Annual Emergency Response and Evacuation Testing/Drills

Mt. SAC conducts annual tests of the emergency response and campus notification systems, which include testing of the mass notification system, building fire alarms, evacuation drills, and table-top and field exercises.

These tests assess and evaluate the college’s emergency plans and preparedness levels and educate and train occupants of campus buildings in evacuation procedures, evacuation routes and emergency assembly areas. the Department of Police and Campus Safety Officers, Building Managers, Marshals, Floor Captains and the Director of Safety and Risk Management monitor the emergency response and evacuation drills and evaluate the exercise in post exercise briefings.

Each emergency drill is documented with a description of the exercise, the date, test start and end time, and whether the test was announced or unannounced. Students and college personnel are required to participate. A record of the annual tests are kept in the Office of the Department of Police and Campus Safety. The Campus Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan will be published annually in conjunction with at least one emergency response test.