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Placement Results

    • Assessment Questionnaire (AQ)
      You may view the results of the questionnaire by logging in to the AQ again and select “Click here to view your Assessment Questionnaire results”.
      If you submitted your responses but made an error on the AQ, you’ll need to work with a counselor in the Counseling Department to correct your error.  You must bring your high school transcript when meeting with your counselor.
      You can only take the AQ once.
    • Placement Tests
      You may view your test results at  Select "Student" tab and click on "View/ Placement Test Results".
      If you need help understanding your test results, please see a counselor.
      You may retest after three (3) months to take the same test again.  Test results are valid for two years.
      Please note:  If you have completed the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) AND taken the placement test, the college will use the higher placement of the two.
    • Placement Results Assistance
      If you have questions about your placement or need help in choosing the right class for you, please make an appointment to see a counselor.
      You may also check the EnglishAMLA, Reading, and Math department webpage for more information about the courses they offer.