurmanEnglish and Literature26D-1240C(909) 274-4485
Fatemeh BurnesFine Arts1B/C-11(909) 274-4325
Kelynne BurnsASAC Academic Support6-ASAC(909) 274-4300
Brandon BurrillPublic Safety Programs
Jared BurtonLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-228(909) 274-4681
Elizabeth BushmanBusiness Administration77-2000(909) 274-4600
Courtney BushyeagerAdult Basic Education
Jasmine BustamanteKinesiology Division
Thomas ButlerFine Arts(909) 274-4155
Dawn ButlerFine Arts
Julie ButlerRespiratory Technology
Gwendolyn ButlerRespiratory Technology67A-143(909) 274-5000
Kimberly ButlerFacilities Planning and Mgt
Katherine ButterbaughNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-101(909) 274-4476
Frederick ByaleeroLearning Assistance6-121B(909) 274-4303
Krystle BybeeCareer Center9B-270(909) 274-6389
Austin ByrdMusic2-133(909) 274-5200
Robert ByrneChemistry
Eui Won James ByunMathematics
Avelino CabanbanInformation Technology23A-122(909) 274-5574
Carla Cabrales PickeringAdult Basic Education
Rebecca CabreraArts Division12-1210(909) 274-5200
Josh CabreraEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Elvis CabreraPhysics, Engineering61-2505(909) 274-4425
Arturo CadenaEnergy Services29(909) 274-2130
Alex Cadena CadenaCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Matthew CahowMusic
Adelaine CailipanNursing
Ruth CalcanasSociology, Philosophy66-225(909) 274-4570
Ellen CaldwellArt History26D-2481-O(909) 274-4330
Allen CallaciEnglish and Literature
Elizabeth Ann CallahanArts Division12-1210(909) 274-5116
Russ CalverleyAeronautics, Transportation28A-112(909) 274-5131
Silver CalzadaCounseling and Guidance9B-290(909) 274-5664
Celina CamachoAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-5580
Maria CamachoHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5486
Maria CamarenaPromise Plus9B(909) 274-4380
Christina CammayoConsumer Science and Design Tech
Faye CampbellChild Development
Gabriel CamposKinesiology Division27A-105(909) 274-4745
Raquel CamposNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Ariel CamposMusic
Nancy CamposLearning Assistance6-102(909) 274-6352
Catherine CamposNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Melissa Candell VillacresesStudent Equity16E-1131(909) 274-5576
Kathleen CannonHistory26D-2481H(909) 274-4574
Danny CantrellCommunication26D 1220B(909) 274-6310
Monica Cantu-ChanInformation Technology23-1128(909) 274-6788
Sable CantusCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Thao CaoAdult Basic Education
Tom CaoInformation Technology
Brandy CapeLibrary6-221(909) 274-4793
John Carl CapraroAdult Basic Education
Joseph CarbajalDesign and Construction46A-1200(909) 274-4717
John CardenasInstruction-Basic Skills 06-107(909) 274-5697
Carlos CardenasAdult Basic Education
Maria CardenasProfessional and Organizational Dev6 140(909) 274-5813
Lazaro CardenasPromise Plus
Yasmin CardonaNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Roman CardonaFinancial Aid9b(909) 274-4450
Bruce CarletonNatural Sciences Division61-2505(909) 274-4898
Frank CarlsonHistory
Michael CarrInformation Technology23-1123
David CarrEvent Services6-182(909) 274-4273
Heidi CarranzaAdult Basic Education
Gerardo CarrascoAccounting
Cindy CarrascoAdult Basic Education66-126B(909) 274-5632
Elsa CarrilloNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div9E(909) 274-6141
Barbara CarrilloStudent Services Division9C(909) 274-5953
Alexander CarrilloBusiness Division77-2000(909) 274-4600
Mario CarrilloAdult Basic Education
Don CarrollMusic
Alexis CarterHuman Resources4 1460 O(909) 274-4225
Brian CarterPhysics, Engineering
Diana L. Casas CasasCounseling and Guidance
Reyna CasasVice President Instruction4 2465(909) 274-5404
Henry CascellaLearning Assistance - Division
Marissa CaseMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1626(909) 274-5783
Robin CashLearning Assistance6-121A(909) 274-6601
Elizabeth CasianAmerican Language66-229B(909) 274-4588
Esther CasiasFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Jamie Kristine CastanedaLibrary6-227(909) 274-5659
Cesar CastanedaGrounds47-106(909) 274-4391
Carlos CastellanosAdult Basic Education
Fernando CastellanosGrounds47
Manuel CastillejosForeign Languages66 235(909) 274-5272
Kevin CastilloCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Olga CastilloPublic Safety23-149(909) 274-4555
Allan CastilloInformation Technology23-4101(909) 274-6323
Patricia CastilloMail Services4-2520(909) 274-4212
Stephanie CastilloAdult Basic Education4-4 (909) 274-4945
Juan CastilloAdult Basic Education
David Harold CastoMaintenance47-121 (909) 274-6190
Candice CastroNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Armando Castro OsnayaSign Language, Interpreting
Nolan CatingubEvent Services2T-128(909) 274-5691
Deborah CatingubEvent Services6-170(909) 274-5240
Chelsey CavionAdult Basic Education
Javier CayetanoAdult Basic Education
Sue CejaCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4665
Mari Ceja-VazquezHuman Resources(909) 274-5492
Alexi CenaAdult Basic Education
Manuel CerdaFinancial Aid9B-237(909) 274-4450
Sherri CervantesNursing
Susana CevallosSociology, PhilosophyBuilding 26D(909) 274-4786
Alison ChamberlainBiological Sciences60-2108(909) 274-6356
Arnita La Vonne ChampionKinesiology Division45-1461K(909) 274-6080
Samantha ChanCashier's Office
Olivia ChanNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Linda ChanMathematics/Computer Sciences
Franny Wai ChanAccounting
William ChandlerDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Merek ChangAdult Basic Education
Chih-Ping ChangForeign Languages66-233(909) 274-4590
Steven ChangBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Chiu ChangForeign Languages
Hsiao-Ying ChangMathematics/Computer Sciences
Jeffrey ChangHistory66-225(909) 274-4570
Surekha ChaplotNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-111(909) 274-4935
Landry ChaplotNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-107(909) 274-4935
Rajwattie ChatarpaulCalWORKS9B 196(909) 274-4755
Evelyn ChauMathematics/Computer Sciences
Lisa ChavezAdult Basic Education
Dalia ChavezAdult Basic Education
Mayra ChavezAdult Basic Education
Dolores ChavezMathematics/Computer Sciences61 1630(909) 274-4748
Raul ChavezHistory26B-2551K(909) 274-3051
Susan ChavezConsumer Science and Design Tech78-1120F(909) 274-6794
Monika ChavezLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-229(909) 274-4122
Edgar Chavez SolisFacilities Planning and Mgt48909274850
Roula ChawiAdult Basic Education
Rajni ChawlaChild Development Center70-1214(909) 274-6538
Bonnie CheesemanNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Jenny ChenChemistry7-2108C(909) 274-4933
Jennifer ChenFine Arts
Jay ChenBoard of Trustees
Tiffany ChenFiscal Services4-1385(909) 274-5514
Meghan ChenAVP, Instructional Services4-2465(909) 274-4200
Daniel ChenMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1650(909) 594-5611
Tracy ChenTech and Health Division28B 214(909) 274-5105
Gou-Ling ChenNursing67A-262(909) 274-5331
Johnny ChenManufacturing28A-102G(909) 274-4768
Maggie ChengDesign and Construction46-1025(909) 274-5837
Lesley ChengNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-5451
William ChesherAeronautics, Transportation28A-101E(909) 274-5007
Amy CheungPayroll4(909) 274-5553
Kwun CheungPhysics, Engineering
Angelis ChevalierMusic
Stephanie ChhunPsychology
Scot ChildressMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1634(909) 274-3751
Elia ChinarianAdult Basic Education
Marisol ChinchillaArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Paul ChiuComputer Information Systems78 2130A(909) 274-5299
Vincent ChoPublic Safety Programs28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Desmond ChoiAcademic Technology26-1620(909) 274-5846
Christopher ChoiAdult Basic Education
Jolene ChongCounseling and Guidance9E(909) 274-4381
Kathy ChouNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Jessica ChowAdult Basic Education
Gary ChowBoard of Trustees
Stephanie ChowCounseling and Guidance40-104(909) 274-4220
Joshua ChristTheater2T-127(909) 274-4691
Micol ChristopherEarth Sciences, Astronomy60-1108(909) 274-4774
Tim ChuInformation Technology23-161(909) 274-5765
Theresa ChumaceroAdult Basic Education
Katharina ChungAdult Basic Education
Peter ChurchillEnglish and Literature26D-1471E(909) 274-4715
Diana ChurchillBiological Sciences60 2404(909) 274-6026
Monte CicinoBusiness Administration17-15(909) 274-4600
Daniel ClappFine Arts
Hiroshi ClarkPhotography
Todd ClementsChemistry7-2108G(909) 274-5809
Heather CliffordEarth Sciences, Astronomy66-2505(909) 274-4425
Gina CoburnProfessional and Organizational Dev6-140
Dennis CockrumTheater
Kathryn ColbyChemistry
Shaun ColeEvent Services6-170(909) 274-5622
Danelle ColeAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Christopher ColemanAdult Basic Education
Debra ColemanNursing
Clinton ComptonAdult Basic Education
Irene CondeAdult Basic Education
Denise CondraNursing67A-244(909) 274-6330
Melissa ConeFiscal Services4-1375H(909) 274-5515
Mark ConradAcademic Technology77-2400(909) 274-6322
Kelly ConteAdult Basic EducationBuilding 40 -109(909) 594-4237
Jackie ContrerasDual Enrollment
Jason ConwayCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4505
Mark CooperBiological Sciences60-2405(909) 274-4548
Terry Cooper TurnerCommunication
Raul CorcueraGrounds47(909) 274-4850
Mason CoreAcademic Technology06-125(909) 274-4851
Kelly CoreasRespiratory Technology67A-139(909) 274-4721
Maria CornejoAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-5705
Laurie CornejoNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div38B-2(909) 274-5457
Maria CoronaAdult Basic Education
Claudia CoronadoInformation Technology23A-115(909) 274-5565
Margaret CorralesDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Joanna CorralesAdult Basic Education
Heather CorreaCommunication(562) 553-2192
Nef CorreaInformation Technology23-(909) 274-4207
Maria CorreiaFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5529
Cynthia CorrellAdult Basic Education
Julie CortezAccess Resource Center for Students9B-(909) 274-5649
David CortezLearning Assistance
Anna CouchPsychology
Thomas CovingtonAdult Basic Education
Evan CraftChemistry
Jana CrawfordEOPS9B-(909) 274-4653
Rick CreedAir Conditioning and Welding
Carly CretneySociology, Philosophy
Brian CrichlowKinesiology-General3-108(909) 274-4726
Patricia CridlandAdult Basic Education
Christine CrockerConsumer Science and Design Tech
Elizabeth CrossmanCommunication
Barbara CrowtherAdult Basic Education
Gladys CruzStore Operations9A(909) 274-4475
Ana CruzDesign and Construction29(909) 274-2130
Sylvia Cruz-PobocikCommunication
Jennifer Cruz NguyenNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-111(909) 274-4935
Aida Cuenza-UvasAANAPISI16E 1108(909) 274-5905
Arabelle Cuevas-ArellaCounseling and Guidance
Weining CuiChemistry
Christine CummingsTheater
Missy CunninghamPublic Safety Programs28B
Karen CurranChild Development73-7810(909) 274-4632
Christopher CurtisAdult Basic Education
Jedi CurvaCommunication
William CushingEnglish and Literature
Simon DaiAdult Basic Education
Victorine DaigreEnglish and Literature
William DalandCounseling and Guidance9B-272(909) 274-5939
Paolo DamianoDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Tristin DangSociology, Philosophy66-225(909) 274-4570
Han DangChemistry
John DanhoEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
Kara DannenbringDesign and Construction46B-(909) 274-4663
Erin DansonEnglish and Literature
Youssef DaoudiChemistry61-2505(909) 274-4425
Alfred DapelloAdult Basic Education
Raea DarbyNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Raymone DashiellCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Mala DaveAdult Basic Education
Emil DavidFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Maria DavisConsumer Science and Design Tech18B-6(909) 274-4967
Angelic DavisFiscal Services4-2520
Torria DavisConsumer Science and Design Tech17-15(909) 274-4600
Chris DavisonBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Victoria DavyPromise Plus
Matthew DawoodAccess Resource Center for Students16D-1(909) 274-5650
Angelica DayNutrition
Ruben DayritFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Jason De ArmondFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Xinhua De FrancoAdult Basic Education66-281(909) 274-7500
Belinda De La TorreChild Development Center77-2000(909) 274-4600
Tania De La VictoriaAdult Basic Education
Lucy De LeonVice President Student Services9B-102(909) 274-5980
Melly De Leon-RamosChild Development Center73(909) 274-4920
Gina DePaolaEnglish and Literature26D-1471D(909) 274-4188
Krysten DeWildeMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1622(909) 274-4652
Cameron DeenKinesiology-General
Anna DegtyarevaComputer Information Systems18A-4(909) 274-3041
Craig DeinesFine Arts1A-7(909) 274-4319
Alexandre DejeanCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Steve Del CastilloKinesiology-General
Rodolfo Del RioFacilities Planning and Mgt48-3(909) 274-4850
Arielle Del RosarioAmerican Language66-225(909) 274-4570
Nimrod Dela CruzPromise Plus6-125(909) 274-4802
Rafael DelgadoTutorial Services6-105(909) 274-5286
Laura DemitriaMaintenance and Operations48 Garage(909) 274-5178
Yuan Fu DengAdult Basic Education66 174(909) 274-5339
Alan DennisCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Joe DennyElectronics, Computer Tech28B 402A(909) 274-4976
Danielle DervishianBiological Sciences60-2404(909) 274-4764
Brenda DialProfessional and Organizational Dev6-140(909) 274-5816
Alisha DiazAdult Basic Education
Diana DiazAccess Resource Center for Students(909) 274-4290
Danielle DiazKinesiology Division45-1461(909) 274-4630
Guadalupe DiazGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Maria DiazAdmissions and Records9B
Erika DiazFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Mariasol Diaz-GomezRestaurant and Food Services Mgt77-2000(909) 274-4600
Scott DickenMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Cindy DickenMusic
Christopher DicksonInternational Student Program9B(909) 274-4415
Lisa DidonatoResearch and Instit Effectiveness4 2435(909) 274-6385
Andrea DiemPhilosophy26B-2551N(909) 274-4592
Joyce DillonEnglish and Literature(909) 274-5929
Carlomagno DinglasanRadiologic Technology
Ken DinhInformation Technology
Taylor DiniusKinesiology Division
Gregory DistasoAdult Basic Education
Heintje DjohanAdult Basic Education
Jimmy K DoanInformation Technology23-4102(909) 274-4357
Derek DokterAccounting79-3200(909) 274-4600
Jill DolanPresident's Office4-2425(909) 274-6119
Richanne DolfiAdult Basic Education
Roger DolinArcht, Ind Design, Eng and MfgZOOM-(909) 274-4750
Brenda DomicoAccounting79-3200(909) 274-4905
Cameron DominguesMusic
Davina DominguezAdult Basic Education
Robert DominguezKinesiology-General
Samuel DominickPublic Safety Programs
Rodney DonahueAdult Basic Education
John DonahueFine Arts
Shelley DoonanConsumer Science and Design Tech78-1120 G(909) 274-4856
Cynthia DoradoAdult Basic Education
Francisco DorameCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
George DoroughSign Language, Interpreting66-214A(866) 895-6632
Kathleen DorrChild Development Center9E(909) 274-4920
Aurora DorseyWriting Center26B-1541A(909) 274-5325
Dhaval DoshiChemistry7-2108F(909) 274-4425
Famm DouangchampaTech and Health Division69-13(909) 274-4154
Michelle DoughertyEnglish and Literature26D-1280F(909) 274-3205
Michael DowdlePsychology26B 2551C(909) 274-4016
Doris DoyonMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Randy DrakeMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Jessica DraperNatural Sciences Division(909) 274-4439
Amrik Singh DuaBusiness Administration78 1990E(909) 274-4612
Jorge DuarteFacilities Planning and Mgt48(909) 274-4850
Carlos DuartePublic Safety23-149(909) 274-4555
John DubielFine Arts1A 4(909) 274-4852
Christiana DuckettAdult Basic Education
Duneen DuffinCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-5340
Pattie DuffyInformation Technology23-4101(909) 274-4611
Jourdan DunawayNursing
Steven DuncanHorticultural Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Linh DuongAdult Basic Education
Ralph DuranFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Christopher DuranMaintenance48(909) 274-4973
Ericka DuranShort Term Vocational STV-SEAP
Janette Duran GrimaldoAdult Basic Education
Matt DurantKinesiology-General
Timothy DurfieldParalegal
Mathew DuvallAdult Basic Education
Thomas DwyerAdult Basic Education(909) 274-5413
Diana Elayne DzibNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-115(909) 274-4961
Kim EarhartHistory26D-2481H(909) 274-4575
William EasthamEvent Services(909) 274-4799
Monica EastridgeArt History26D-2411(909) 274-4570
Elisabeth EatmanConsumer Science and Design Tech19B-11A(909) 274-6336
George EatonPhysics, Engineering61-2505(909) 274-4425
Traci EbueCounseling and Guidance9B-242(909) 274-5304
Luis EcheverriaNewberryVeteran's Services9E-(909) 274-4520
Thomas EdisonChemistry
Michael EdwardsKinesiology-General
Blake EdwardsAdult Basic Education
William EdwardsMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1656(909) 274-3270
Charles EdwardsCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Alan EfronChemistry
Hamsa El-AssaadAdult Basic Education
Samy ElcottNutrition
Charlene EllisAdult Basic Education
Richard EllisPublic Safety Programs28B-206/204(951) 522-1264
Jeff EllwoodMusic2-M135(909) 274-4305
Mary ElmgrenNursing
Michael EmeryLearning Assistance - Division
Alexa EnamoradoCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Jairo Enciso-VillasenorMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Paulette Marie EngischRadiologic Technology67A-127A(909) 274-4527
Timothy EngleAccess Resource Center for Students9B-138(909) 274-5641
Wendi EnglishFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Rebecca Zoe EngstromConsumer Science and Design Tech
Robert EntusChemistry
Cyndi ErbeInformation Technology23-6101(909) 274-5196
Kimberly ErtleAdult Basic Education
Florence ErturkForeign Languages
Patrick EscaleraGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Anisurei EscaleraKinesiology Division45 1461G(909) 274-5113
Rebecca EscamillaCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Martin EscarcegaAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-5581
Janella EshietCommunication
Rosario EsparzaFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Marlene EspinaProfessional and Organizational Dev6-140(909) 274-4362
Graciela EspinozaFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-6260
Laura Espinoza RodriguezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Sheila EspyConsumer Science and Design Tech78-2190B(909) 274-4511
Sandra Lotte EsslingerArt History26D-2481J(909) 274-4946
Ed EstacioInformation Technology23-6105(909) 274-4357
Anika EstesConsumer Science and Design Tech77-2000(909) 274-4600
Edwin EstesBusiness Administration78-3190A(909) 274-6428
Elizabeth EstevezUpward Bound16B(909) 274-4411
Christina EstradaHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5478
Maria EstradaEnglish and Literature26D-1280D(909) 274-3071
Reasey EstradaPromise Plus9B(909) 274-4380
Rigo EstradaCounseling and Guidance9C-20(909) 274-5099
Brenda EstradaMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1622(909) 274-5151
Joshua Estrada-RomeroKinesiology Division
Douglas EvansAdult Basic Education
Sun EzzellLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-113(909) 274-6334
Karin FabieroMusic
Jeffrey FaheyAdult Basic Education
Christopher FaillaHealth Services67b-9e(909) 274-5966
Elizabeth FangAmerican Language(909) 274-5243
Julianne FantaziaConsumer Science and Design Tech
Rahim FaradinehLearning Assistance - Division
Yara FarahPsychology66-225(909) 274-4570
Katelyn FaraudoMusic
Christopher FarleyAdult Basic Education
Kurt FarschmanCommunication
Kathrin FastiggiAdult Basic Education
Marcos FelixAircraft Maintenance28A-102E(909) 274-4719
Diana FelixCounseling and Guidance9E-3rd floor(909) 274-5321
Luis FelixPhotography
Devon FellPsychology
Frances FendorsAdult Basic Education66-174(909) 274-5245
Michael FenisonKinesiology Division45-1461(909) 274-4630
Daniel FeolaAdult Basic Education
William FerminFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Miguel FernandezConsumer Science and Design Tech
Dario FernandezVice President Student Services16E-1104(909) 274-5989
Juan FernandezChemistry7-2108I (909) 274-4014
Liz FernandezAdult Basic Education
Mark FernandezInformation Technology23-3100(909) 274-4384
Michael FernandezAthletics-General
Amalia FernandezAdult Basic Education
Luz Fernandez MarquezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Jody FernandoAdult Basic Education66-174b(909) 274-5500
Kelly FieldChild Development17-15(909) 274-4600
Gale FieldsArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Marisa FierroFoundation(909) 274-5401
Maria FigueroaCounseling and Guidance9B-(909) 274-4380
Mariezar FigueroaAdmissions and Records
Eva Figueroa MoralesDistance Learning6-262C(909) 274-5769
Dawn FinleyBusiness Division77-2050(909) 274-5608
Arleen FioritoNursing67A-258(909) 274-4792
Christopher FitchAdult Basic Education
Bernadette FlamenoCounseling and Guidance
Maria FleckAdult Basic Education
Tyler FlisikBiological Sciences60-2407(909) 274-4554
Malia FloodAccess Resource Center for Students9B
Ignacio FloresGrounds47(909) 274-4850
Jesse FloresPublic Safety23-149(909) 274-4555
Ruben FloresGrounds47-106(909) 274-5174
Cathy FloresFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5525
L.E. FoisiaNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4503
Oswald FolyDesign and Construction
Howson FongAdult Basic Education
Jose FonsecaAdult Basic Education
Lakshimi FontechaPayroll9B(909) 274-5523
Charlette Ford-CharlesNursing
Max ForemanMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Andrew FormanoAdult Basic Education
Talan FortinKinesiology-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
Lisa FosterVeteran's Services9E(909) 274-4520
Ed FosterFine Arts
Kelly FowlerVice President Instruction4-2465(909) 274-5414
Mina FowlerAdult Basic Education66 (909) 274-3164
Jamaika FowlerCounseling and Guidance9B-289(909) 274-5682
Sean FoxAdult Basic Education
Spencer FrakerAdult Basic Education
Toni FrancoTech and Health Division13-2258(909) 274-6820
Denise FrancoPublic Safety23-149(909) 274-5550
Joanne FrancoHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5484
Kenneth FrankInformation Technology23 4111(909) 274-1111
Cole FrazierBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Charles FreemanAccounting(562) 325-9399
Julio FregosoCounseling and Guidance
Mayra FriasNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Allie FrickertHistory26D-2481F(909) 274-4675
Karena FriedmanAdult Basic Education
Kristina FritzPsychology
Vera FromanResearch and Instit Effectiveness4-2435(562) 322-7513
Mary Ann FuegerConsumer Science and Design Tech
Antonio FuentesForeign Languages
Wilma FuentesNursing
Hideki FukusumiCounseling and Guidance
Jessica FullerCounseling and Guidance(909) 274-4380
Laurie FullerAdult Basic Education
Alma GabrielAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-5594
Valentina GaeteAccess Resource Center for Students
Lucas GalanAdult Basic Education
Lorraine GalatianoNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4550
Marcell GalatianoInformation Technology23A-126(909) 274-5618
Jennifer GalbraithBusiness Division1100 N. Grand Ave(909) 274-4649
Marlene GallardeSociology, Philosophy26B-2551H(909) 274-3054
Christian GallardoWelding
Antonio GallardoAdult Basic Education66-174(909) 274-5238
Zakiel GallegosDesign and Construction47(909) 274-5689
Ashley GallegosDesign and Construction46(909) 274-4243
Emmanuel GalutiraFacilities Planning and Mgt
Damian GalvanAdult Basic Education
Shaun GalvanChemistry(909) 274-4425
Fernando GalvezAdult Basic Education
James GamblePublic Safety(909) 274-4299
David GangoAdult Basic Education
Marco GaonaNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Christine GaravitoEnglish and Literature
Daniel GarciaAir Conditioning and Welding69-10A(909) 274-4638
Araceli GarciaAdult Basic Education
Jacqueline GarciaMaintenance and Operations
Martha GarciaNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Lisa GarciaHealth Services67B-130(909) 274-4400
Kim GarciaVice President Instruction4-2555(909) 274-5402
Urias Garcia GarciaEOPS9B-180(909) 274-5652
Yvette GarciaEvent Services6-170(909) 274-5601
Shantel GarciaChild Development Center70(909) 274-4920
John GarciaRespiratory Technology
Hector GarciaInformation Technology23-6120(909) 274-5301
Raquel GarciaAdult Basic Education
Vanessa GarciaAdult Basic Education
David GarciaAdult Basic Education
Victor GarciaForeign Languages
Gabrielle Garcia UntzAccess Resource Center for Students9B-206(909) 274-4290
Nancy GardnerAdult Basic Education66-263(909) 274-5005
Jeffery GarlandMathematics/Computer Sciences
John GastonDesign and Construction46-1020(909) 274-5130
Jean-Pierre GatillonSociology, Philosophy26B-2551H(909) 274-3030
Jim GauComputer Information Systems78 2135(909) 274-4841
Angelica GauntFacilities Planning and Mgt48(909) 274-4850
Moe GaytonKinesiology Division
Kim GearyHistory
Angelika GehrigAdult Basic Education
John GeigerCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-1220(909) 274-5200
Richard GenovesePublic Safety Programs28B-202A(909) 274-4221
Jeffrey GeorgeInformation Technology23-3100(909) 274-4398
Christine GerloffLibrary6-200(909) 274-4297
Jenny GernhartBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4013
Shireetha GethersChild Development73-1801D(909) 274-4912
Bani GhoshChemistry
Daniel GibsonPublic Safety23-149(909) 274-4555
Gary GidcumbDesign and Construction46(909) 274-5739
Brandon GillettBusiness Division77-2400(909) 274-4928
Patiste GilmoreResearch and Instit Effectiveness4-2435(909) 274-4708
Luisa GironAmerican Language66-117(909) 274-7500
Sandra GloreAdult Basic Education
Neil GodfreyPhysics, Engineering28A-101E(909) 274-6188
Michael GoffKinesiology-GeneralBld. 44(909) 274-4356
Nancy GoldenAccounting
Dafna GoldenGeography and Political Science26D-2481L(909) 274-4844
Kamran GolestanehChemistry7-2108D(909) 274-3483
Caron GomesCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-5840
Erin GomezChild Development Center9E(909) 274-6141
Steve GomezGrants Office4-2445(909) 274-5842
Pablo GomezAdult Basic Education
Francisco GomezEnglish and Literature26D-1280H(909) 274-3839
Mary Ann Gomez-AngelAdult Basic Education38A-2(909) 274-4845
Mauricio GoncalvesWriting Center26B-1563(909) 274-5274
Deborah GongoraAdult Basic Education
Lot Peter GonzalesDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Martin GonzalezCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Alejandra GonzalezStudent Life9C(909) 274-4525
Amanda GonzalezHealth Services
Isaac GonzalezAdult Basic Education
Stephanie GonzalezUpward Bound9E Third Floor-(909) 274-5938
Art GonzalezMaintenance47-108(909) 274-5270
Topher GonzalezAccess Resource Center for Students9D(909) 274-6393
Maribel GonzalezAdult Basic Education66-126C(909) 274-5235
Elizabeth GonzalezFacilities Planning and Mgt46(909) 274-4453
Hector GonzalezWarehouse48(909) 274-4870
Rocio Gonzalez SantillanPromise Plus9B(909) 274-4380
Kathy GoodsonAccess Resource Center for Students
Kimberly GoodwinAdult Basic Education
Dave GordonInformation Technology23(909) 274-4357
Amanda Gordon-BlackwoodAdult Basic Education
Michael Joseph GougisCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Nichol GraffeoRespiratory Technology67A 143(909) 548-9818
Brian GrahamAdult Basic Education
Trevor GrahamPsychology26B-2551(909) 274-4570
Cristal GranadosHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5522
Maria GrandaNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div66-263B(909) 274-5004
Bruno GranilloDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Aiida GrantMental Health
Sara Gray-CastroSign Language, Interpreting
Vicki GrecoAccess Resource Center for Students9B-142(909) 274-5646
Chrystin GreenPhysics, Engineering
Steven GreenWarehouse48-1(909) 274-4870
Herschel GreenbergEnglish and Literature26D-1240C(909) 274-6332
Lauren GreenbergSign Language, InterpretingBuilding 66
Annie GregoryCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(714) 482-3203
Gene GreySociology, Philosophy
Richard GriffinCounseling and GuidanceBldg 9B-(909) 274-4380
Hugh GriffithMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1638(909) 274-6398
Andrea GrimmAdult Basic Education
Ann Lee GrimstadHistory
Jenny GriseAdult Basic Education
Dana GroenerAdult Basic Education
Zachary GroenewoldDance45-1461(909) 274-4630
Barbara GrubbEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Geoff GrundAdult Basic Education
Kira GrundAdult Basic Education
Arturo GuerraFacilities Planning and Mgt47
Michael GuerreroFacilities Planning and Mgt
Bobby GuerreroChild Development
Arthur GuevaraKinesiology Division
Czar Guevara-GossPhotography12-1210(909) 274-5200
Kasteel GumbanFiscal Services4-1370(909) 274-4142
Hong GuoLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-236(909) 274-6490
Colby GurneyKinesiology Division
Scott GuthMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1634(909) 274-4211
Tyler GutierrezHuman Resources4-1460
Serina GutierrezFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Jose GutierrezFacilities Planning and Mgt
Veronica GutierrezAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-5595
Daisy GutierrezCounseling and Guidance
George GutierrezDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Anthony GutierrezAdult Basic Education
Alicia GutierrezAdult Basic Education
Susan GutierrezWarehouse48-1(909) 274-5801
Paola Gutierrez FloresFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Rene Gutierrez JrFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Mario GuzmanAdult Basic Education23-4110(909) 274-4205
Adriana GuzmanAdult Basic Education
Katalin GyurindakAdult Basic Education66-174C(909) 274-5243
An HaEOPS9B-1(909) 274-2932
Anna Ngocyen Ha NguyenNursing
Debra HackmannKinesiology-General
Judith HaggertyBoard of Trustees
Marzi HaghighatBiological Sciences
LaTesha HaglerCalWORKS9B(909) 274-4755
Ashley HainesHistory
Michael HainesRespiratory Technology(909) 274-7500
Madisen HainesNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Janice HainesMusic
Paul HaitkinPhysics, Engineering
Lily HajialiakbarHistory
Adam HallCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Martha HallMathematics/Computer Sciences6-133(909) 274-6381
Michelle HallmarkTech and Health Division28A-101C(909) 274-5133
Lisa HallstedEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
Christopher HallstedEnglish and Literature
Peter HalversonPhysics, Engineering61-2505(909) 274-4425
Bobbi HambyLearning Assistance - Division
Rebecca HammFine Arts
Mahbuba Hammad HammadForeign Languages
Kay HanPhysics, Engineering
Joy HancockEnglish and Literature
Randy HaneySociology, Philosophy
Lisa HanlonCashier's Office
Richard HannaConsumer Science and Design Tech78-1120E(909) 274-5059
Garrett HansenAdult Basic Education
Joseph HansonAdult Basic Education
Josephine HaoConsumer Science and Design Tech
Ryan HargroveBusiness Administration77-2000(909) 274-4600
Yolanda HaroCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Melissa HaroMaintenance and Operations47(909) 274-5531
Michael HarperEnglish and Literature26D-1471G(909) 274-4695
Angela HarringtonNursing
Chester HarrisFacilities Planning and Mgt48(909) 274-4850
Laura HarrisonMusic
Andrew HarrisonMusic
Paul HarrymanRadiologic Technology
Stephen HarsanyElectronics, Computer Tech
Jeremy HartCounseling and Guidance(909) 274-5344
Holly HartCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Carmen HartAdult Basic Education
Ronald HarteAdult Basic Education
Laurie HartmanCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-1473(909) 274-6316
Joshua HartmanChemistry61-2505(909) 274-4425
Corinne HartmannCommercial and Entertainment Arts13(909) 274-7500
Katy HartnettAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-5454
Kristine HartouniLearning Assistance
Liza HarwellAdult Basic Education32-3(909) 274-7500
John HasenbeinTutorial Services6(909) 506-9312
Joy HassNutrition
Daryn HatoriAdult Basic Education
Mihaela HayesAdult Basic Education
Jason HaymanInformation Technology23-(909) 274-6334
Cathy HaywardDesign and Construction46A-(909) 274-5276
Jason HaywardCounseling and GuidanceBuilding 9B(909) 274-5923
Cuiwen HeChemistry61-2505(909) 274-4425
Lance HeardHumanities/Social Sciences Division66-225(909) 274-4515
Brigitte HebertPresident's Office10(909) 274-5432
Todd HedellAdult Basic Education
Brian HeflinAccess Resource Center for Students23-4130(909) 274-4206
Kathi HemphillNursing
Lizette HendersonHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5481
Tamara HendersonAdult Basic Education
Kristin Hendrickson KeenanAdult Basic Education
Jeffrey HendrixDance
Paige HenleyDisabled Student Services Program
Carlos HenleyAeronautics, Transportation28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Leslie HenningsStudent Life9C-1(909) 274-5958
Anthony HenryChild Development73-1801H(909) 274-4645
Mark HerbstAdult Basic Education
Evelyn HerediaNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-101(909) 274-5815
Michael HeringAir Conditioning and Welding69-23(909) 274-5106
Evelyn HermosilloFiscal Services4(909) 274-5527
Katrina HermosoVice President Student Services9B-111(909) 274-4505
Corie HernandezMental Health67A 239(909) 274-4918
Leticia HernandezHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5490
Andrew HernandezArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Kenny HernandezDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Guadalupe HernandezChild Development Center
Jose HernandezGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Mario HernandezAir Conditioning and Welding28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Monica HernandezCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Marianne HernandezNursing
Stephanie HernandezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div26D-3411(909) 274-6122
Maria HernandezAdult Basic Education
Cecilia HernandezAdult Basic Education77 1005(909) 274-4580
Cristina HernandezArt History26D 2481 P(909) 274-4321
Antonio HernandezAdult Basic Education
Elizabeth HernandezAccess Resource Center for Students
Esteban HernandezAdult Basic Education
Milta HernandezAdult Basic Education
Joe Louis HernandezPromise Plus9E-(909) 274-4380
Ana HernandezAdult Basic Education
Ignacio HernandezAdult Basic Education
Karla Hernandez-MagallonSociology, Philosophy
Cynthia Hernandez-SaulMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Maria Hernandez FigueroaCARE1100-1100 (909) 274-4500
Gloria Hernandez MunozCounseling and Guidance
Ricardo HerreraAdult Basic Education
Vincent HerreraInformation Technology23(909) 274-5630
William HewsonBiological Sciences11-2115B(909) 274-6671
Roch HickeyMaintenance
Peter HidalgoBoard of Trustees
Roberto HidalgoBoard of Trustees
Kathleen HighLearning Assistance - Division6-101(909) 274-3931
Deana HightHistory and Art History
Lynette HightEnglish and Literature26D-1240G(909) 274-4707
Jeremy HightEnglish and Literature
Lisa Ann HightLearning Assistance - Division
Richard HigueraAdult Basic Education
Rosie HigueraLibrary6-201(909) 274-4260
Catherine Hilario-AlvaradoStudent Services Division9B - Student Services Vice President's Office(909) 274-6530
John HillPhysics, Engineering
Ronald HillAdult Basic Education
Amy HilliardChild Development Center9E-1(909) 274-4920
Jennifer HinostrozaHorticultural Sciences80-2301J(909) 274-4876
Jennifer HinsonNursing
Jamie HirschPublic Safety Programs28-09(909) 274-5834
Jane HoChemistry7-2108B(909) 274-5869
David HoAdult Basic Education
Craig HobsonPrinting Services4 1802(909) 274-5546
Thomas HoekstraAccounting
Elizabeth HoffmanAdult Basic Education
Harlan HoffmanHistory26D-2481F(909) 274-4569
Tyrone HogenauerChemistry
James HolbertComputer Information Systems78-2130A(909) 274-6027
Mary HoldenAdult Basic Education
Daniel HollandEnglish and Literature
Marcia HollensheadBiological Sciences
Mark HolmanAdult Basic Education
Alison HolmesArt History66-225(909) 274-4570
Marlyn HoltDual Enrollment4 2465(909) 274-5668
Samantha HomierMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Bishara HomsiFacilities Planning and Mgt(626) 221-4614
Jamil HomsiDesign and Construction
Mike HoodEarth Sciences, Astronomy60-1403(909) 274-4767
Jaime HooperNursing67A 223(909) 274-5170
Karelyn HooverHumanities/Social Sciences Division66 225(909) 274-4570
Zack HopeKinesiology-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
Nichol HopeAdult Basic Education
Hilary HopkinsFine Arts
Sandi HornFiscal Services4-1385(909) 274-5509
Tamra HortonEnglish and Literature26D-1471C(909) 274-4753
Ellen HorwitzChild Development
Abbas Hosseini QanatqaziMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Luisa HowellForeign Languages66-237(909) 274-4968
Catalina HowlandNursing67A-250(909) 274-6446
Tina HowlandCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Shauna HrubyArt History
Cindy HsiehFinancial Aid
Jennifer HuNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div66-129(909) 274-6874
Jenny HuaAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-4660
Kenneth HuangChemistry7-2108F(909) 274-6312
Lily HuangMathematics
Weixiong HuangChemistry
Leonard HudsonAdult Basic Education
Douglas HugheyChild Development73-1801B(909) 274-4691
Philip HulettCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-2430(909) 274-3292
Matthew HumaciuLearning Assistance - Division
Joseph HummellPublic Safety23-149(909) 274-4555
Leslie HunnicuttNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Ryan HuntHistory
Jonathan HurstAdult Basic Education
Jazmin HurtadoCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Ronald HusbandAnimation1-B/C-5(909) 274-5200
James HutchinsonRespiratory Technology67A-143(909) 274-3636
Robert HuttonInformation Technology13-1475(909) 274-4956
Van HuynhCounseling and Guidance9B-(909) 274-5663
Jimmy HuynhAdult Basic Education
Eugene HwangMathematics61-2505(909) 274-4425
Jonathan HymerElectronics, Computer Tech28B-408C(909) 274-4978
Marisa IbarraEnglish and Literature
Jennifer IbarraBusiness Administration77-2000(909) 274-4600
Norma IbarraAdult Basic Education
Debra IbarraHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-4225
Nelson IldefonsoAccounting
Anne ImAdult Basic Education66(909) 274-5235
Michael ImesInformation Technology6-125(909) 274-4279
Rowena ImesInformation Technology23-6139(909) 274-5381
Carol ImparaConsumer Science and Design Tech78 1120B(909) 274-6369
Walter ImpertFine Arts
Tiffany InabuCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Brittany IngersollPsychology
Donna InmanReal Estate
Jessica InthavongAdult Basic Education66(909) 274-5235
Cynthia IrvineSociology, Philosophy
Yasushi IshidaArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Chie IshiharaBusiness Administration
Scott IsleyAdult Basic Education
Loralyn IsomuraInformation Technology4-2465(909) 274-5770
Nadim ItaniArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg28A-101E(909) 274-4373
Naluce Manuela Ito Rocha SantanaBiological Sciences60-2110(909) 274-3466
Marjes JacksonAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-5582
Lucy JacksonChild Development
Robert JacksonInformation Technology26D-G491A(909) 274-5127
Christopher JacksonKinesiology-General27C-103(909) 274-4556
Jose JacoboMathematics/Computer Sciences
Luis Jacobo ManriquezUpward Bound9B
Gail JacobsFine Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Raymond Jacobs-EdmondsonAdult Basic Education
Ralph JagodkaAccounting79-3200D(909) 274-4990
F.M. Jaimes JaimesCommunication
Amanda JamesCounseling and Guidance9B-(909) 274-4266
Stephen Charles JamesArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg28B-304A(909) 274-5214
Samantha James-PerezMental Health67A-247(909) 274-6479
Anita JanickeAdult Basic Education
Sherrie JansenNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Ana Jara De ArayaBiological Sciences7-1216(909) 274-4546
Bob JastrabKinesiology-General44-1120(909) 274-4877
Elizabeth JaureguiFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5342
Juan JaureguiGrounds47-1120(909) 274-4864
Sanjay JayachandranBiological Sciences
Manoj JayagodaAccess Resource Center for Students
Paul JeffersonPublic Safety Programs28B-202A(909) 274-3901
Christopher JeffersonBusiness Administration17-15(909) 274-4600
Tina JenkinsAccess Resource Center for Students
Joseph JennumKinesiology Division45 1461(909) 274-4630
Kris JensenAdult Basic Education
Douglas JensonFiscal Services4-1375D(909) 274-5515
Diane JetteAdult Basic Education30-101(909) 274-5192
Bella JhinAir Conditioning and Welding
Xinyi JiangEOPS9B-(657) 235-0942
Cj JilekFine Arts
Lupita JimenezCareer Center9B-(909) 274-4501
Zaira JimenezHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5493
Thomas JimenezAdult Basic Education
Adriana JimenezBusiness Division77-2000(909) 274-4600
Amy JimenezTech and Health Division28A 101E(909) 274-5134
Jacinta JocsonVice President Instruction77-2050(909) 274-5847
Marshall JohnsonKinesiology Division
Bernard JohnsonAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Jennifer JohnsonAdult Basic Education
Lesley JohnsonAdult Basic Education30-101(909) 274-5230
Devin JohnsonFine Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Maria JohnsonAdult Basic Education
Clayton JohnsonNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
William JohnsonGrounds
Brian JohnsonMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Dana JohnsonAccess Resource Center for Students(909) 274-4290
Kent JohnsonMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1660(909) 969-3850
Michelle JohnsonMathematics/Computer Sciences61 1618(909) 274-3921
Leroy JohnsonKinesiology-General
Cristina JohnsonAdult Basic Education
Felicity JohnsonAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Mary Johnson-DejohnAdult Basic Education
Felix JollevetHistory and Art History
Annie JonejaPsychology
Kimberly JonesKinesiology-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
William JonesHistory26D-2481K(909) 274-4672
Lorraine JonesKinesiology-General1701 East D Street Apt#115
Lee JonesInformation Technology23-1128(909) 274-5612
Vanessa JonesAdult Basic Education
Monica JonesAccess Resource Center for Students9B(909) 274-4290
Heather JonesNatural Sciences Division60-1112(909) 274-5794
JaVian JonesAdult Basic Education
Jacqueline JonesAdult Basic Education
Diori JonesAdult Basic Education
Dena JuarezNatural Sciences Division80-2301A(909) 274-5702
Monica JuarezAdult Basic Education66 174(909) 274-5257
Matthew JuddNatural Sciences Division61-2505F(909) 274-4711
Francesca JungAdult Basic Education
Nafi KaeniDesign and Construction46A-1200C(909) 274-5324
Hannan KakishAcademic Technology66 154(909) 274-6042
Eric KaljumagiMathematics/Computer Sciences6-150(909) 274-6225
Alsace KamFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5762
Nancy KamGrants Office6-262E(909) 274-5678
Ron KamakaKinesiology-General44-1110B(909) 274-5367
Kaoru KamiyaEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Julia KandusPsychology66-225(909) 274-4570
Sean KaneAdult Basic Education
Sean KaneAdult Basic Education
Brenda KaoAdult Basic Education66-129(909) 274-3369
Raina KarimEnglish and Literature
Narineh KarimianCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 279-4380
Omran KarmachChemistry
Ruzanna KarmiryanSociology, Philosophy
Tamara Metz KarnEnglish and Literature26D-1280J(909) 274-4858
Mohamad KassabMathematics
Renu KatochNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-101(909) 274-5155
Marci KatznelsonMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Sarabjit KaurAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Ken KawaguchiInformation Technology23-6112(909) 274-4803
Adelina KayeMathematics
Shane KeenaFine Arts
Lindsey KelleyAdult Basic Education
Sean KellyTheater2T-128C(909) 274-3643
Stillman KellyCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Laura KellyAdult Basic Education
Donna KellyAdult Basic Education
Juli KelsoAdult Basic Education
Kurt KempForeign Languages66-241(909) 274-4583
Wentsworth KennedyBiological Sciences
Darryl KennedyKinesiology Division
Erika KennelleyCommunication
Zelida Keo-TrangPsychology
Christina KesslerDesign and Construction46A(909) 274-5468
Jeremy Raymond KetterlingAdult Basic Education
Amanda Ketting-OlivierGeology
Leah Marie Key KetterEnglish and Literature
Eihsan KhalifeHistory and Art History
Dalia KhalilAdult Basic Education30(909) 274-4845
Jasminda KhanAdult Basic Education
M KhanPhysics, Engineering60-1614(909) 274-4424
Kambiz KhoddamMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1652(909) 274-4650
Janine KidoBiological Sciences60-2415(909) 274-4219
PJ KilanskiCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Grace KimAdult Basic Education31A-4(909) 274-7500
Paul KimAdult Basic Education
Wonjoo KimMathematics
Jung KimNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Myong-Sook KimMathematics/Computer Sciences
Judy KimFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5992
Candice KimMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1638(909) 274-6399
Christine KimAdult Basic Education
Jennifer KingFine Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Jason KingAdult Basic Education
Christina KingPhysics, Engineering
Sadie KingsburyGeology
Alan KinkaidDesign and Construction46A-1210A(909) 274-5887
Albert KirchgraberMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1640(909) 274-4826
Masako KlassenMusic
Kenneth KlawitterCommunication26D-1220B(909) 274-4617
Ginger KleePsychology26A-2551A(909) 274-4570
Mika KleinDesign and Construction46A-1200A(909) 274-5720
Gabriela KleinAdult Basic Education
Kristi KletzienAdult Basic Education66-141(909) 274-5000
Maria KlineFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5426
Joshua KnappPsychology26B-2551B(909) 274-4428
John KnottKinesiology-General
Tamara Knott-SilvaKinesiology Division45-1461(909) 274-4630
Jerry KnoxAdult Basic Education
Catherine KoNutrition
Dean KobaMusic
Fred KobzoffAir Conditioning and WeldingBuilding69-20B(909) 274-5278
Mark KoestelEarth Sciences, Astronomy11-2310(909) 274-4435
Lisa KogatForeign Languages
Tetsuro KojimaMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1632(909) 274-6397
Misty KolchakianPsychology26B-2551F/G(909) 274-6486
Shirley KoltaAdult Basic Education
Joseph KomroskyPhilosophy26B-2551K(909) 274-6826
Mehrdad KoohikamaliGeography66-225(909) 274-4570
Jason KordichEnglish and Literature
Erik KostiukSociology, Philosophy
Jamil KouryFacilities Planning and Mgt
Karyn KranzAthletics-General27A-1(909) 274-3212
Sandy KrauseLibrary6-(909) 274-4289
John KuchtaAir Conditioning and Welding69-10B(909) 274-5465
Dylan KuhnAdult Basic Education
Candis KumpeKinesiology Division(909) 274-4341
Alvin KungChemistry7 -2108I(909) 274-5366
Connie KunklerNursing67B-250(909) 274-6331
Alice KuoInformation Technology23(909) 274-4357
Jackson KuoFiscal Services4-1375C(909) 274-5372
Tiffany KuoMusic2-114(909) 274-4332
Hirohito KurokiArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Caitlin KurvinkAdult Basic Education
Sarah KwonCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Valerie KyCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
James La DukeGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Anne La Valle ShepstonForeign Languages
Alexandria LacayoAthletics-General
Hilary LackeyEarth Sciences, Astronomy60-1110(909) 274-6342
Shelly LaddusawNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-138 (909) 274-5774
Mary LaffeyAdult Basic Education
Naomi LagerstromFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Roberta Lahr-DolgovinBusiness Administration
Irving LaiMathematics/Computer Sciences
Carolyn Lake-BainEOPS9B-(909) 274-5915
Albert LamLearning Assistance - Division
Christine LamFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5428
Wood LamLearning Assistance - Division
Samson LamMaintenance47-117(909) 274-4974
William LambertFoundation(909) 274-5438
Kenneth LambrightMathematics/Computer Sciences
Peg LamphierHistory
Giovanni LanaroKinesiology-General(909) 274-5224
Stephen LancasterMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1610(909) 274-4562
Michael John LandasAthletics-GeneralKinesiology Athletics and Dance(909) 274-4878
Ivonne LanderosNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-5437
Darlene LanderosChild Development73-1801-C(909) 274-4912
Desiree LanderosFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
April LandryFiscal Services4-1385(909) 274-5510
John LaneAir Conditioning and WeldingHVACR Division Bldg. 69(909) 594-5611
Laurence LaneAdult Basic Education
David LanePhilosophy26B-2551N(909) 274-4593
Kenneth LanePhotography12-1210(909) 274-5200
Tanysha LaneyAccounting77-2000(909) 274-4600
Eric LapeSociology, Philosophy
Eric LaraVice President Student Services
Salvador LaraFacilities Planning and Mgt48-3(909) 274-4850
Kaylynn LareCounseling and Guidance327West-(909) 274-6225
Wilfredo LaresAdult Basic Education
Barbara LarongaMusic
Kathryn LarsonAdult Basic Education
Sandon LarsonSign Language, Interpreting66-214B(909) 212-0139
Kathleen LaubPsychology
Julie Mallard LavertyCommunication
Lester LawenkoTutorial Services6-104(909) 274-6612
Betsy LawlorBiological Sciences60-2110(909) 274-4009
La Juana LawrenceInformation Technology23A-140(909) 274-4357
Sandra LawrenceAdult Basic Education
Katherine LawsonHistory and Art History
Judith LawtonHistory and Art History
Jereme LazarPublic Safety Programs28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Garrick LazarPublic Safety Programs28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Edward LazarPublic Safety Programs
Ryan LazarPublic Safety Programs
Melanie LazoFiscal Services
Bieu LeLibrary6-235(909) 274-5659
Michael LeAdult Basic Education
Jennifer LeBrunAdult Basic Education
Richard LeGarraPublic Safety Programs937 Las Rosas Dr(909) 278-4750
Jennifer LeaderEnglish and Literature66-229A(909) 274-6313
Nicole LedesmaNursing
Erica LedezmaNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div45-1430(909) 274-5518
Eddie LeeCounseling and Guidance9B-291(909) 274-5676
Stacy LeeCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Donna LeeBiological Sciences60-2423(909) 274-4545
Don LeeForeign Languages66-225(909) 274-4570
Monica LeeBiological Sciences
Francesca LeeDance12-1210(909) 274-5200
Steven LeeAdult Basic Education
Connie LeeInternational Student Program9B(909) 274-5592
Grace LeeAdult Basic Education
Daniel LeeInformation Technology23(909) 274-4357
Bianca LeeLearning Assistance - Division
Rich LeeFiscal Services4-1370A(909) 274-5520
Susan LeeArts Division12 1210(909) 274-4922
Charlie LeeAdmissions and Records9B-131(909) 274-5587
Esther LeeEnglish and Literature66(909) 274-5235
Phebe LeeMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1620(909) 274-3374
Stephanie LeeBiological Sciences
Ryan LeeMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Chongui LeeMathematics/Computer Sciences
Ji Seon LeeComputer Sciences
Heather LehighAdult Basic Education
Alex LemosAccounting77-2000(909) 274-4600
Alexander LennertEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
Jeffrey LenoxArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Ivan LeonAccounting77-2000(909) 274-4600
Shannon LeonAdult Basic Education
Carly Leon BetkeyNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30(909) 274-4845
Patty Leon EncaladeDesign and Construction46-1040(909) 274-4566
Tina Leonard LeonardHumanities/Social Sciences Division
Nigel LeosCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Timothy LeslieHealth Services
Martin LeungMusic(909) 274-4135
Stephen LeungAcademic Technology
Jenny LeungChemistry7-2108D(909) 274-6311
Sing LeungMathematics/Computer Sciences
Alexander Lev-Da-SilvaLearning Assistance - Division
John Michael LewallenMarketing and Communications4-2425B(909) 274-4137
Pamela LewisSign Language, Interpreting66-225(909) 274-4570
Kendra LewisAdult Basic Education
Nicole LewisFine Arts12(909) 274-5200
Dr. Cindy LiChemistry
Mark LiclicanNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-111(909) 274-4935
Paula LimAdult Basic Education
Marianne LimaBusiness Division78-1190(909) 274-4600
Brian LinvilleEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
David LittleAccounting
Florence LiuMathematics/Computer Sciences
Kevin LiuAccess Resource Center for Students
Liset LlerenasCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Nancy LoConsumer Science and Design Tech
Joseph Lo PiccoloMusic
Evie LoadjajaEOPS9B-160(909) 274-5934
Elizabeth LobbGeography and Political Science26D 2481L(909) 274-5775
Heidi LockhartHonors Program(909) 274-4528
Lisa LockridgeVice President Instruction4-2465(909) 274-4655
Dionne Loera-Ramirez Loera-RamirezEnglish and Literature26D-1471B(909) 274-3175
Hollie LohffAdult Basic Education
Shay LohmanAdult Basic Education
Octavio LojeroAdult Basic Education
Karen LongInformation Technology7-1218(909) 274-4466
Vanessa LongKinesiology Division
Christina LongstaffeAdult Basic Education
Robert LopezPublic Safety Programs
Jeze LopezVice President Student Services16E-(909) 274-6528
Audra LopezAnimal Sciences80-2301I(909) 274-5264
Selene LopezNutrition
Vanessa LopezAdult Basic Education
Dan LopezHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5466
Teresa LopezNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Danny LopezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-109(909) 274-5757
Bernard LopezDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Ricardo LopezDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Paola LopezFine Arts40-104(909) 274-4220
Alixandria LopezCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
Laura LopezNatural Sciences Division61-2505(909) 274-4425
Stephanie LopezInternational Student Program9B(909) 274-5033
Gabriela LopezAdult Basic Education
Tatiana LopezChemistry60-3623(909) 274-5491
Anthony LopezBiological Sciences60-2110(909) 274-4013
Andrew LopezElectronics, Computer Tech28B-406(909) 274-4992
Oswaldo LopezTech and Health Division(909) 274-4750
Jesse LopezCounseling and Guidance
Leticia LopezHumanities/Social Sciences Division66-225(909) 274-5424
Yvonne Lopez-GonzalezAdult Basic Education
Luis Lopez-PerezAdult Basic Education
Eric Lopez BlountFinancial Aid(909) 274-4450
Jennifer LoredoAnimal Sciences80-2301A(909) 274-4540
Albert LorelloAdult Basic Education
Charis LouiePsychology26B-2551B(909) 274-4442
Karissa LoveroBiological Sciences
Josephine LoweLearning Assistance - Division
Mark LowentroutArts Division12-1210(909) 274-5201
James LoyCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Rene LoydMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1634(909) 274-4679
Windy LozanoFinancial Aid9B-241(909) 274-4450
Carmen LozanoHealth Services67B-130(909) 274-4400
Suzanne LuetjenBookstore Administration9A(909) 274-4490
Angel LujanCounseling and Guidance9B-278(909) 274-5927
Casey LukenbillSociology, Philosophy
Fermin LunaAdult Basic Education
Shirley LundbladeAdult Basic EducationESL Department, Building 66(909) 274-5237
Linda LundgrenMarketing and Communications4-2425B(909) 274-5403
Yin LuoChemistry
Thinh LuongAdult Basic Education
Diana Lupercio IbarraAdult Basic Education40-138(909) 274-6192
Douglas LuskBusiness Administration77-2000(909) 274-4600
Raymond LuuNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-101
Luzolo LuzombeCounseling and Guidance9B-(909) 274-4500
Rodrigo Luzuriaga AguirreInformation Technology28B-09B(909) 274-6202
Hoa LyMathematics/Computer Sciences
Candace LynchEnglish and Literature
Billie LynesNursing67A 246(909) 274-4191
Troy LyonTransportationGarage(909) 274-4861
Natalia LyonForeign Languages
Kelley LyonsLearning Assistance
Jun MaBroadcast Services6-170
Jannie Thuan MaLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-133(909) 274-3337
Laurie MaasBusiness Division21D(909) 274-4294
Long MacAdult Basic Education
Jennifer Mac DonaldBiological Sciences60 2411(909) 274-4884
Greg Mac DonaldMarketing and Communications4-2425(909) 274-4699
Kymberly MacalaGrants Office4-2465(909) 274-4683
Tony Macaraeg MacaraegNursing
Darwin MacatiagInformation Technology23-181(909) 274-4039
Maria MacedoAdmissions and Records9B-139(909) 274-5572
Melissa MaciasFine Arts(909) 274-5588
Carmen Macias LimonCounseling and Guidance9B2744380
Briseida MacielFoster Youth/REACH Program16E(909) 274-6556
Miguel MacielGrounds47-106(909) 274-4391
Michelle MackayAdult Basic Education
Donovan MacleodAdult Basic Education
Connie MadarangFiscal Services4-1385(909) 274-5521
Nayeli Madero FernandezCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Raul MadridPolitical Science26D-2481N(909) 274-4570
Paulo MadrigalNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div1100 N. Grand Avenue(909) 274-5234
Juan Madrigal RinconCenter of Excellence21D(909) 274-5409
Allen MaesAdult Basic Education
Patricia MaestroCounseling and Guidance9B-234(909) 274-6231
Daniel MagdalenoFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Raul MagdalenoInformation Technology9D-107(909) 274-4308
Jesus MagdalenoAdult Basic Education
Michael MageeanEnglish and Literature26D-1471B(909) 274-4848
Mckenna MaglioAdult Basic Education
Suzanne MaguireLibrary6-233(909) 274-5655
David MahPublic Safety Programs28B-208(909) 274-6218
Lori MahanAccess Resource Center for Students9D-(909) 274-6393
Parisa MahjoorChemistry
Ryan MahlerAccess Resource Center for Students
Elizabeth Ruth MahlerHumanities/Social Sciences Division9D(909) 274-6393
Eugene MahmoudPhysics, Engineering60-1407(909) 274-5745
Karen MahoodNursing
Uyen 'Yen' MaiMarketing and Communications4 2425(909) 274-5448
Natasha MajanoCounseling and Guidance
Ana MaldonadoMusic
Karen MaldonadoAdult Basic Education
Lianne Maldonado-GreenleeProfessional and Organizational Dev6-142(909) 274-6044
Daniel MalignaggiAdult Basic Education
Michael MalleyAmerican Language66-129(909) 274-3860
Kristine MaloneNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-101 I(909) 274-5197
Heather MaloneEnglish and Literature28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Clark MaloneyKinesiology-General(909) 274-4686
Stacy ManfrediHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5118
Philip MantioneMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Win MarLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-202(909) 274-4327
Jessica MarascoAdult Basic Education
Peggy MarcyNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div77-1005D(909) 274-5010
Talin MardirosiansAdult Basic Education
Danilo MarellaBiological Sciences
Ann Marie MarinArts Division2-M103(909) 274-4135
Yazmin MarinSign Language, Interpreting
Ashley Marin HernandezNatural Sciences Division60-2105(909) 274-5215
David MarkAir Conditioning and Welding28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Kevin MarkAthletics-General45-1410(909) 274-4522
Maya Maroun YbarraAdult Basic Education
Julie MarquezEOPS9B(909) 274-4500
Desiree MarquezFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Ralph MarquezDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Manuel MarquezGrounds47-106(909) 274-4931
Mike MarsellaChemistry
Karen MarstonMusic
Margot MartinMusic
Nico MartinezAssessment and Matriculation9B-169(909) 274-5302
Sylvia MartinezNursing
Alyssa MartinezCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Ruth MartinezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Amanda MartinezBusiness Administration77-2000(909) 274-4600
Irene MartinezHealth Services67B-130(909) 274-5964
Adelina MartinezAdult Basic Education
Laura MartinezVice President Instruction4-2465B(909) 274-5414
Gary MartinezPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Betzabel MartinezStudent Equity16E(909) 274-5854
Antonio MartinezPublic Safety Programs28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Regina MartinezBusiness Management79-3200B(909) 274-5253
Leanora MartinoDance
Keisha MartsFacilities Planning and Mgt
Ricky MaschekNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Sonya MaslSociology, Philosophy26B Second Floor
Lia MasonFiscal Services(909) 274-5554
Clair MasonComputer Information Systems18A-7(909) 274-3646
Caryn MasonNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Martin Sydney MasonPhysics, Engineering60-1411(909) 274-5306
Ulavale MatavaoCounseling and Guidance
Sheila MateoChild Development
Gary MatsumotoMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Lisa MatthewsHistory66-225(909) 274-4570
Lynn MatthiesenBridge Program9E(909) 274-4682
Mark MattoonEnglish and Literature
Michelle MattoonEnglish and Literature
Danielle MattosNursing28A-101E
Thomas MauchStudent Services Division9B-273(909) 274-5378
La Nelle MaurerCounseling and Guidance9B-(909) 274-4962
Amanda MaxhamPhysics, Engineering
Ronald MayfieldPublic Safety Programs
Stanley MbuthiCounseling and Guidance9B-277(909) 274-5924
Kenneth Mc AlpinMaintenance and Operations47-1120(909) 274-4280
Dale Mc CabeBiological Sciences
Andreana McCallEnglish 66-225
Betsy Mc CormickEnglish and Literature26D-1280C(909) 274-4631
Lynne Mc CreadyCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Kirin McCroryTheaterT 126
Kristin McCullyBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Larry McDanielEthnic Studies
Timothy McElearneyAdult Basic Education
Thomas Mc FarlandAccounting3700-B(909) 274-4909
Leila McFarlinSSSP-Noncredit40P(909) 274-4220
Zina Mc Farlin-StaggNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Jason McFaulEnglish and Literature26D-1240E(909) 274-4716
Naclaysia McGeeAdult Basic Education
Mary McGeeBusiness Division77-2000(909) 274-4656
Brian McGeoughAccounting77-2000(909) 274-4600
Alecia McGillAdult Basic Education
Mary McGuireArt History26D(909) 274-4570
William Mc IntoshMusic2-M111(909) 274-4335
Catherine Mc KeeBusiness Administration78-3190A(909) 274-4907
Anna Mc KennonEnglish and Literature
Jennifer McKinneyBiological Sciences
David McLaughlinRadiologic Technology67A 127B(909) 274-4790
Jasmine McLeodCommunication26D-1220D(909) 274-6303
Janet Mc MullinMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1618(909) 274-4111
Jennifer McNeilKinesiology-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
Kendall Mc RaeInformation Technology13 2425A(909) 274-5446
Josh McginnAdult Basic Education
Kateri MckinneyBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Marina MclaughlinAdult Basic Education
Mcrobbie MclellanKinesiology Division
Kelsey McneillyAdult Basic Education
Christopher MecateKinesiology Division45-1461(909) 274-5351
Robert MedinaFacilities Planning and Mgt47
Guadalupe MedinaChild Development Center70(909) 274-6512
Mayda MedranoChild Development
BM MedranoHistory26D(909) 274-4574
Adrian MedranoAdult Basic Education
Jaishri MehtaComputer Information Systems79-2200D(909) 274-4771
Crystal MejiaLibrary6-226(909) 274-4244
Estela Mejia GonzalezChild Development73-1801C(909) 274-4902
Nicole MelamedAdult Basic Education
Lucie MelendezChild Development73-1801C(909) 274-4645
Valorie MelendrezAdult Basic Education
Carlos MelgarAdult Basic Education
Arpi MelkonianPsychology
Filipe MeloHistory
Joseph MelodyCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Jamahl MeltonHistory
Brandi MeltonAccess Resource Center for Students
Juan Antonio MendozaBoard of Trustees
Chantal MendozaAdult Basic Education
Mandy MendozaAdult Basic Education
Jose MenjivarMathematics/Computer Sciences
Todd MenzingHistory
Paul MercierComputer Information Systems(909) 274-3322
Donald MeredithPublic Safety Programs
Stephanie MeredithFine Arts
Mika MerinoForeign Languages66-225(909) 274-4570
Jose MeroArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Jim MerrillAthletics-General
Charles Merward IIIPhilosophy
Jesse MessengerPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Sara MestasCounseling and Guidance9B-297(909) 274-6349
Jean MetterConsumer Science and Design Tech78-1120C(909) 274-5330
Gary MetzkerJournalism
Luke MeyerCenter of Excellence12-1270B(909) 274-6106
Elizabeta MeyerBiological Sciences60-2403(909) 274-4149
Seth MeyersHealth Services
Nicole MeylorAdult Basic Education
Lorenzo MezaFacilities Planning and Mgt48-3(909) 274-6430
Juan MezaHistory
Cristian MezaNatural Sciences Division61(909) 274-4425
Barbara MezakiAmerican Language66-229B(909) 274-4586
Chris MichaelsAdult Basic Education
Dana MihoAdult Basic Education66-168C(909) 274-5248
Kenneth MillerElectronics, Computer Tech28B 408C(909) 274-4529
Cheri MillerChild Development Center70(909) 274-4920
Kimberly MillerCounseling and Guidance
Christine MillerAdult Basic Education
Paul MillerPublic Safety
John MillerPhysics, Engineering60(909) 274-4425
Carrie MillerChemistry7-2108F(909) 274-4425
Steven MillerNatural Sciences DivisionF4(909) 274-6137
William MillwardHorticultural Sciences
Min MinNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div66-168B(909) 274-5242
Yuki MinekawaForeign Languages
Carol MinningDesign and Construction
Raul MirandaPerforming Arts Operations2T 128A(909) 274-5796
Sandy MirandaFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Blanche MirandaAdult Basic Education
Omi MiriNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-115(909) 274-5153
David MirmanBiological Sciences60-2112(909) 274-4013
Mason MitchellKinesiology-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
LaShonne MitchellAdult Basic Education
Oli MohammadiCommunication66-225(909) 274-4570
William MolinaEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
Arturo MolinaAdult Basic Education
Lorena MolinaAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-5589
John MollaAdult Basic Education
Annette Monge-HermosilloHigh School Outreach9B(909) 274-5906
Joel MonroyDual Enrollment4 2465(909) 274-5239
Linda MonteilhBusiness Division17-15(909) 274-5120
Gregory MonteithInformation Technology23-6130(909) 274-5965
Danny MontejanoAdult Basic Education
Laura MontenegroAdult Basic Education
Jennifer MontenegroCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Becky MontenegroNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Vanessa MonteonForeign Languages
Sasha MonteroSociology, Philosophy
David MontesAccess Resource Center for Students9E-1185(909) 274-6416
Randy MontesAir Conditioning and Welding40-104(909) 274-4220
Forrest MontgomeryEnglish and Literature
Patricia MontoyaAdmissions and Records9B-163(909) 274-5571
Robert MontoyaGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Andrea MontoyaEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
Annette MonugianRegistered Vet Tech-GeneralF2A-5(909) 274-4543
Anthony MooreInformation Technology23-1123(909) 274-4357
Barbara MooreEnglish and Literature
Kate MoralesInformation Technology23 1122(909) 274-5562
Lisa MoralesMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1608(909) 274-5782
Abigail MoralesLibrary6-234(909) 274-4298
Arturo MoralesMaintenance47-110(909) 274-4862
Eva Morales-VargasAdult Basic Education
Stacey Morales BeasleySociology, Philosophy
Rachel MoranChemistry61(909) 274-4425
Yvonne MorenoSign Language, Interpreting
Jose MorenoAdult Basic Education
Martin MorenoAdult Basic Education
Blanca MorenoChild Development Center73(909) 274-4691
Julie Ann MorenoFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5789
Kelly MorettiniNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Jennifer MorganConsumer Science and Design Tech77-2000(909) 274-4600
Jay MorganPhotography13-6316(909) 274-6316
Diana MorganFiscal Services6(909) 274-4234
Jessica MoronezSociology
Jabari MorrisKinesiology Division
Will MortonElectronics, Computer Tech28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Raymond MosackPublic Safety Programs28B(909) 274-5747
David MoskovitzBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Jessica MossSociology, Philosophy
David MrofkaEarth Sciences, Astronomy60-1110(909) 274-6492
Guddisaa MuletaChemistry
Doug MullaneEnglish and Literature
David MunarFacilities Planning and Mgt48-3(909) 274-4850
Gloria MunguiaVice President Student Services9B-102(909) 274-4505
Edgar MunizEnglish and Literature
Laura MunizEOPS16E-1102(909) 274-5932
Guadalupe MunozAdult Basic Education
Marcos MunozAdult Basic Education
Miguel MunozAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-4415
Matthew MunroMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1640(909) 274-4647
Rachel MurilloPhotography12-1210(909) 274-5200
Michael MurilloAdult Basic Education
Patrick MurphyAdult Basic Education
Tara MurphyNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Amanda MurphyAdult Basic Education
Jorda MurrayCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Martin MushikEnglish and Literature
Mr. MyersAdult Basic Education
Richard MyersEnglish and Literature26D-1240G(909) 274-6427
Laurel Myers-Mc KenzieMusic
Stephanie NaAdult Basic Education
Tanner NaasWriting Center
Daryl NagamineInformation Technology23-6130(909) 274-5290
Christine NagataCareer Pathways77-2050E(909) 274-5893
Lucia Danielle NaglerAdult Basic Education
Steven NahabedianCommunication
Marchelle Nairne-ProulxLearning Assistance66-174(909) 274-5231
Manuel Najera HuertaFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Stacie NakamatsuCounseling and Guidance9B 2nd Fl.(909) 274-5917
Amy NakamuraDance2-T123(909) 274-4635
Christopher NalbandianChemistry
Richard NaresAdult Basic Education
Sam NassarNursing9B-276(909) 274-5943
Michelle NavaEnglish and Literature26D(909) 274-6332
Michelle NavaNursing
Marjorie Nava BurguiereInformation Technology23-1126(909) 274-5018
Gabriela NavarHumanities/Social Sciences Division66-225(909) 274-6321
Elizabeth NavarroTech and Health Division67B-250(909) 274-4788
Michelle Teresa NavarroTech and Health Division28B 208(909) 274-5148
Jesus NavarroGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Marcos NavarroDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Gabriel Navarro RodriguezAdult Basic Education
Lori NaylorAdult Basic Education
Jane S. NazzalEnglish and Literature26Bldg26-D 1280H (909) 274-5271
Agnes Ndirangu-MwathiNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104
Donna NeckeAdult Basic Education30-101(909) 274-6325
Monique NeelRadiologic Technology67A-127B(909) 274-4680
Samantha NeelyKinesiology-General3-(909) 274-4344
Scott NeighborPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Iraj NejadChemistryDept. of Chemistry 1100 N. Grand Ave(909) 274-4535
Gary NellesenDesign and Construction46-1065(909) 274-5179
Colleen NelsonNatural Sciences Division61-2505(909) 274-5053
Wendy NelsonSociology, Philosophy66-225(909) 274-4570
Carol NelsonPresident's OfficeFounders Hall(909) 274-5431
Pison NetsawangArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Douglas NevesEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Michelle NewhartDistance Learning6-262B(909) 274-5020
Chuen NgAdult Basic Education
Jenny NgoBiological Sciences
Michael NgoCounseling and Guidance66-168C(909) 274-5003
Paul NguyNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Cong NguyenAdult Basic Education
Catherine NguyenFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-6261
Kelvin Phi NguyenFine Arts
Rick NguyenInformation Technology23-3100(909) 274-4886
Mai NguyenAdult Basic Education
Thang NguyenChemistry
Quyen NguyenMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1610(909) 274-3572
Cynthia NguyenLearning Assistance - Division
Allen NguyenCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Joelle NguyenAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-4415
Kim-Leiloni NguyenBiological Sciences60-2415(909) 274-4003
Bao-Chi NguyenMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1620(909) 274-6358
Vicky NguyenAdult Basic Education
Alex NguyenChemistry61-2505(909) 274-4425
Marguerite NguyenForeign Languages
Michael NicholsEvent Services6-170(909) 274-5125
Sarah NicholsPhysics, Engineering60-1415(909) 274-1407
Diana Nightwine-RobinsonBiological Sciences
Lorrie NixonAdult Basic Education
Bruce NixonMental Health67A-239(909) 274-4917
Ian Patrick NoonanInterior Design
John NorvellAnthropology60-2106(909) 274-4602
Comron NouriPhysics, Engineering
Maria NunezMathematics/Computer Sciences
Paul O'BrienEnglish and Literature26D-1280J(909) 274-4136
Michelle O'ShieldsAdult Basic Education
Michael O'ShieldsAdult Basic Education
Juan OchoaNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Maritess OdaChemistry
Godwin OdeyAdult Basic Education
Alyssa OertwigAdult Basic Education
Beckette OgdenTheater
Aram OhanisManufacturing
Daniel Joseph OhareGeology
Evelyn OjedaInformation Technology23(909) 274-4365
Christine OjedaKinesiology Division45-1461H(909) 274-5709
David OkonyanHistory
Emi OkuboForeign Languages
Jose OlagueElectronics, Computer Tech
Al OlaliaFine Arts
Jennifer OldsEnglish and Literature26D-1280H(909) 274-7500 x3312
Diane OlinBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Daisy OlivasHealth Services67B(909) 274-4400
David OliverAdult Basic Education
Tamara Olivos MunozNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Eric OmoriPhotography(909) 274-4441
Hai OngMathematics/Computer Sciences
Jacqueline OntiverosNursing67A-141(909) 274-6477
Jennifer OoAdult Basic Education
Caridad OppensteinAdult Basic Education77 - 1005(909) 274-4580
Velia OreficeComputer Information Systems
Paul OronaAdult Basic Education
Cynthia OrozcoBridge Program
Monico OrozcoCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-2420(909) 274-6890
Cynthia OrrMarketing and Communications4-2425(909) 274-4121
Jondea OrrNursing67A-262(909) 274-5263
Michel OrtalliAdult Basic Education
Alex OrtegaDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Sonia OrtegaAdult Basic Education66-263E(909) 274-6940
Calixto OrtizAdult Basic Education66-238(909) 274-6042
Andrew OrtizAdult Basic Education
Isaias OrtizNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Vanessa OrtizHuman Resources
Ruth OrtizAdult Basic Education
Rosa OrtizChild Development Center9E(909) 274-4920
Claudia OrtizFoundation(909) 274-5746
Andrea OrtizMaintenance and Operations
Serina OrtizKinesiology Division
Leonard OrtizDesign and Construction46(909) 274-5496
Kevin OsakiKinesiology Division
Greg OsbourneAthletics-General
Valerie OseguedaAdult Basic Education
Bertha OsegueraAdult Basic Education
Daniel OsendorfAir Conditioning and Welding
Michael OstbyDesign and Construction18B-(909) 274-6364
Francisco Osuna ZayasPromise Plus
Serena OttForeign Languages66-235(909) 274-4568
Sage OveroyeAdult Basic Education40-109E(909) 274-5785
Robert OviedoAdult Basic Education
Brian OwenPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Kevin OwenEvent Services6-170(909) 274-5700
Raluca OwensGeography and Political Science66-225(909) 274-4570
Eric OwensAeronautics, Transportation28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Daniel OzanAthletics-General
Melissa PacePsychology66-225(909) 274-4570
Erik PachasMathematics/Computer Sciences
Manuel PachecoRadio, Television
Leonel PachecoAdult Basic Education
Sandra PadillaCounseling and Guidance9E(909) 274-6375
Michael PadillaAdult Basic Education
Maya PadillaRegistered Veterinary Tech80-2301C(909) 274-4542
Christopher PadillaHumanities/Social Sciences Division66-225(909) 274-5103
Dilbert PagdilaoFacilities Planning and Mgt
Rita PageHistory
Antony PaiCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Lee PaigeBusiness Administration78-3120(323) 356-4531
Phanh PakRadiologic Technology
Maura Palacios MejiaBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Eric PalmerAdult Basic Education
Margaret PalumboAccess Resource Center for Students9B-120(909) 274-5633
Adam PanagosAdult Basic Education
Mona PanchalMathematics
Joshua PaoliniBiological SciencesB6
Jinsun ParkPhilosophy26B-2551O(909) 594-5611
Daniel ParkAdult Basic Education
Stacy ParkerKinesiology-General27A-104(909) 274-6380
Dana ParkerMusic12-1210(909) 274-5200
Steve ParkerSociology, Philosophy
Catherine ParksStudent Equity16E-1138(909) 274-5576
Shivani ParmarEnglish and Literature
Maria ParraChemistry
Sumana PasalaBiological Sciences
Virginia PascoeBiological Sciences60-2108(909) 274-4218
Michael PasillasChemistry
Joe PastorFine Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Krupa PatelInformation Technology23-4130(909) 274-5763
Richard PattersonComputer Information Systems79-2200F(909) 274-5168
Alex PatthoffEarth Sciences, Astronomy61-2505(909) 274-4425
Trista PayteWriting Center26B-1563(909) 274-5325
Ross PazComputer Information Systems
Tami PearsonAdult Basic Education40-109(909) 274-4314
Kirk PedersenFine Arts1B/C-15(909) 274-5104
Joy PedrojaEnglish and Literature
Javier PedrozaGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Jennifer PeitenSSSP-Noncredit
John PellitteriPsychology26A-2551G(909) 274-5232
Jessica PenaCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Jose PenaHealth Services(909) 274-4400
Kelly PenaHumanities/Social Sciences Division66-225(909) 274-5121
Ricardo PenaFacilities Planning and Mgt48-3(909) 274-4850
Grace PengMathematics/Computer Sciences
Eric PeraltaAdult Basic Education
Lorena PeraltaNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-115(909) 274-5262
Chaz PereaHorticultural Sciences80-2301F(909) 274-5892
Manfred PeredaAdult Basic Education
Fabian PerezAdult Basic Education
Nelida PerezAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Rodney PerezAdult Basic Education
Caro PerezLibrary(909) 274-4260
Jacob PerezPromise Plus
Yadira PerezAchieving College Ensuring Success9B-Third Floor(909) 274-4591
Sandy PerezAdult Basic Education
Alicia PerezAdult Basic Education
Joseph PerezAdult Basic Education
Christopher PerezMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1608(909) 274-3240
Anabel PerezCounseling and Guidance9D(909) 274-5904
Maria PerezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30
Tina PerezCommunication
Dominique PerezAdult Basic Education66(909) 274-5236
Janet PerezAdult Basic Education
Jason PerezCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-1479(909) 274-6828
Julie Perez-GarciaCounseling and Guidance9B-244(909) 274-5680
Danette PerkinsCalWORKS
Amanda PerryPsychology66-225(909) 274-4570
Raymond PersingerFine Arts
Valerie PestanaReal Estate77-2000(909) 274-4600
Kip PesutiEvent Services6-172(909) 274-5605
Jeffrey PetersenPublic Safety Programs
John PetersonMaintenance47-108(909) 274-4929
Petra PetryForeign Languages
Khoi PhamMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Tony PhamAdult Basic Education
Thuy Vi PhamCommunication26D(909) 274-6304
Teresa PhamFinancial Aid
Dangvinh PhamdoArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg
Van PhanCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Scott PhelpsEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Judi PhillipsCounseling and Guidance
Jamie PhillipsAnimal Sciences80-2301K(909) 274-4598
Sadie PhillipsAdult Basic Education
Julie PhillipsLibrary/Learning Resources Division
Wesley PhongsaPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Jenny PhuFinancial Aid
David PiedraCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Michael PiesikParking Services23(909) 274-4555
Erik PietschHistory and Art History
Mitchell PikeAdult Basic Education
Robert PilusoEnglish and Literature
Jayson PinedaAdult Basic Education
Maritza Pineda-SilvaAdult Basic Education
Irene PinedoVice President Instruction4-2465(909) 274-5412
Sarah PlesetzTech and Health Division28A-101D(909) 274-4801
Rudolph PockPublic Safety Programs
Suzanne PonceFiscal Services4-1375
Heather PonceAccess Resource Center for Students9B(909) 274-6332
Larry PoncettaAnimal Sciences-GeneralF9(909) 438-1678
Gizelle PonzilloTutorial Services6-107(909) 274-4572
Horia PopMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1636(909) 274-4401
Serena PotterAnimation
Shane PoulterCounseling and Guidance45-1441(909) 274-5864
Sierra PowellPolitical Science26D 2481C(909) 274-4670
Chara PowellPsychology
Michael PowerAdult Basic Education
Terrence PrattFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Richard PrehnLearning Assistance - Division
Melissa PreschBiological Sciences60-2109(909) 274-6866
Erin PrestonAspire Program
Adrienne PriceGrants Office4-2445(909) 274-5417
Angelena PrideNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-101(909) 274-6117
Joanne PridomirskiAdult Basic Education
Brian PrietoAdult Basic Education
Kristen PringleEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
Lisa PringlePolitical Science
Victor PrutyanovChemistry
Daniel PueblosPsychology66-225(000) 909-2744 x4570
Alejandra PulidoAmerican Language66-229B(909) 274-5023
Robert PurcellKinesiology-General742-(909) 274-6944
Kristen PurperNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Rene PyleMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1314(909) 274-7500 x3258
Geng QuBusiness Administration(626) 872-5891
Jacqueline QuezadaSSSP-Noncredit
Daniel QuezadaKinesiology Division45-1420(909) 274-4345
Delia Quicho-RoblesFiscal Services4(909) 272-3357
Shanon QuinleyBusiness Administration77-2000(909) 274-4600
Barbara Ann QuinnAccess Resource Center for Students9B-150(909) 274-5642
Patricia QuinonesResearch and Instit Effectiveness
Kimberly Quintana-MullaneEnglish and Literature26D-1280K(909) 274-4757
Catalina QuinteroPromise Plus9B-129(909) 274-5667
Gabriella QuinteroAdult Basic Education66-1st Floor(909) 274-5235
Henry QuinteroAccounting
Gabrielle QuirozStudent Life9C-1(909) 274-5873
Stephanie RadnotiNursing
Gregory RagerPhotography
Sara RahimnejadChemistry
Mustafizur RahmanLearning Assistance - Division
Karen RalstonAdult Basic Education
Randy RamalSociology, Philosophy
Claudia RamirezMathematics
Carlos Ramirez RamirezCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Phill RamirezKinesiology-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
Jesus RamirezHorticultural SciencesF2A-1(909) 274-4694
Evelyn RamirezPayroll4-1370(909) 274-5555
Betty RamirezFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Antonia RamirezAdult Basic Education
Christina RamirezLearning Assistance - Division
Yolanda Ramirez-PielRespiratory Technology
Briseida Ramirez CatalanAdult Basic Education36-2(909) 274-3064
Raymundo Ramirez Jr.Kinesiology-General
Dennis RamosLibrary6-235(909) 274-4124
Norma RamosAdult Basic Education
Felipe RamosGrounds47(909) 274-4850
Ana RamosNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(626) 274-5357
Norma RamosAdult Basic Education
Jason RamosCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Paul RamosPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Natasha Ramos BernalPolitical Science
Samantha RangelKinesiology Division45-1461(909) 274-4630
Deletrice RanieriChild Development Center70(909) 274-4920
Usha RaoTutorial Services6-101(909) 274-6605
Danielle RasshanAdult Basic Education
Bill RawlingsInformation Technology6-123(909) 274-6602
Denise Rawlings-ShinnEnglish 66-225(909) 274-4570
Alfredo RaygozaEnglish and Literature
Angelica RazoNursing40P(909) 274-4220
Monica RedfoxAdult Basic Education
Josh ReedCommercial and Entertainment Arts
James ReedNatural Sciences Division61-3316(909) 274-4390
Christopher ReederAdult Basic Education
Shelley RegaladoEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Annalisa RegenfussBiological Sciences
Purnima ReghunathanSign Language, Interpreting
Stacey ReiseckConsumer Science and Design Tech77-2000(909) 274-4600
Joel Philip RenfroDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Gracie RetamozaCounseling and Guidance
David RetanaAdult Basic Education
Timothy RevellBiological Sciences60-2102(909) 274-4231
Dr. Carmen E. RexachBiological Sciences60-2109(909) 274-4223
Andrea ReyesForeign Languages
Enid ReyesNew Textbooks9A-4A(909) 274-4491
Yesenia ReyesCalWORKS
Rosanne ReyesAdult Basic Education
Eloise ReyesAccess Resource Center for Students9B-122(909) 274-6395
Bernadette ReyesChild Development17-15(909) 274-4600
Breanne ReyesNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Lydia ReyesNursing
Mary-Ellen Reyes JamesMental Health67a-245(909) 274-4913
Marvin ReynaASAC Academic Support
Corina ReynaAdmissions and Records9B-161(909) 274-5597
Franklin ReynoldsCommunication26D 1220A(909) 274-5784
Obdulia ReynosoBusiness Division77-2000A(909) 274-5190
Humberto ReynosoFine Arts12(909) 274-4317
Brian RiceAdult Basic Education
Janice RiceChild Development
Lanny RichardsonAir Conditioning and Welding69-20A(909) 274-4639
Malcolm RickardPhysics, Engineering60-1409(909) 274-6868
Shannon RiderNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40 104(909) 274-4620
William RileyInformation Technology
Linda RillortaSociology, Philosophy26B-2551M(909) 274-3919
Francesca RinaldiForeign Languages66-239(909) 274-5223
Priscilla RinconPublic Safety Programs28B 09(909) 274-4750
Ivan RiosEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
Rebecca RiosNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-5453
Trista RiosNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Jorge RiosCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Eva Rios-AlvaradoLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-(909) 274-5694
Denise Bigelow RipleyKinesiology-General
Hannah RitnimitMaintenance and Operations47(909) 274-4850
Karol RitzDance2-T123(909) 274-4742
Karla RivasMathematics/Computer Sciences
Michael Rodney RivasKinesiology-General
Hector RivasCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-2450(909) 274-4769
Mario RivasCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Antonio RivasEOPS9B-184(909) 274-4692
David RiveraKinesiology-General
Kelly RiveraPolitical Science
Adrian Rivera TorresPhysics, Engineering
Deborah RiversMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1624(909) 274-4729
Anthony RizoDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Justin RoAdult Basic Education
Juliet RoaAdult Basic Education
Heather RobbinsFacilities Planning and Mgt46A 1210(909) 274-7500
Charles RobertsEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Franklin RobinsonAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Carolyn RobinsonPhysics, Engineering60-1415(909) 274-6333
Kody RobisonKinesiology-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
Selena RoblesArt Gallery1B-11(909) 274-4328
Irene RoblesSign Language, Interpreting
Tannia RoblesVice President Student Services9B-129(909) 274-5988
Dolores RoblesConsumer Science and Design Tech
Mauricio RodasDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Morris RodrigueAdministrative Services4-2555A(909) 274-4230
Sheryle RodriguezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-5461
Lisa RodriguezProfessional and Organizational Dev
Raul RodriguezCounseling and Guidance
Gio RodriguezStudent Life9C-20A(909) 274-5954
Caitlin RodriguezDesign and Construction46-1065(909) 274-5176
Bertha RodriguezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div66-(909) 274-5715
Ralph RodriguezAdult Basic Education40P(909) 274-4220
Jaime RodriguezResearch and Instit Effectiveness4-2435(909) 274-5470
Chris RodriguezAudio Visual Services6-182(909) 274-5693
Karen RodriguezAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Elmer Rodriguez AnzoraCounseling and Guidance9B-(909) 274-5935
Daniel Rodriguez JrAdult Basic Education
Maria Rodriguez VargasCounseling and Guidance
Robert RoganAdult Basic Education
Melinda RogersAdult Basic Education
Bruce RogersMusic2-M108A(909) 274-4334
Robert RogusAeronautics, Transportation28B-101K(909) 274-5006
Linda RogusAeronautics, Transportation28B-105A(909) 274-5007
Nathan RohlanderFine Arts
Ruby RojasKinesiology-General45-1470E(909) 274-4732
Victor Rojas JrUpward Bound9E-3120(909) 274-4411
Brian RolleMathematics
Selene RomanCounseling and Guidance9B-(909) 274-4380
Miguel RomanAdult Basic Education
Christine RomeoVice President Student Services9B-102(909) 274-6350
Priscilla RomeroFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5884
Patricia RomeroGrants Office4-24(909) 274-5185
Sally RomeroLibrary
Carlos RomeroAccess Resource Center for Students9B-First Floor(626) 803-1016
Oscar RomeroNursing67A-141(909) 274-3141
Ernest RomeroLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-227(909) 274-5659
Lisa RomoHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5488
Luis Rosa JrBiological Sciences
Alejandra RosalesAdult Basic Education
Colleen RoseNatural Sciences Division
Paul RosenAdult Basic Education
Victor RosilezAdult Basic Education
Tarik RossHigh School Outreach9B-(323) 364-6684
Maggie RossoniCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Masoud RoueintanChemistry7-2108H(909) 274-6690
Dianne RowleyLearning Assistance - Division6 103(909) 274-6223
Laura RoyAdult Basic Education
Rosa RoyceFiscal Services4-1375D(909) 274-5530
Emilie RoyerEarth Sciences, Astronomy61-2505(909) 274-4425
Stephen RubioFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Casandra RubioCounseling and Guidance26A Room 1610(909) 274-4570
Marc RuhKinesiology-General27B-1A(909) 274-4740
Lani RuhKinesiology-General45(909) 274-4630
Briam RuizWarehouse48-1(909) 274-4870
Lisa RuizAdult Basic Education
Laura RuizAdult Basic Education
Vivian RuizVice President Instruction4-2555(909) 274-5504
Victoria RuizPublic Safety40(909) 274-5832
Lydia RuizEngineering
Francisco RuizEngineering
John RuleBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Alexander RuperAdult Basic Education
Tiffany RusichNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Brittany RusichNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Kathryn RussellCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Paul RussellLearning Assistance6-135(909) 274-6607
Eileen RutherfordNursing
Donna RutherfordPrinting Services4-1802(909) 274-4255
Shelly RzoncaAdult Basic Education
Angelica SabalaNursing67A-240(909) 274-5246
Sarah SabetPsychology
Maisha SaffordSign Language, Interpreting66-205(747) 200-1127
Saeko SaitoForeign Languages
Kathy SalataBusiness Administration
Sophia SalazarHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5870
Daisy SalcedoAdult Basic Education
Elva SalcidoAthletics-General45-1461(909) 274-4630
Vivian SaldanaTech and Health Division28A-101E(909) 274-5706
Jason SalehAdult Basic Education
Romelia SalinasLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-227(909) 274-5607
Aaron SalingerForeign Languages66-235(909) 274-4584
Brandon SallerPhysics, Engineering60(909) 274-4425
Tricia Romero SalomoneArt History
Kolap SamelLibrary/Learning Resources Division6(909) 274-4260
Michelle SampatArts Division4 2465F(909) 274-5480
James Louven San AndresNursing28A-101(909) 274-4750
Adam San MiguelAudio Visual Services6-182(909) 274-4213
Andrew SanchezMental Health67A-247(909) 274-5225
Liz SanchezSociology
Vienna SanchezTech and Health Division67A-240(909) 274-4193
Lizbet SanchezForeign Languages66-237(909) 274-4817
Claudia SanchezAdult Basic Education
Ivan SanchezSociology, Philosophy
Hector SanchezEOPS9B-182(909) 274-4500
Rodolfo SanchezFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-6489
Cynthia SanchezEnglish and Literature
Vanessa SanchezCounseling and Guidance
Kimberly SanchezChemistry61-2505(909) 274-4533
Juan SanchezKinesiology-General45-1470A(909) 274-4361
Randy SanchezParking Services23(909) 274-4555
Raul Sanchez AyalaAdult Basic Education40-109(909) 274-5723
Sandeep SandhuBusiness Administration
Raminder SandhuMental Health
Jordan SandovalNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
CLS SandovalCommunication26D-1220D(909) 274-6435
Leslie SandovalAdult Basic Education
Melissa SandovalAdult Basic Education
Marlene SandovalFinancial Aid9B-245(909) 274-4450
Rudy SantacruzCounseling and Guidance9G-9G (909) 274-5485
Carlos SantanaLibrary6-113(909) 274-6276
Yadira SantiagoAdministrative Services4-2555(909) 274-5502
Christine SantiagoFinancial Aid9B-(909) 274-4108
Yvette Alvarez SantillanNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-101(909) 274-6083
Laura SantosBoard of Trustees
William SaraviaMathematics
Marta SardinasArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg28-101E(909) 274-4750
Ignacio SardinasArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg28B-304A(909) 274-4805
Christine SardoAdult Basic Education
Samuel SarmientoMaintenance47-115(909) 274-4868
Marie SatoAdult Basic Education
Clifford SaundersInformation Technology23-6137(909) 274-5613
Mika SawadaForeign Languages
Cynthia SchlesingerConsumer Science and Design Tech17-15(909) 274-4600
Steve SchlichtenmyerFine Arts
Rachel SchmidKinesiology Division
Clint SchmidtEarth Sciences, Astronomy
Karen SchnurbuschPhysics, Engineering60-1310(909) 274-5305
Rondell SchroederFiscal Services4-1385B(909) 274-5511
Chris SchroederInformation Technology23-179(909) 274-6610
Denise SchumakerAdult Basic Education77-1005B(909) 274-5235
Chris ScottPhysics, Engineering
Sarah ScottBiological Sciences60-2409(909) 274-6378
Leticia Guzman ScottKinesiology-General
Brian ScottHorticultural Sciences80-2301H(909) 274-4539
Bill ScrogginsPresident's OfficeFounders Hall(909) 274-4250
Shari SelnickCommunication
Vicky SenoComputer Information Systems
Ana SerranoAdult Basic Education
Esther SerranoAdult Basic Education
Gabriela SesmaCashier's Office4-1355(909) 274-5606
Steve ShackelfordAeronautics, Transportation28B-110(909) 274-5008
Sonali ShahChemistry
Mohammad ShahisamanEnglish and Literature
Yvette ShaneFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5539
Cynthia ShannonBiological Sciences60-2104(909) 274-4551
Tammie ShawPsychology
Nan SheaBiological Sciences
Michelle ShearDance
Wendy ShenLibrary6-232(909) 274-4278
Melissa ShepherdEvent Services6-175(909) 274-4274
Yasmine ShereenAnthropology
Irene ShiaoMusic(909) 274-3677
Michael ShieldsAdult Basic Education
Jason ShiffRadio, Television13(909) 274-4619
Lee ShiomotoKinesiology Division45-1461(909) 274-4630
Alan ShiouKinesiology Department27a-27a(909) 274-4625
Shoko ShiromaChild Development Center9E(909) 274-4920
Joan SholarsMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1626(909) 274-4610
Stephen ShullPublic Safety Programs
Stephanie ShultisEvent Services2 -131B(909) 274-5603
Christina ShurtsFine Arts
Ronda ShuttAccounting77-2000(909) 274-4600
Patricia SidhomCounseling and Guidance
Donovan SilasFacilities Planning and Mgt48(909) 274-4850
Lawrence SilvaPsychology26B 2551E(909) 274-4322
Susan SilverAdult Basic Education
Andrew SilversteinCommunication
Jackie SimentalAdult Basic Education
Samuel SimmonsBusiness Management
Curtis SimonPolitical Science26D-2481M(909) 274-5261
Andi SimsStudent Life9C(909) 274-4525
Thian Tjung SinInformation Technology23(909) 274-4357
Sukhdev SinghAdult Basic Education
Fernan SioconDesign and Construction
John SipkovichDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Deborah SkalkosAdult Basic Education(909) 274-5292
Donna Sliger-ZertucheAdult Basic Education
Yamil SlimAdult Basic Education1521 Golden Rose Ave(909) 274-4220
Kirk SmithPublic Safety Programs
John SmithPublic Safety Programs67A127A-(909) 274-4276
Susan SmithHorticultural Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Jacki SmithRegistered Vet Tech-General
Bruce SmithAnimal Sciences-Production(909) 274-4425
Brandon SmithPrinting Services4-1820(909) 274-4255
Gregory SmithFine Arts
Leslie SmithAdult Basic Education
Peter SmithAdult Basic Education
Glenn SmithKinesiology Division45-1461(909) 274-4630
Ren SmithGrounds
Cuyler SmithFine Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Shoshawna SmithPublic Safety23(909) 274-5533
Roger SneedDesign and Construction46 1020(909) 274-5173
Darrow SoaresAir Conditioning and Welding40 128(909) 274-6438
Joel SolbachChemistry61-2505(909) 274-4425
Edwin SolorzanoAnimation
Diana SolorzanoCommunication
Andrea SolorzanoSafety and Risk Management4-2555(909) 274-5501
Bernie SomersVeteran's Services
Sokha SongHuman Resources
Sabeena SoniAdult Basic Education40-109(909) 274-5455
Venus SorianoAdult Basic Education40 101(909) 274-5874
Rosita SorianoLibrary6-232(909) 274-4281
Robert SoteloAdult Basic Education
Julian SotoAdult Basic Education
Lina SotoCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-5948
Rosalba SotoAdult Basic Education
David SotoAeronautics, Transportation
Elizabeth SotoPromise Plus
Karen SozaSign Language, Interpreting
Joe SpanaMaintenance48-115(909) 274-4865
Luisa SpanuForeign Languages
Margaret SpeakBusiness Division77 2000(909) 274-4600
Jessica SpitzerBiological Sciences
Cristina SpringfieldLibrary6-233(909) 274-6113
Tamara St JohnBusiness Management
Garett StaleyMental Health(909) 274-4911
Alexa StanfieldHistory
Tony StanisciFacilities Planning and Mgt47-1120(909) 274-4850
Erik StarkeyAdult Basic Education
Brenda StarksFine Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
John StefanEnglish and Literature26A(909) 274-5000
Amelia SteinkrausAdult Basic Education
Richard StephanBusiness Administration(626) 330-8228
Jennifer StephensonAccess Resource Center for Students9D(909) 274-6047
Kathleen StevensTutorial Services6-101(909) 274-6605
Carole StevensBusiness Division77-2050B(909) 274-5407
Mica Stewart-ThomasSociology, Philosophy26B-26B (909) 274-6363
Grace StinsonCommunication
Allyson StoneVice President Instruction4-2465(909) 274-4200
James StoneGeography and Political Science26D-2481M(909) 274-5365
Bryan StoneGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Laura StoutenboroughMusic
Adam StowellSociology, Philosophy
Gail StrattonConsumer Science and Design Tech
Ellen StrawEnglish and Literature(909) 594-5611
Susan StringfellowAdult Basic Education
Susan StroebelNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40 104(909) 274-4237
Steven StrongAdult Basic Education
Byron StropeAircraft Maintenance28A-102(909) 274-4772
Stephanie StruckusInterior Design
Bob StuardSign Language, Interpreting66-225(909) 274-4443
Robert StubbeInformation Technology77-2400A(909) 274-4385
Thomas StubbsFine Arts
Cathy StuteResearch and Instit Effectiveness4-2435(909) 274-4109
Jean SuInformation Technology23 4118(909) 274-4369
Pedro SuarezInformation Technology4(909) 274-5475
Yvette SuarezAssessment and Matriculation
Andrew SuhAdult Basic Education
William SullivanAdult Basic Education
Ryan SulmanPsychology
Irene SumarsonoInterior Design
Sain SumiatiChild Development
Melody SummersMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1614(909) 274-5384
Mary Ruth SummersSign Language, Interpreting61-2505(909) 274-4425
Christine SunMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1658(909) 274-4843
Christina SundermeierCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Andrea SunnaaAdult Basic Education
Pauline SwartzLibrary/Learning Resources Division6-225(909) 274-6600
Susan SweetmanBusiness Administration(909) 274-7500
Dejah SwingleVice President Instruction4-2465(909) 274-5894
Josephine SyiemComputer Information Systems
Paul SyiemComputer Information Systems
Chris SzencziPublic Safety Programs
Ken SzokAdult Basic Education66*137(909) 274-5235
Carla TablasEOPS9B-9B (909) 274-6424
Ricky TackettMaintenance47-113(909) 274-4899
Jason TackettMaintenance-HVAC47(909) 274-4850
Linda TackettCashier's Office9A(909) 274-5532
Chester TadejaAdult Basic Education
Michael TaefiInformation Technology23-3100(909) 274-6899
Clarence TagaraoMail Services4-2520(909) 274-4212
Annel TagaraoResearch and Instit Effectiveness4-2435(909) 274-5505
Patricio TagudarFacilities Planning and Mgt48
Tim TakashimaMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1652(909) 274-6565
Jimmy TamayoMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1622A(909) 274-4668
Leonardo Tamayo TorresAdult Basic Education
Makalerina TambunanAccounting
Marileth TanNursing
Wilton TanInformation Technology23-23(909) 274-4397
Jeremy TanAdult Basic Education
Cara TanPsychology26B-2551E(909) 274-6824
Takahito TanakaSociology, Philosophy66-225(909) 274-4570
Kenneth TangPhysics, Engineering61-2505(909) 274-4425
Raul TapiaAir Conditioning and Welding69(909) 274-4639
Eun Sun TarkForeign Languages
Shana Levete TarmanLearning Assistance - Division
Vahe TatoianPhysics, Engineering60-1405(909) 274-4434
Saori TauchiForeign Languages
Fady TawadrousPhysics, Engineering
Peter TayagDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Jack TayagDesign and Constructionbldg.48(909) 274-5172
Leoscar TaylorPublic Safety23-149(909) 274-4555
Courtney TaylorMusic
Carsandra TaylorAthletics-General
DeRod TaylorCommunication
Frans Tedja KusumaFine Arts
April TellezHistory26D-2481E(909) 274-6434
Irma TepepaHuman Resources
Mariam Ter-PetrosyanPsychology66-225(909) 274-4570
Joseph TerreriMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1628(909) 274-4642
Lettycia TerronesLibrary/Learning Resources Division
Francesca TerzanoEnglish and Literature
Bryan ThaiAdult Basic Education
Kittiyaratch ThanakornmonkkonchaiBusiness Administration77-2000(909) 274-4600
Sunil ThankamushyCommercial and Entertainment Arts13-2453(909) 274-4451
Nathan TharpMusic
Kevin TharpeAdult Basic Education
Matthew ThatcherMaintenance47-115(909) 274-4868
Anna ThatcherPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Cecelia ThayChild Development73-1801A(909) 274-4396
Sangvan ThaysangkramHumanities/Social Sciences Division66-231(909) 274-4966
Katharine ThirouxMusic
Antoine ThomasCounseling and Guidance9B-295(909) 274-5922
Jennifer ThomasAdult Basic Education
Noah ThomasFine Arts
Jim ThomasEnglish and Literature26D-1471E(909) 274-4710
Anthony TietzAdult Basic Education
Gabriel TinocoDesign and Construction47(909) 274-4850
Todd TippettsChemistry
Ronald TitusPayroll4-1370(909) 274-4516
Jenny TjandraFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5074
Douglas ToddAthletics-General45-1461(909) 274-2998
David ToddAeronauticsMt SAC Hangar Brackett Field(909) 392-0917
Concepcion ToledoAssessment and Matriculation9B-160(909) 274-4513
Trevor TolliverEnglish and Literature
Mitra TolouiAdult Basic Education66-186(909) 274-3349
Aaron TomNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div36-2(909) 274-3231
Rebecca TomlinsonMusic
Jasmine TomsEOPS9B-(909) 683-1108
Chan-Phuong TonCounseling and Guidance9B-259(909) 274-5926
Brenda Ton HoAdult Basic Education66(909) 274-4736
Mary ToncheFacilities Planning and Mgt47(909) 274-4850
Daniel TooheyAdult Basic Education
Doris TorresResearch and Instit Effectiveness4-4 (909) 274-4618
April TorresMental Health
Armando TorresDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Andrea TorresMental Health
Maria TorresTech and Health Division67A-240(909) 274-5136
Marisela TorresNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Selene TorresCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Luz TorresAdult Basic Education
Sabrina TorresBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Diana TorresAdult Basic Education
Miguel Torres CruzTheater
Cecilia TovarSign Language, Interpreting66-225(909) 274-4570
Zonya TownsendNursing28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Heather ToyoshimaChild Development(909) 274-6621
Michael TraceyAeronautics, Transportation
Laura TraceyAccounting77-2000(909) 274-4600
Carrie TradAdult Basic Education
Vui TramAircraft Maintenance
Lydia TranComputer Information Systems77-2135(909) 274-4600
David TranInformation Technology23(909) 274-4357
Niki TranConsumer Science and Design Tech13-1250(909) 274-6488
Anthony TranAdult Basic Education
Frank TranMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1654(909) 274-5311
Chuong TranInformation Technology23-4120(909) 274-5569
Abril TrasvinaAccess Resource Center for Students
Lyssette TrejoCounseling and Guidance9D(909) 274-5376
Joseph TremblayAdult Basic Education
Juan TreminioAdult Basic Education
Om TripathiPhysics, Engineering60-1620(909) 274-6411
Mireille TrokkosEnglish and Literature
Cameron TroxellMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1656(909) 274-6693
Stephen TrullGeography and Political Science26D-2481C(909) 274-5269
Lori TrumanInformation Technology23-6101(909) 274-6299
Jay TrumanEvent Services2T-128A(909) 274-5692
Billy TruongNutrition
Kevin TruongFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-4234
Sean TruongInformation Technology
Janet Marie TruttmannChemistry7-2108H(909) 274-5307
Maria TsaiResearch and Instit Effectiveness4-2435(909) 274-5551
Jennifer TsaiForeign Languages
Erica TsengPhysics, Engineering61-2505(909) 274-4425
Keiko TsurumiForeign Languages66-241(909) 274-4581
Olivia TuLibrary/Learning Resources Division
Kim TuChemistry
Raymond TuckerAdult Basic Education
Amy TullMental Health
Ana Silvia TurciosCalWORKS
Kay TurnerFine Arts1A 6A(909) 274-4318
Eric TurnerInformation Technology23-1150(909) 274-4379
Jennifer TurnerMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1310(909) 274-2948
Marie TyraPerkins/Holding/Curricu Devel/Instr77-2050E(909) 274-5252
Rene UbomAdult Basic Education
Priyanka UdayBiological Sciences60-61 (909) 274-4425
Koji UesugiStudent Services Division9C-1A(909) 274-5909
Iona Tavesi UiagaleleiKinesiology-General50G-101(909) 274-4874
Nerissa UiagaleleiHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-4414
Vanessa UlloaLearning Assistance6-101(909) 274-6320
James UlloaSociology, Philosophy
Jaime UrangaElectronics, Computer Tech28B-402A(909) 274-4646
Ana UriarteAssessment and Matriculation9B-169(909) 274-5673
Robert UriarteBusiness Administration
Chisato UyekiLibrary/Learning Resources Division(909) 274-4257
Gary UyenoRegistered Veterinary Tech80-2301F(909) 274-3089 x3089
Rafael ValadezFacilities Planning and Mgt
Steven ValdesAccounting
Juvencio ValdezFacilities Planning and Mgt
Jessica ValdezCounseling and Guidance45-1441(909) 274-4628
Edward ValdezPublic Safety Programs28
Johanna ValdiviezoAdult Basic Education
Darlene ValeNatural Sciences Division1100 N Grand Ave(909) 274-4557
Luis ValenciaAdult Basic Education
Susana ValenciaAdult Basic EducationBuilding 30 (909) 274-4915
Emma ValenzuelaFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-5343
Maritza ValenzuelaDesign and Construction47-(909) 274-5441
Joseph Anthony ValesCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Christopher ValinAdult Basic Education
Xochilt VallartaFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Collene ValleAdult Basic Education
Bianca Valle WardPromise Plus9B(909) 274-5906
Cynthia Van MeterAccess Resource Center for Students9B-120(909) 274-5653
D. Jill VandepasAdult Basic Education
Melinda VanderVisSociology, Philosophy
Yazmin VanegasAdult Basic Education
Mary VansistineLibrary/Learning Resources Division
Denise VantilburgAdult Basic Education
Mercedes VargasForeign Languages66-225(909) 274-4570
Albert Thomas VargasEnglish and Literature
Rachelle VargasChild Development
Jazmin VargasVeteran's Services9B(909) 274-4520
Irina VartapetianRespiratory Technology
Yvette VasconesKinesiology-General(909) 274-5347
Joseph VasquezInformation Technology18-19D(909) 274-4700
Suzanne VasquezSafety and Risk Management4-2555(909) 274-4230
Maria VaughnNatural Sciences Division60-1615(909) 274-4427
Louis VayoBusiness Administration78-3190D(909) 274-5171
Lourdes VazquezAdmissions and Records9b(909) 274-5590
Sabrina VazquezAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Christie VegaCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4380
Margaret VelardeAdult Basic Education
Naomi Velarde-JangBiological Sciences60-2412(909) 274-4578
Graham VelascoHistotechnology
Cassandra VelascoEnglish and Literature
Lorena VelazquezNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-101F(909) 274-5483
Emily VersaceCounseling and Guidance9B-(909) 274-6487
Stephen VeseckyAdult Basic Education
Salvador VillagranArts Division
Adrian VillanuevaCommercial and Entertainment Arts
Lorena VillarrealCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-4755
Virginia VillegasTech and Health Division67B-250(909) 274-5132
Melissa VillegasTech and Health Division67A-145(909) 274-4963
Alejandro VillegasPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Tyler VincentWriting Center66-225(909) 274-4570
John VitulloNatural Sciences Division61-2505(909) 274-4517
Norma VizcarraHuman Resources
Tuan VoMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1654(909) 274-4519
Mircea VodaBiological Sciences
Esther VogelForeign Languages
Melissa VoorheesAdult Basic Education
Kyle VorndranAdult Basic Education
Lindsey VorndranAdult Basic Education
Werner VorsterInformation Technology23A 165(909) 274-4216
Marc VossForeign Languages
Benjamin VuNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-138B(909) 274-5778
Stephanie VukojevicAdult Basic Education40 109(909) 274-5757
Virginia VyNursing
Erik WaageAdult Basic Education
Don WadeAircraft Maintenance
Sayeed WadudSafety and Risk Management4-2555F(909) 274-5567
Salote WailaseHigh School Outreach
Jeffrey WakefieldMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1612(909) 274-4402
Julia WalkerStudent Life9C - 24(909) 274-5724
Lori WalkerPhilosophy26D-2481E(909) 274-7500 x3027
Rebecca WalkerEarth Sciences, Astronomy60-1102(909) 274-6339
Jamaar WalkerCounseling and Guidance
Christopher WalkerAudio Visual Services6-182(909) 274-4247
Ann WalkerSign Language, Interpreting66-214A(909) 274-6368
Robert WallsCommunication
Barry WalshAdult Basic Education
Kenneth WalterKinesiology Division45-1461B(909) 274-5114
Sarina WangCommunication
Allen WangInternational Student Program
Samantha WangNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Vivian WangNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div66(909) 274-5235
Rebecca WangAdmissions and Records9B(909) 274-6578
Elizabeth WardKinesiology-General27A-103(909) 274-3025
Marlene WardBusiness Division77-2050E(909) 274-5405
Benjamin WarnerNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Duetta WassonSafety and Risk Management
Shari Genette WassonFine Arts(909) 274-4269
Larry WatanabeKinesiology-General
Dawn WatersRegistered Veterinary Tech80-2301E(909) 274-4579
Ty WatkinsAdult Basic Education
Priscilla WatkinsLearning Assistance - Division
Aaron WatsonChemistry
Sandra WeatheriltConsumer Science and Design Tech78-1120 D(909) 274-4684
Christopher WeaverEnglish and Literature
Craig WebbEarth Sciences, Astronomy60-1106(909) 274-4459
Peter WeberAdult Basic Education
Ned WeidnerEnglish and Literature
Margo WelshNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Timothy WesMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Rebecca WetzsteinPhysics, Engineering
Dan WheelerEnglish and Literature6-113(909) 274-5818
Ryan WhetstoneAdult Basic Education
Raymond WhiteMathematics
Valerie WhitePublic Safety(909) 274-4299
Shelby White-TremaziAdult Basic Education40-138 A(909) 274-4575
Marguerite WhitfordHealth Services67B-138(909) 274-4400
Laney WhitlowBiological Sciences
Corey WicksAdult Basic Education
Leika WidbyNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-104(909) 274-4220
Brian WiencekAdult Basic Education
Bryan WierzchuckiAdult Basic Education
Mary-Rose WiesnerRespiratory Technology67A-129(909) 274-4722
Marcus WilcherMusic
Tiffany WilcoxAdult Basic Education
Dana Wilder-MazurieKinesiology-General
Kevin WileyArts Division2M 132(909) 274-4331
Terah WilliamsPhotography13-1425(909) 274-4431
Frank WilliamsDesign and Construction48-3(909) 274-4850
Terry Williams WilliamsFacilities Planning and Mgt
Rebecca WilliamsEnglish and Literature66-225(909) 274-4570
Brandi WilliamsAccess Resource Center for Students9B-120(909) 274-5639
Steve WilliamsAdult Basic Education
Michael WilliamsPublic Safety23(909) 274-4555
Adrienne WilliamsChemistry
Roger WillisCommunication(909) 274-6317
Janice WillisPsychology
Laura WillsBiological Sciences
Ryan WilsonHuman Resources4-1460(909) 274-5423
Donna WilsonAccounting77-2000(909) 274-4600
Liron WilsonAthletics-General
Caridad WilsonBiological Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Sharon Wiltz-CoxChild Development Center70(909) 274-5916
David WingfieldAdult Basic Education
Mark WisemanAdult Basic Education
Traci WittenbergTutorial Services6-101(909) 274-6605
Laura WohlgezogenMathematics/Computer Sciences61-2505(909) 274-4425
Samuel Wolde-YohannesPhilosophy26B-2551K(909) 274-3146
Amalia WolfBusiness Division77-2400(909) 274-4608
Phillip WolfPhysics, Engineering60-1407(909) 274-4421
Jim WoltersArcht, Ind Design, Eng and Mfg28A-101E(909) 274-4750
Steven WoltersMaintenance47-117(909) 274-4887
Linda WongAdult Basic Education
Debbie WongNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40-101(909) 274-4027
Phillip WongAdult Basic Education
Emily WongAdult Basic Education
Tedd WongPhysics, Engineering61-2505(909) 274-4425
Martin WongAdult Basic Education30-111(909) 274-4935
Vicky Wong NgBiological Sciences
Maria WoodCounseling and Guidance9B(909) 274-5910
Abby WoodBusiness Administration78-3190-C(909) 274-5464
Emily WooleryLibrary/Learning Resources Division23-5100 (Mt. SAC Faculty Association)(909) 274-4264
Carola WrightBiological Sciences60-2403(909) 274-4229
Jennifer Wright WrightAdult Basic Education
Jill WrightEnglish and Literature26D-1240E(909) 274-4561
Joan Susan WrightCounseling and Guidance30-101(909) 274-5903
Philip WrightAeronautics28A-101E
Sheila WrightEnglish and Literature
David Qixing WuForeign Languages
Diana WuAdult Basic Education
Ramy YacoubAdult Basic Education
Mario YagodaPublic Safety Programs
Audrey Yamagata-NojiVice President Student Services9B-104(909) 274-4505
Fatima Yanez RuizAdult Basic Education
Si YangMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1650(909) 274-4425
Randall YangPublic Safety
Jiahui YaoMathematics
Samar YassineNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div
Howard YeeElectronics, Computer Tech
Kenny YenInformation Technology
Krystal YeoNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div40(909) 274-4437
Richard YeungAdult Basic Education
Yiu-Jung YinInformation Technology23-4116(909) 274-4302
Laura YinLibrary6-201(909) 274-5656
Jason YipAdult Basic Education
Brian YokoyamaKinesiology Division45-1461B(909) 274-4022
Edward YooEnglish and Literature
Chris Yoshida-McmathAdult Basic Education40P(909) 274-4220
David YostAircraft Maintenance28A-102E(909) 274-4773
Derrick YoungStudent Services Division
Paula YoungMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1628(909) 274-4651
Gilbert YoungMathematics/Computer Sciences
Robert YountAdult Basic Education
Kaitlyn YrineoEOPS9B-(909) 274-5981
Jacqueline YuCommunication
Jenny YungConsumer Science and Design Tech78-1120(909) 274-5361
Timothy ZaalAccess Resource Center for Students16D(909) 274-6370
Lisa ZahnNon Cr/School Continuing Educ Div30-101(909) 274-5156
Basel ZaitounChemistry
Raymond ZakariReal Estate
Sohair ZakiComputer Information Systems79-2200B(909) 274-5482
Diana ZambranoMathematics/Computer Sciences
Steven ZamoraGrounds47-106(909) 274-4864
Daniel ZamoraMaintenance47-115(909) 274-5216
Joey ZamoraAdult Basic Education
Victor ZamoraComputer Information Systems79-2200E(909) 274-4512
Gregory ZampielloAdult Basic Education
Kristine ZapataAdult Basic Education
Louis ZawahriAccounting
Gina ZelayaComputer Information Systems
Selena ZeledonEnglish and Literature26D-1240E(909) 274-4329
Adam ZeuliAdult Basic Education
Hui ZhangFinancial Aid9B(909) 274-4450
Betty ZhaoInformation Technology23-4114(909) 274-4359
Steve ZicreeMathematics/Computer Sciences61-1614(909) 274-5383
Marisa ZiegenhohnFiscal Services4-1375(909) 274-6445
Scott ZineKinesiology Division45-1470C(909) 274-4432
James ZolliecofferCommercial and Entertainment Arts12-1210(909) 274-5200
Katarina ZorkicAdult Basic Education40-104(909) 274-4220
Estrella ZumaetaAdult Basic Education
Printed: 11/27/2021